4 Ways How To Turn Off SafeSearch On iPhone


how to turn off safesearch on iphone

The most common issue that most users encounter when using SafeSearch is missing on turning it off. You may have enabled SafeSearch for your children, but you are currently searching the internet for news. However, because SafeSearch is enabled, you are unable to view the material. How do you handle this? Let’s look at how to turn off safesearch on iphone.

Why SafeSearch On iPhone Won’t Turn Off?

If you’ve tried to disable Safari’s SafeSearch feature and are still unable to view unfiltered Google information, the following factors may be the reasons:

Delete Cache

The Google cache on your device may cause problems when switching the SafeSearch feature in Safari. Clear your cache using Google’s “More Tools” option.

Delete History

If the previous hack does not work, clear your history within the same setting, then start again.

Using A Previous Version

Because the iPhone is known for regular changes, if you’re using an older iOS version to run Safari on your device, you may still be unable to switch off the SafeSearch on Google.

How To Turn Off SafeSearch On Iphone

Great features are available to Apple users. The user’s safety is its main priority. There is nothing an iPhone can’t do, from using the “Find My Phone” function to analyzing the phone’s temperature. Apple either adds new functionality or continuously upgrades its existing ones with each new version.

Let’s take a look at how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone in this article. Although Safari is the most popular online browser among Apple users, other browsers can also be used. Therefore, scroll down to see how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone using different browsers.

How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone For Yahoo?

Previously, probably one of the best search engines was Yahoo! But its allure has faded. I advise turning off SafeSearch if you’re still using Yahoo. Here’s how to disable SafeSearch for Yahoo on an iPhone:

  1. Use the iPhone’s browser to access Yahoo.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select “Off-do not filter results” from SafeSearch drop-down menu.
  4. Click Save.

How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone For Safari?

The most popular web browser among Apple users is Safari. Kids can utilize it with ease. It is vital to maintain SafeSearch enabled for this reason. However, here’s how to disable SafeSearch on an iPhone if you really want to:

  1. On your iPhone, select Settings.
  2. Select Screen Time by swiping down.
  3. The “Content and Privacy Restrictions” toggle should be turned on.
  4. Hit the “Content Restrictions” button.
  5. Click on Web Content after scrolling down.
  6. Hit the “Unrestricted Access” button.

How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone For Bing?

Bing is a terrific resource for finding any kind of information. It has all of the answers to your questions. You won’t find any useful information when SafeSearch is on when you search, though. So, here’s how to disable SafeSearch for Bing on iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Bing app.
  2. Click the Menu button.
  3. On SafeSearch, click.
  4. Choose Off by tapping.
  5. C lick on Save as you scroll down.

How to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone For Google Chrome?

how to turn off safesearch on iphone

A fantastic browser is Google Chrome. However, the majority of people are unaware of how to disable SafeSearch for Google Chrome on iPhone. It’s not a difficult procedure. Here is a guide on how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone for Google Chrome.

  1. Access the Chrome app for iPhone.
  2. Hit the Search Settings button.
  3. On SafeSearch, click.
  4. Click Show Explicit Results to continue.
  5. Click on Save as you scroll down.


Why can’t I turn off the SafeSearch function?

You might not have been able to disable SafeSearch for a few reasons. Your administrator may have enabled SafeSearch for everyone on the network or your account may be set to “private” such that you only can see the results. SafeSearch may be activated if you’re using a shared computer in order to shield children from objectionable material.

Why is SafeSearch on my iPhone password-protected?

Your iPhone’s SafeSearch feature could be disabled in a variety of situations. One possibility is that you’ve put restrictions on the technology you’re utilizing. To access SafeSearch, you must provide the passcode that’s been issued for you when limits were activated. Additionally, it’s possible that someone else has turned off SafeSearch on your device. Make inquiries about who locked this and ask them to open it for you if you already have reason to believe this is the case.

How can I switch off SafeSearch by force?

You can either use an application like “DisableSafeSearch” or erase the cookies in your browser to stop SafeSearch.

On my phone, where is SafeSearch?

The SafeSearch feature is readily accessible in both the Safari as well as Chrome browsers. Simply go to Settings to get started.

How can I disable SafeSearch on Mac’s Safari?

On a Mac, click the Apple icon, choose System Preferences, then tap “Screen Time”, and then toggle off the “Content & Privacy” setting.


We looked at how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone in this article. There is a potential that the SafeSearch is turned on if you are looking for explicit information but are unable to view it. You now understand how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone function. But keep in mind that the SafeSearch feature might even protect you from malicious websites. Therefore, while your iPhone’s SafeSearch is off, proceed with caution.

Do not hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!


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