8 Best Alarm Clock App For Heavy Sleepers


alarm clock app for heavy sleepers

Are you looking for the best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers? Getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult, and a typical alarm clock may not be enough. A good alarm clock app, on the other hand, can help you get up on time by providing a variety of useful and, to your early morning self, bothersome functions.

Forget about old-fashioned alarm clocks. You may now choose from various high-tech alarm clock apps for your Android or iOS device. Here’s a review of the top alarm clock apps for 2022, including clocks with challenges to get you out of bed, smart sleep cycle tracking, and peaceful Tibetan bowl sounds.

Alarm Clock App For Heavy Sleepers 

Our top picks for the best Android apps for alarm clocks for heavy sleepers are listed below.

alarm clock app for heavy sleepers

1. Rise Alarm Clock

Rise’s goal isn’t to make you feel tense in the morning. The multilingual software describes itself as a “piece of art that awakens you up,” with calming alarm sounds including Gentle Chimes, Jungle Morning, and Grandma’s Clock.

You can also wake up to any song in your iTunes library. Setting several alarms for various (or repeated) days and times is simple, albeit this functionality costs $0.99 in-app. With a swipe, you may convert the vibrant clock to monochrome as well as dim it. Shake it to snooze it.

2. The Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer

Have you already heard of the applications that won’t let you text someone when drunk until you verify you’re sober by solving arithmetic problems? That’s one of the features of Alarm Clock Xtreme, which seeks to reduce snooze usage. It will even shorten the time between snoozes, so it won’t always be the magical 9 minutes. It can softly wake you up by gradually increasing the volume.

A shaking, the side buttons, pushing the screen, or the previously mentioned math can all be used to hit snooze. It also includes a stopwatch, timer, and a sleep tracker feature. You can get a free version if you don’t mind ads in your clock.

alarm clock app for heavy sleepers

3. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Does it seem Alarmy, the most irritating alarm you’ve ever heard? If you set it up for its finest feature, which requires you to wake up, get off the bed, and have to take a picture using your Android phone of a pre-defined spot in the room that corresponds to a previously taken photo, you’ll undoubtedly think so. That location should, of course, be distant from your bedroom. If it isn’t enough, the alarm can optionally go into shake-to-wake or calculating mode before being turned off.

4. I Can’t Wake Up!

Whenever you can’t wake up, you’ll need to do extra things while the alarm goes off. This is the alarm app that includes EVERY task. Memory games, tile ordering, barcode scanning (place the barcode someplace else in the room, so you have to wake up), shaking, math problems, rewriting text, and more activities are all available.

During the nap interval, the app will play music, which you may need to relax after all that task completion. There is a free version with numerous advertisements.

5. Alarm Clock for Me

The Alarm Clock for Me is all about customization, with themes including Retro, Digital, Ultrasonic, Worky, C-Motion Clock, and Odometer for the look of the digital digits. It will prompt you to enable Location Services at the start so that it can provide weather updates.

The app has a sleep timer for switching off music as you start to snooze, a timer, a shake-to-turn-on-flashlight option, as well as a full set of alarm settings, including utilizing your music and multiple snooze alternatives. Unlike all the others, this alarm clock app allows background notifications, so you’ll get an alarm even if it’s not operating all night. However, the app comes with extremely obnoxious advertising, which you can remove for $3.99 on iOS or $1.99 on Android.

6. Timely

The timely alarm clock app is Google liked this Android software so much that it bought the creator, Bitspin, from Zurich. The only difference is that it uses cloud sync to ensure that all your devices have the same alarms. It’s a lovely clock software for tablets that use motions to set alarms, custom color schemes for the clock, challenges to keep you awake, a flip-to-snooze feature, and the option to silence an alarm when the phone is picked up.

alarm clock app for heavy sleepers

7. Sleep Cycle

Rest is the focus of the Sleep Cycle. This sleep analyzer app uses the microphone and accelerometer on your phone or tablet to track your sleeping patterns and determine the ideal timing (during your lightest sleep period) and manner for waking you up.

It will compare your sleep quality to the rest of the app’s users. If you’re still sleeping, pick up the phone or tap it to snooze; however, if you activate the Intelligent Snooze option, each snooze will be shorter. The data can be synced into the Apple Health app, which will then communicate with Philips Hue smart lamps to turn on at wake time, simulating sunrise.

8. Loud Alarm Clock

Is there a lot of mystery surrounding what makes this alarm clock unique? If you simply leave the app open all night, it will play and nay or blare a sound at a predetermined moment, waking even the deepest sleeper. While you can use your music from iTunes, the program includes several distracting sounds, such as nails on a blackboard and a fire siren. The alarms can be randomized to avoid being lulled to sleep by a sound you’re accustomed to.


Would my alarm go off silently?

Your alarm clocks will continue to chime. For further information on how Do Not Disturb works, see: Unless you set your phone to “Always” mode, Do Not Disturb will only work if your phone is “locked.” To change your Do Not Disturb settings, go to “Settings > Do not Disturb.”

Would then my alarm sound when in “Airplane Mode”?

Yes. Putting your phone, tablet, or smartwatch in “airplane mode” only affects functions that require a radio transmission. As a result, turning your smartphone off will not prevent your alarms from sounding.


Therefore, these are some of the top Android alarm clock applications you can download and use to get up on time for your morning errands. These programs will assist you; at the end of the day, your determination will get the job done. So install one of these, and have a pleasant morning!

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