3 Reasons Why Android Tablet Not Charging

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android tablet not charging

Now here in this article, we will tell you a few ways that can help you with the problem of why android tablet not charging. However, the demand for Android devices is growing day by day. Most 60% to 100% of people use Android devices, but many users face the problem of why their Android tablet not charging.

Android Tablet Not Charging

So here in this article, we will tell you some ways you can fix your Android tablet not charging problems. So read this article carefully and solve your problem. The problem on android tablet not charging is usually caused by the charger or charging port. If you notice that the tablet is not charged, turn on Airplane mode and lower the light as well. This helps the tablet save battery power while working to resolve the issue. Make sure you have a backup of all the data available for storage on your tablet.

3 Reasons Why Android Tablet Not Charging

android tablet not charging

1. Charging Ports

Sometimes the problem of the android tablet not charging is not in your tablet but in the charging ports. Make sure it is crooked. The connection and charging cable you are using should fit snugly so that all charging pins are securely connected to the ports on the tablet.

If the charging port on your device is damaged or broken, you can repair it if the entire unit needs to be replaced. You should also check the charger and charging cable to make sure the charging port is properly shaped.

2. Power Adapters

Many times, if we use the wrong power adapters, it means preventing the tablet from charging. At this point, you should see both the adapter bases mounted on the socket and the cable. A micro-USB cable with a very long extension will charge your device very slowly compared to shorter OEM cables. You must manually check which charger you need to charge your tablet. Charging your tablet using a USB port on your computer may prevent your tablet from charging properly. You must use a wall adapter and see that the problem that the Android tablet not charging is resolved or not.

3. Nook Won’t Power On

If the nook of your device does not work properly when you press the power button, there are several causes for this problem. To resolve this issue and activate your Nook, you must resolve the issue with your device. The reason is that your nook cannot be controlled by something very simple. A complex issue must have appropriate customer support instructions.

  • Charge The Battery

Charging the Nook battery may resolve an issue where the Android tablet not charging. If your device’s battery is completely discharged, your device’s Nook will stop responding or will not work until it is charged. Therefore, you must connect your nook to the charger and let it charge for at least two to three hours when your tablet’s battery is completely discharged. If the battery is already charged, try turning on Nook again.

  • Reset The Nook

If you find that your Nook is charged enough and doesn’t turn on yet, try resetting your device. To perform a reset, simply hold down the power button on the device for at least 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, release the button and try to turn on Nook by pressing the button for a second or two. This process will help you reset the Nook, which will help resolve your android tablet not charging problems, and then turn on the device.

  • Restart Nook

If Nook does not continue, a restart may be required. Just turn the nook and then unscrew the back plate to get the battery out of the device. Then pull the battery out of the device. Then you need to hide the battery of your device for at least half an hour in front of your device and then replace the battery and then screw the plate on it. After performing this process, restart the device, and then try to restart Nook.

Additional Troubleshooting

If all of the above methods, such as charging, restarting Nook, reset, the problem cannot be fixed from a tablet that does not charge when turned on, you must call customer support or visit the customer support center. There may be an issue where you can’t fix the android tablet not charging. So if you visit or call customer support, they will help you solve the problem further, and if your nook gets under warranty, customer support will help you and advise you on how to fix it and so on. They’ll also help you regarding the android tablet not charging fast enough.


I hope a list of some of the reasons your Android tablet doesn’t charge will help you resolve the issue. If you think the above reasons are not helpful, contact your nearest technician or troubleshooter.

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