6 Ways How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone


How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone

In this modern era, nothing gives every smart phone-obsessed adult and teen more anxiety than the idea of their phones being hacked. Unless they’ve drained your savings account from your mobile, having your phone hacked isn’t the end of the world. In about a few minutes or a few days, you’ll be able to regain control of your smartphone. Let us know some of the ways how to fix a hacked android phone.

6 Ways How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone

How To Fix A Hacked Android Phone

1. Rebooting Your Android Phone

Most serious Android phone issues are often fixed by simply rebooting your phone device. Thus, before you even try the other solutions below, first, try this simple way how to fix a hacked Android phone.

Simply press and hold down the Power button of your Android phone. Tap Restart and wait as your phone reboots.

If a hacker has targeted your Android phone this one time, then this solution may work for you. However, if someone has already tried hacking into your device numerous times, even rebooting your Android phone will not help since any malicious app or file will simply restart after the reboot.

2. Clearing Phone Cache

Reduced phone performance is one of the clear signs that someone has hacked your phone. But it can also happen when you have too little space in your phone due to unnecessary files and applications.

Either way, clearing your phone cache is a win-win situation since it removes possible hacking malware or cluttered files to boost performance.

To do this, you simply need to power off your Android phone. Once off, long press on the Power and Volume up buttons together until you see the Android logo. This brings you to recovery or safe mode.

From here, you can use the Volume up/down button, navigate through the option, then press the power button to select the highlighted option. Find an option to “clear phone cache”, “wipe device cache” or “wipe cache partition”.

Depending on the cache size, it can take a few minutes for your Android device to restart.

3. Rely on an Antivirus Scan

If you think your Android phone is hacked, you can install a reliable antivirus app like Norton or Bitdefender to detect the malicious file or app in your Android device. An antivirus app runs n the background to monitor any unusual activities on your Android phone.

Some apps also automatically block any connection if someone tries to access or log into your sensitive accounts from an unidentified location or device.

Just make sure that the antivirus app you install on your phone is licensed and paid and not the free ones with limited capabilities.

4. Remove The Suspicious Apps

A hacker is less likely to be monitoring your phone live. However, they may have left behind the malware to do this for them. While most spy apps usually don’t have an icon in order to stay hidden on your phone, there’s a way to check if a malicious app has been installed on your Android phone.

In general, you can check your Android phone’s settings to find any hidden apps on your phone. Also, you can identify a hidden spyware app by checking its data usage.

To check for data usage, simply open the Settings and go to the “Connection and Sharing” option. Then, tap on “Data Usage”. From here, you’ll find all apps arranged in decreasing order in terms of their data usage.

In general, a spy app will use a lot of data to send information and files to a hacker device. If you find any suspicious or unknown app using more data than it needs, make sure to uninstall it right away.

To uninstall a hidden app, you can simply go to Settings. Look for “Apps” then go to “Manage Apps”. It will show you a list of every app that’s installed on your phone, including the system apps.

Tap “Uninstall” and it will take you to a new window with a full list of apps that you can uninstall. Choose the suspicious app you don’t remember downloading and tap uninstall.

5. Remove The Suspicious Files

Other than malicious apps, you also need to remove any suspicious files on your Android phone. To do this, you need to go through your file sections and directories and look out for suspicious files.

Go to “My Files” then tap on “Internal Storage”. Tap Android, then “data”. From here, you can browse around your folders in order to find suspicious files. Make sure to Google the name since you don’t want to delete system files.

6. Do a Factory Reset

The last resort to fixing a hacked Android phone is to do a factory reset. This process will wipe your phone and restore it to the settings it had when it came out of the factory.

Since it deletes everything on your phone, this should be your last option if you think all other methods above didn’t work.

To do a factory reset on your Android phone, simply go to Settings. Navigate to the “General management” menu and tap “Reset”. Tap on “Factory data reset” and just click on the following warnings. If prompted, your phone will ask you to enter your PIN, password, or security patterns. After that, confirm the action and tap on “Delete all”. Wait for your phone to wipe away all data. It will automatically restart after the reset.


How do Android phones get hacked?

There are several ways that an android phone can get hacked. Some of the hacking methods used by cybercriminals include phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, brute-force attacks, and programming-based hacking.

However, most users often allow these hackers to have access to their smartphones accidentally by accessing unprotected Wi-Fi networks, clicking on suspicious links, downloading malicious files and apps.

What are the signs that my Android phone is hacked?

There are several signs of a hacked phone. These include:

  • Losing charge quickly
  • Slower than usual
  • Uses more data than normal
  • History of unfamiliar texts or calls
  • Seeing unfamiliar apps and files
  • Noticing strange activity on online accounts


And there you have it!

At this point, you should now know how to remove a hacker from your phone. Anyone with a smartphone should be concerned about hacking.

While you may have the necessary phone antivirus installed and using the best security practice if ever your Android phone gets hacked, make sure to try out the above options on how to fix a hacked Android phone.

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