7 Best Distance Measuring App For Android and iOS

, July 4, 2022

Are you searching for the best distance measuring app for Android? So, there are many Android measurement apps available to assist you. Even the greatest measuring apps won’t be as precise as a good ol’ measuring tape, but they’ll give you a solid idea of the distance or length you need to measure.

These apps aren’t intended to take the place of your measuring tools. So, when you need a general idea of the distance or length of something, utilize these applications; for precise measures, use actual instruments. Android will not be used to construct a new home.

best distance measuring app for android

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Now that we’ve proven that even the greatest measuring apps won’t replace measuring instruments, they’ll only be able to offer you a reasonable estimate. Manufacturers won’t be able to measure anything precisely unless they include a measuring laser or something similar in cellphones.

Best Distance Measuring App For Android

Our top selections for the best measurement applications in various categories are as follows:

1. GPS Fields Area Measure

One of the finest measurement applications for Android on our list is GPS Fields Area Measure. It makes effective use of existing technology. The program, as the name implies, uses GPS data to measure a distance or an area. Open the program, choose your starting and ending points, as well as click start measuring.

best distance measuring app for android

Tap at least three spots on the map to measure. The sole disadvantage of this software is its lack of precision measurement and reliability. Furthermore, you cannot use this software to calculate the distance between two points.

So, if you’re a developer, architect, farmer, or someone who needs to tape measure a field, this is the software for you. With the advancement of global positioning systems, there will come a time when this software can properly measure everything.

2. ImageMeter – photo measure

The ImageMeter app looks a lot like the first one on this list. The only difference is that instead of utilizing the phone’s camera, you can collect measurements on an existing image. Unlike the other applications on this list, this is not a real-time measurement tool; instead, it measures everything through images.

Although getting accurate dimensions from a photo would be amazing, capturing any form of relevant data with a regular camera would be practically difficult. This is why, to derive the measurements, you’ll need some form of reference point.

If you know the height of the ceiling and the length of the room, for example, you can use this program to easily overlay a reference graph on a picture and map out an accurate window. The app accounts for various perspective distortions instantly.

3. Smart Measure

The Smart Measure app is next on our list of top measurement apps. It’s a measuring app that primarily uses your smartphone’s main camera. The camera then allows the app to calculate the distance and height of an object.

All you have to do to utilize this app is press the distance button. The app will then attempt to estimate the distance between you and the target item. All you have to do to get the height of the target item is the point at the bottom, hit the height button, and tap again at the top.

best distance measuring app for android

While this may appear to be a lot of bells and whistles, the app is as accurate as your guess. We like this app; however, it’s not very accurate. Technology will undoubtedly improve in the future, but for now, I would recommend utilizing a measuring tape.

4. Ruler

The Ruler app does exactly what it implies: it turns your Android phone into a handy ruler. It’s one of those apps that are simple but incredibly effective.

In a sense, the Ruler app turns your smartphone into a smart ruler. You can choose between centimeters, millimeters, inches, and other units. Four measuring modes are available: point, line, plane, and level. Additionally, the Ruler app allows you to easily convert any measurement from one unit to another, which is useful.

5. EasyMeasure – Camera Distance Measurement App

EasyMeasure is a measuring app that can measure the object’s size and distance from the user. Point your camera lens at the object you want to observe.

The computation takes into account numerous aspects, including the camera’s height and the tilt of your smartphone. However, ensure the phone camera is adjusted to the proper height, angle, and tilt. The camera detects when you hold it at eye level that you are 4 inches shorter than the height indicated.

It would be best if you modified the box on the measuring app screen to fit the object once you’ve picked the thing to measure. The measurement details will flash on display, and you’re finished!

6. The Qardio Heart Health – Measuring App For Blood pressure

An increase in mortality caused by high blood pressure is concerning. So, if you’re one of those folks who have to keep their blood pressure under control, you’re in luck. The Android app Qardio Heart Health keeps track of your blood pressure and weight.

best distance measuring app for android

This program allows you to keep track of your health. Manually enter your blood pressure and weight. You can also import data from other applications and devices like MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.

Qardio devices are clinically validated, according to the app’s creators; thus, the results can be trusted. Pair the QardioArm and the app through Bluetooth to get started! It’s that simple.

So order yours today and relax. You don’t need to go to a clinic or hospital to check your blood pressure, and you don’t have to rely on someone else to do it for you.

7. AR Ruler App – Camera To Plan and Tape Measure

The AR Ruler Software is a popular tape measure app that measures the real world using Augmented Reality. The ARCore Library must be installed on your Android phone for the AR Ruler app to work.

Google’s augmented reality platform, ARCore, allows developers to create AR experiences. Your phone can understand and interact with the world thanks to ARCore.


How does the measurement app work?

Depending on the app, most measuring applications operate by dictating the measurement data using the device’s geolocation and other telemetry sensors.

How can I get an Android measuring app?

Numerous measuring applications are available in the Google Play store for various purposes. Search for the appropriate measuring app on the Google Play store app.


Finally, most, if not all, distance measuring apps on the Google Play Store rely heavily on your smartphone’s telemetry and sensor units, reducing overall accuracy due to the device’s influence.

Overall, these are still some of the best distance measuring apps for Android, and while they aren’t extremely accurate, they will assist you in guesstimating dimensions. Check out our collection of Android scale apps for more comparable apps for measuring weight.

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