4 Benefits of Cyber Security Managed Services


Cyber Security Managed Services

Cyber attacks are among the greatest threats to the success of modern businesses of all sizes. With large and more sophisticated cyber-attacks taking the headlines of news outlets, cybersecurity has never been more important than today. And for most organizations, the answer is to outsource cyber security managed services or managed security services.

Understanding a Cyber Security Managed Services

Cybersecurity managed services or managed security service solution is an IT service provider that sells cybersecurity services to businesses. Their role is to support and protect businesses against security threats, whether it means providing services and software to keep your business data safe or creating a network of security professionals who can monitor and respond to attacks as they occur.

At its basic form, a managed security service provider can provide cybersecurity management and monitoring which may include firewalls, antivirus and spam blocking, intrusion detections, management of IT infrastructure, and VPNs. Depending on the services you require, a managed security service provider can also handle system changes, upgrades, and modifications.

Why Hire a Cyber Security Managed Services?

Cyber Security Managed Services

1. Cost-Effective

Businesses are always looking to lower their expense and cost. And outsourcing your security to the expert is proven to help lower your security cost.

For one, outsourcing security can help lower your staffing cost. You don’t have to incur costs on hiring and retaining a full-time employee. With a dedicated IT team, you’ll need several experts to handle your infrastructure, which means you need varying experts with different salaries to hire.

Also, with the fast-paced modern world, security experts need to always be up-to-date on cyber security threats and knowledge. This means, you also need to invest in your team’s training. You don’t have to worry about this when outsourcing.

Other than staff, the technology and equipment needed can also be costly. However, with a managed cybersecurity service provider, you can save directly on the costs and time in choosing applications, software, and hardware needed.

2. Access To Security Expertise and Top-Notch Tools

Even if you already have a dedicated IT team, they may still not be as competitive as a specialized cybersecurity agency. Oftentimes, businesses have small IT teams since they prioritize more on other departments such as their marketing and sales teams. Also, as mentioned before, experienced and knowledgeable staff for IT security is expensive and can be difficult to find.

However, gaining access to the best cybersecurity technologies and solutions is necessary for every business nowadays. And you can access that with a managed security service provider.

A managed cybersecurity service agency live and breath IT. Their main goal is to hire the best of the best and provide them with top-notch technology in order to ensure the best protection and services to their client.

They offer broad cybersecurity expertise and knowledge and invest in their team’s experience and training. They also have the best solutions and software for any security process you need for your business, which is something that most companies don’t have or can’t invest in in-house teams.

3. Scalability

Another benefit of outsourcing to a managed cybersecurity service provider is that it can be scaled perfectly to your needs and the needed security IT infrastructure can easily adapt.

Cybersecurity needs fluctuate yearly, monthly, or even daily, following your business’s needs and the threats of the modern world. An in-house team may not be flexible— whether they don’t have the experience to tackle new threats or your business needs to upgrade its software immediately.

A managed security service provider can accommodate your fluctuating needs. With their “pay as you use” approach, you can pay for the services you need, allowing you to procure more services and technology quickly as you need or stopping services that you no longer need. This allows you to invest the right amount of money without overspending.

4. 24/7 Cybersecurity Posture

As mentioned before, most businesses rely on a small in-house IT team to protect their business. However, hackers and cyber attackers never sleep and attacks tend to take place even outside normal working hours, during the weekend, at night, or even during major holidays.

Thus, round-the-clock monitoring is critical to keep your business protected. This is something that your in-house team can’t provide since they have a fixed working schedule, leaving your business vulnerable at the most dangerous times.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity needs with a managed security service provider can help keep your network monitored and safe 24/7. They have a larger team that’s designed to work in shifts, monitoring their client’s networks.


What’s the difference between a managed service provider (MSP) and a managed cybersecurity service provider (MCSP)?

In general, an MSP only provides operational support in order to keep apps and systems at an agreed-upon service level agreement (SLA). Whereas an MCSP offers security as a service on IT and security systems such as infrastructure management, threat monitoring, proactive protection, capacity management, and response capabilities.

What types of experts are provided by cyber security managed services?

A managed cyber security service solution has an array of skilled experts and professionals such as security analysts, engineering professionals, onboarding specialists, project management and support as well as customer service.

Also, more specialized roles such as threat intelligence, incident response, and threat hunting teams can be added, depending on the desired scope of service.

How do managed cybersecurity services work with clients on a regular basis?

Typically, managed security clients log in to a secure portal in order to submit requests. They managed cybersecurity providers then change policies, send alerts, triaged security events, or even automate responses to an incident.

A client can also use the provider’s dashboard in order to generate reports on security status, the number of security vulnerabilities and events, SLA activity and so much more.


That’s it!

In order to keep up with the ever-evolving cyberattacks, businesses need to use robust security measures in order to defend their data from unauthorized access and theft.

Whether you’re a small business without a huge budget or a large corporation still missing out on key security details, a managed cybersecurity solution proves to be advantageous.


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