6 Best Android Launcher To Hide Apps


Looking for the best android launcher to hide apps? There are various launchers in the Google Play Store. Our choice influences which application launcher we choose. The launcher should have all of the features we require. The option to hide applications without deactivating them is a crucial feature many people want. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 6 free launchers for Android phones and tablets.

best android launcher to hide apps

List Of Best Android Launchers To Hide Apps

The list below works on all the Android phones, including Google Pixel, OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, and others, and may be used to conceal dating or social networking apps. Let’s look at the finest Android app launchers for hiding apps.

1. The Little Launcher

If you think of Xiaomi, you likely believe in the MIUI launcher. Xiaomi, on the other hand, has another launcher under its belt. It’s called POCO Launcher and is compatible with all the Android phones. Unlike MIUI Launcher, POCO Launcher will operate on any phone, whether it’s a Samsung, Pixel, OnePlus, or Mi device.

To hide the apps, use this launcher:

  • Open the launcher’s preferences. Tap and then hold a space on the “home-screen” to do so. Then tap More, then Settings.
  • Then Scroll it down and turn on the “Hide-App-Icons” switch. This is a one-time procedure.
  • Swipe on the main screen to access the POCO Launcher’s app drawer. Then, from the left edge, swipe right twice.
  • The Hide applications screen will appear. To lock your apps, tap Set password.
  • When you’re finished, tap Add App. Choose which apps you want to keep hidden. To confirm, tap the tick button at the top.

On your phone, you will notice that the icons have been hidden. Swipe twice from the left side into the app drawer to unlock hidden apps or expose or conceal more apps.

You can change the layout, enable the notification badges (points and number), use the dark mode, and in addition, create folders to simply hide apps. It also includes the smart categories function, which automatically groups apps into appropriate categories. You may also sort apps by color, which is a unique function.

best android launcher to hide apps

2. The Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is well-known for its excellent research, among other things. The ability to hide applications is one among them. It puts the most well-known launchers, such as Nova and Action, to shame.

Open the launcher “Settings” to perfectly hide the applications on the Evie Launcher. To do so, tap an empty spot on the “Home Screen”—select Settings. The hidden app can be found by scrolling down. Check the boxes next to the apps you want to hide to hide them. Toggle the toggle in the settings to hide apps from Evie search. To use the apps, you’ll need to discover them by repeating the above steps and then unchecking the box. Motions, notification badges, the option to change icon packs, the ability to conceal the dock, and more are all included in Evie Launcher.

3. The Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft has a fantastic launcher that allows you to hide applications on your Android phone. It is also known as Microsoft Launcher and competes with Nova Launcher. Long touch an empty spot on the home-screen and then choose the Startup settings to hide apps using this Microsoft Launcher. Return to the main menu. Select Hidden applications. Then hit Hide applications and choose the apps you want to hide.

Repeat the steps and hit Discover next to the app to see it. More capabilities relating to hidden apps are available in the launcher. Add a password and enable apps in the dock, for example. Tap the settings icon at the top of the hidden apps screen to access these options. You may also hide apps from search results, similar to Evie Launcher.

best android launcher to hide apps

4. The Lawnchair 2

If you’re seeking Pixel Launcher alternatives with the Hide applications feature, Lawnchair 2 is a good choice. It’s the Pixel Launcher, which is jam-packed with useful features. To hide applications from this application launcher, go to its settings. To do so, long press the home screen and choose Home Settings. Proceed to the Drawer.

Hover over Hidden App Shortcuts. Choose the apps you want to hide. Although the launcher lacks a reliable option to hide or expose hidden apps from search, apps are hidden by default. The icon is not erased if it is added to the home screen. As a result, you must manually remove it.

best android launcher to hide apps

5. The CPL Launcher

CPL is another versatile and powerful launcher (Customized Pixel Launcher). Open the app launcher settings from the home screen to hide the apps that utilize it. Select All Apps. Hide app can be found by scrolling down. Choose which apps you want to keep hidden.

You can conceal or expose an app icon by touching or holding it. Then choose Hide apps from the drop-down menu. Themes, at-a-glance widgets, numerous home screen and app drawer customizations, folders, and more are among the other features. Gestures and shortcuts are also supported.

6. The U Launcher

U Launcher is a launcher that offers a variety of customizations such as live wallpapers, themes, HD wallpapers, live effects on the home screen, emojis, and other more features. To access the hidden apps menu in U Launcher, utilize the pinch gesture on the home screen. To hide applications, create a password and use the Add App icon at the top. Use the pinch gesture to reveal or hide apps.

When You Hide Apps On Android, What Happens? 

The app icon is removed from the phone when an app is hidden. It does not remove the app or any of your data from it. The app is typically hidden just from the app drawer, which displays all installed apps. If you’ve put the app icon on your home screen, you may need to delete it in some cases manually. Once hidden, the app is no longer visible in the app drawer or home screen.

Remember that hiding an app does not prevent it from receiving alerts. The hidden app will keep sending you notifications. Only the program icon is concealed, so no one knows it’s installed.


Although the launchers listed above enable you to conceal apps on Android, they only hide them from the app drawer. You can still see hidden apps if you go to Settings> Apps. Apps cannot be removed from the Apps section of Settings without first uninstalling the program. However, few people would look in that section to see the programs installed. So, on Android phones, application launchers are a terrific method to hide applications.

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