5 Methods How To See Hidden Files On iPhone


how to see hidden files on iPhone

You can have hidden data and files on your iPhone for various reasons. This could be both unintentional and intentional. For instance, you may want to hide your videos, photos, and messages from other people snooping on your phone. Or you may want to hide a game app to prevent your kids from getting addicted. The question is ‘how to see hidden files on iPhone’?

That said, while it doesn’t necessarily bother other people for the most part, sometimes you want to see hidden things on your phone. In this article, we’re sharing different ways how to see hidden files on iPhone.

5 Methods How To See Hidden Files On iPhone

how to see hidden files on iPhone

Here are some of the ways on how to see hidden files on iPhone:

Method 1: Unhide Hidden Files With A Specialty App

For most people, the easiest way how to see hidden files on iPhone is to use a specialty app. Certain apps allow you to find all files on your iPhone, including hidden system files and display them for you. Most apps also allow fast recovery of deleted files. You can use these apps to find and unhide or recover a wide range of files, including photos, messages, videos, apps, and more.

Method 2: How To Find Hidden Photos and Albums

Your photos and albums are one of the most common hidden file types on the iPhone. You probably want to keep all kinds of videos and photos private, especially when other people are prying or using your iPhone.

Here’s how to see hidden photos and albums from your iPhone:

  • Go to the Photos app.
  • Find and tap on ‘Albums’ from the bottom part.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and find the ‘Utilities’ option, then tap ‘Hidden.’
  • There, you’ll find a folder containing all hidden videos and photos.
  • If you want to unhide these files, you can simply long press and select all videos and photos you want to unhide.
  • On the bottom left of the screen, tap on the ‘Share’ button.
  • From the menu that pops up, tap ‘Unhide.’ This will show hidden photos and videos on your iPhone Photo app in their respective locations and according to their time and date of capture.

Method 3: How To Find Hidden Messages

Like with photos and videos, most people also want to hide their messages. In addition, iPhones also tend to filter out messages that are sent from people not in their contacts list. If you want to find those messages, then follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Messages app.
  • On the top left part of the screen, tap the ‘Filters’ option.
  • Tap the ‘Unknown Senders’ tab.
  • On the next screen, you’ll see a list of all messages you’ve received from unknown contacts. You can open each message.
  • If you want to see all the messages in your main messaging list, then you’ll need to change the Messaging settings.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Messages.’
  • Find the ‘Filter Unknown Senders’ option and disable it by tapping on the toggle. This should move all your messages to your main messaging list.

Method 4: How To Find Hidden Apps

You may have hidden an app on your iPhone in the past because you want to tidy your Home screen or weren’t using it often. So, if you wish to unhide the app and know how to see hidden files on iPhone, you can simply find it in your App Library.

  • On your Home screen, swipe from right to left and find the App Library in a search bar at the top of your screen.
  • Tap the search bar and view an alphabetical listing of your apps.
  • Scroll and find the app you want to unhide.
  • Tap and hold the app you want to hide.
  • Then, slide your finger to the left to move it to the home screen.
  • When you find the right place for the app, you can simply release your finger.

Method 5: How To Find Hidden Contacts

The last method how to see hidden files on iPhone is finding your hidden contact. You may want to hide sensitive data about your contacts from prying eyes. But, if you need to contact them, here’s how you can unhide your contacts.

  • Open Contacts.
  • On the bottom bar, tap on ‘Contacts.’
  • On the next menu, tap ‘Groups’ from the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Then, tap ‘Show All Contacts’ and ‘Done.’


Is there a secret mode on the iPhone?

The iPhone does not have a secret mode, but it does have a few undiscovered hidden features. For instance, you can pinch an app closed with three fingers to show your recently used apps. A variety of built-in features available are also available, which might be beneficial for those with disabilities.

How can I get files that are hidden?

Finding hidden files can be done in a number of different ways. Utilizing the command line is one option. Run the command prompt and enter “cmd” in the search field to do this. Then, enter the command line: “attrib -s -h.” Each one of the concealed documents in the current working directory will be revealed by doing this.

Utilizing a file manager such as the Windows Explorer is another method for revealing hidden files.

How can I find files that are hidden using my iPhone 11 device?

You can use a file explorer program like iFile or Documents to locate the hidden files using your device. You can use these programs to browse your device’s files and look for every hidden document that could be there.


And there you have it! Depending on the data or files you want to see, you can use various ways how to see hidden files on iPhone. Determine what you need to see and follow the corresponding steps mentioned above to easily unhide files and data on your iPhone.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comment section below. Have a nice one.


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