5 Best Anti Web Filter Free Download In 2022

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As a pro in web searching, you will ask, the best anti web filter free download? But before that, what is a Web filter? This Web filter, often known as the “content control software,” is a piece of software that limits the websites that a user can access on their computer.

These filters can use either an allow list or a denylist: the former permits only access to sites specifically chosen by the person who set up the filter. At the same time, the latter prohibits access to sites that violate the filter’s standards.

anti web filter free download

Best Anti Web Filter Free Download Software 2022

This web filtering program can block all web information and pages you don’t want to see. You must either enter website URL links or certain terms in this software to restrict websites. The finest free Web Filtering Software for Windows is listed below.

anti web filter free download

1. The Kurupira Web Filter

The Kurupira Web Filter is a free Windows web filtering program. It’s a sophisticated web filtering program that uses artificial intelligence to block all potentially harmful websites. In any case, you can physically obstruct sites through adding URL Links to the Block List of undesired sites. If this web filter program blocks a website you don’t want to be prohibited, you can add its link to the Allowed Website List to prevent it from being blocked again.

Such software can screen websites and track users’ web activities, and notify you via email when they attempt to access any prohibited or inappropriate website. It also keeps a comprehensive online usage record that shows all websites visited by a user and how much time they spend on each one. It can also filter or restrict social networking websites and instant messaging apps.

anti web filter free download

2. The K9 Web Protection

Another free web filtering program for Windows is K9 Web Protection. This program functions as a web filter and parental control program. Both automatic and manual web filtering methods are available in this software. You must choose the amount of web protection you require in Automatic Web Filtering.

Monitor, Moderate, Default, Minimal, High, and Custom are the seven web protection categories available to choose from. Let’s look at the many types of web protection and their levels of protection:

  • Monitor: It simply keeps track of web activities and does not restrict any websites.
  • Minimal: It primarily guards against pornography and security risks.
  • Moderate: It detects adult content, security hazards, and criminal actions on websites.
  • Default:  Blocks explicit sensuality websites, adult content websites, and websites that pose a security risk.
  • High: Essentially blocks every website that was considered illegal by Default mode and social interaction and unrated websites.
  • Custom: This method allows you to select the websites directly you would like to block.

You must manually add URLs of websites that you want to filter out when using Manual Web Filtering. Additionally, you can add URL links to websites that you do not wish to be blocked.

3. The Any Weblock

Another free web filtering program for Windows is the Any Weblock. It’s a straightforward web filtering program that can easily block multiple websites and sub-domains. With this internet filtering program, you can block as many websites as you wish. You can add major domains and sub-domains of websites you like to block by pressing the add button. If you already have a list of websites in excel format, import it and click the apply changes option to block all of them at once. There is also an option to export the list of websites in Excel format.

This shareware blocks website from opening in any web browser, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Only authorized people can block or unblock websites because the program is password protected. Close the browser, clean its cache, and restart it if this software does not ban some websites. You can also ban gaming chat rooms and online gaming websites and websites.

anti web filter free download

4. The Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is the following free web filtering program for Windows. Utilizing it, you’ll be able effectively to block different websites. You’ll also make and manage different blocklists, with each blocklist having a distinctive set of websites. When making a blocklist, you have to be compelled to indicate the Unblocking Date and Time. It is exceptionally vital to indicate unblocking date and time because even the admin cannot unblock the blocked websites sometime recently the desired unblocking time.

Using this web filtering computer program, you’ll be able to block chat websites, social media websites, non-children inviting websites, etc. Additionally, it works superbly fine with all web browsers counting Chrome, Firefox,  Edge, Musical drama, etc.

5. The Sevnsoft WebPatrol (Free Edition)

This Sevnsoft WebPatrol (Free Edition) is a free and simple to utilize web sifting programming for Windows. It is a web and application channel programming that can also obstruct unseemly sites and applications. You can straightforwardly enter URL connections of sites that you need to obstruct in its List of Banned Websites. Besides this, you can choose predefined categories to filter out websites.

You can use this software to create web usage time limits for children and users in addition to website filtering. It also has a powerful application filter that allows you to ban chat programs, web browsers, and other system-installed programs. You’ll also find a predefined list of programs you can prohibit by simply checking the boxes. There is also a manual option to add programs to the block list.

6. The Parental Controls And WebFilter From The Metacert

The Parental Controls And WebFilter From The Metacert could be a free web sifting browser expansion for Windows. This expansion is accessible for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. With this add-on, you may block all types of problematic websites, including online gambling, pornographic, lingerie, self-harm, etc.

You can manually add kids-friendly websites to the Just For Kids Section to build a list of White Listed Websites. You can manually add kids-friendly websites to the Just For Kids Section to build a list of White Listed Websites. After you’ve saved the allow listed websites, you won’t be able to access any other websites than the ones you’ve saved. Strong and Extra Strong website screening modes are available in the Safe Browsing section.

Adults should choose the Strong Mode, which primarily blocks millions of pornographic websites—the Extra Strong setting blocks pornographic, lingerie, Sex Education, and violence-related websites for youngsters. You can manually enable or disable specific inappropriate content categories in both modes to tailor these options. Generally, it’s a good web filter plugin for filtering out undesirable and improper websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is web filtering for businesses easy to implement?

Web filtering based on DNS is fairly simple to use. The deployment process involves redirecting the organization’s Domain Name Server for 30 seconds and logging into a web-based administration portal (another 30 seconds). The filtering service may then be synchronized with an existing directory, allowing system administrators to deploy role-based filtering settings in minutes.

How is Internet access monitoring work?

Web filtering solutions can be configured to track which websites users visit and which websites they are denied access to. Although some may see monitoring Internet access at work as a kind of employee surveillance, the data gathered from Internet monitoring reports can be utilized to fine-tune Internet filters to make the workplace more friendly.


Updating browsers and plugins and employing a strong antivirus solution will provide adequate protection. Still, organizations can improve security even further by using a web filter. Any attempt to reach a website known to host an exploit kit will be denied by web blocking for enterprises.

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