6 Amazing Drone Photography Ideas And Tips

, March 21, 2022

drone photography

We’ve all seen amazing drone photography, but those who have a drone know that getting good results is harder than it seems.

Nailing a beautiful photo of a drone in aerial photos costs patience, good condition and a lot of trial and error. Even a small change in vision can make a big difference.

Do the right thing and get world-class, award-winning images. Do things wrong and you have a broken drone. Instead, let’s look at how you can get better drone photography.

Therefore, don’t forget to train drone flying before sending it to the public. You should also read local laws and regulations.

Having said that, let’s get straight to the point:

6 Amazing Drone Photography Ideas And Tips

drone photography

1. Use filters for your drone

As with using polarizer for a normal camera, using it for a drone gives the image a fine “smirk” of contrast and color. It also performs glare removal very well, which is especially useful when shooting with a drone in the sun.

Using filters requires a bit of planning when using a drone. You can’t put it in the middle of a flight. Fortunately, adding filters is relatively easy.

2. You should not fly high

Before flying directly, take a few minutes to explore the landscape at a low altitude. You may be surprised that the most interesting compositions do not always receive warnings to “reach the highest height”.

3. Slow down and focus on the base

Things like light and composition are just as important as shooting from above.

We have now gone through the first miracle of drone photography. So to create unique images, you need to memorize the basics

4. Tilt the camera down to see the hidden patterns

The beauty of aerial photography is that the dull appearance of your grandstand can be seen beautifully from above. There are so many “hidden gems” that can only be seen from a bird’s eye view.

Therefore, many of the most interesting images from the drone were taken with the lens straight down. 

A way to locate these patterns is to fly a drone at a high altitude as well as slowly rotating it at 360 ​​degrees to find beautiful landmarks in the area. If you see something, fly to it, lift the camera down and adjust the height until you see something comfortable.

More often than not, this corner has become very interesting for discovering new monuments with a drone.

5. Use Google Earth to schedule your imagery

The previous method may be a good way to recognize foreign monuments, but it requires a lot of trial and error. Most tests do not lead to good photos.

This is not a problem if you are flying just for fun. However, this is problematic if you are working on a specific project. In this case, planning can help.

Google Earth is a great resource for this. Just plan your location, zoom in and look for interesting patterns or elements.

It can take a long time to find them, but you will find places you would not otherwise have.

6. Go out as much as possible

My last tip on how to become an improved drone photographer is to go out as much as possible.  I say that the more time you spend drone photography and flying, the more likely you are to take good pictures.

If you have a local area where you can fly, you should use it to your advantage. Try it under different lights and conditions. The photos are different and the drone control is more comfortable for you. 

It was a win-win.

You can’t be a better photographer if you don’t take pictures.


There you have it. I hope that you keep these six drone photography ideas and tips when flying a drone. Capture amazing aerial images with your drone using these tips and ideas. Inspire with the beauty of nature to capture one of a kind images using your drone.

Drone photography can unleash a lot of emotions in us. It’s exciting. It can be horrible. It can be fun and frustrating.

It takes time to learn to control a drone and its camera, but the possibilities to see from this new perspective are enormous. 

Have you done drone photography? Share your best and favourite images with us in a comment below!

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