3 Easy Steps On How To Turn Off RTT On iPhone


how to turn off RTT on iphone

RTT short for Real Time Text is a smartphone communication function that transmits audio as you enter text to help individuals with speech as well as hearing issues. If you don’t need it but it’s enabled on your iPhone, switch it off and continue making and receiving ordinary calls. This post will demonstrate how to turn off RTT on iphone device.

Understanding Real Time Text

Real Time Text is a function that enables us to communicate with others real time. RTT can be handy for persons who have issues with hearing or deaf, or for those who choose text than to make a call. Real Time Text uses the Phone application, so you will use all of the iMessage features, such as group chat, images, and videos. You may be billed for data connection usage if you use RTT on an iPhone with cellular connection.

Why Turn Off Real Time Text?

Real Time Text is an application that enables people who are deaf to converse in real time using text. Though it may be able to be a beneficial tool among some, other users may find it unnecessary for their requirements. Here are some of the reasons why some other users should turn off RTT on iphone:

  1. You do not converse via text and prefer alternative ways such as phone conversations or live discussions.
  2. RTT slows things down your interaction or is generally inconvenient for you. You dislike the thought of utilizing text to interact in real time as well as prefer to type messages beforehand.

3 Steps How To Turn Off RTT On iPhone

how to turn off RTT on iphone

The Real Time Text capability is crucial in enabling seamless communication amongst iPhone users who are deaf or hard of hearing. You could make a conventional call with or without the Real Time Text mode, and you can disable it if you don’t need it.

How to turn off RTT on iPhone is simple, and we’ve broken it down into three simple steps that we’ve outlined below. Examine it out.

Step One: Navigate to the Accessibility Screen under Settings

  1. Locate and tap the Settings app from your iPhone’s Home Screen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom, then click”Accessibility.”
  3. You may as well as access this setting from the App Library or by going to Settings, then “General” and selecting “Accessibility.

Step Two: Select RTT and deactivate the switch.

  1. Scroll down to the “Hearing” section and select “RTT.” (If your iPhone does not have the RTT, select “RTT/TTY.” The “Software RTT” option is at the top of the RTT/TTY screen, and “Software TTY” is below.)
  2. Turn on the Software RTT toggle. (If your iPhone lacks the Software RTT, you will instead find the “Software RTT/TTY.”)
  3. Tap to switch off the toggle, as well as the Software TTY. When the color is green, the switch is turned on, and when it is gray, it is turned off.

Step Three: Close the Window

You have successfully switched off RTT on your iPhone. You can now leave the screen but also call or text as usual.


How does Real Time Text work on the iPhone?

  1. Launch the Phone app.
  2. Choose your contact, then click their phone number.
  3. RTT/TTY should be selected.
  4. Allow for the call to establish before choosing RTT/TTY.

If you enable the “Send Immediately” in the Settings, your receiver will see your messages as you type it.

What is RTT for?

RTT is a technology that enables text to be transferred as soon as it is written using wireless devices that employ IP-based technologies on RTT-enabled networks. There’s no need to press a “send” key with RTT, as there is with chat, SMS, or other forms of messaging.

What exactly is Real Time Text on an Android phone?

Real time text allows you to communicate via text while on the phone. RTT is compatible with TTY and does not require any additional equipment. It is important to note that the content of this article may not apply to all devices. Check with your carrier to see if RTT is compatible with your device as well as your service plan.

Why does the phone convert to RTT mode?

A feature that sends the text of your typed message to the receiver in real time. It is frequently utilized by phone users who are deaf, hearing impaired, deaf-blind, or just have a speech-related condition, and can be life-saving for these users in an emergency.

How to turn off Real Time Text in one plus 8?

Tap RTT call to enable and then tap while on RTT call to disable it. RTT keyboard should be hidden.

What’s the dissimilarity between RTT and TTY?

As the name implies, RTT characters are communicated in real-time with voice, providing for a fluid conversation flow between phone users. TTY, on the other hand, requires users to submit texts one after another.

RTT is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones running the most recent operating systems. The feature does not necessitate the use of any specialist equipment.


As you’ve discovered, turning off RTT on your iPhone is simple. In this article, we share how to turn off RTT on iPhone, we outlined three methods. We are hoping that you have learned something from this article and you find it useful on how to turn off RTT on iPhone. Thank you for your time reading this article.

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