8 Tips For App Marketing To Android Phone Users


marketing to android phone users

Did you know that Android users can choose from over 3.4 million apps in the Google Play Store? With plenty of options— entertainment, mobile shopping, finance, productivity, health, and other services— app developers and businesses need to create strategies for marketing to android phone users.

But how can you set your Android app apart in this increasingly crowded marketplace? Here are some tips on how to market your newly developed app for Android devices.

8 Tips For App Marketing To Android Phone Users

marketing to android phone users

1. Pick a Well-Designed Icon

Users are often driven by visual cues. This means that your Android app icon should be a priority and not an afterthought.

The icon will be the first thing that a potential user sees in an app store and can make a difference between a user downloading your app and scrolling past it. Thus, you want to invest time and effort in creating a visually appealing one.

The app icon you choose needs to be both eye-catching and recognizable. It should give a clear representation of both your brand and the app’s function. In simpler terms, your app icon should give users a strong idea of what they are going to get once they download and use your app.

2. Create an App Landing Page

Building a landing page for your Android app is a critical marketing strategy. It allows Android users to learn more about your app on desktop and mobile web.

When setting up your Android app’s landing page, you need to offer a visualization of what users can expect if they download and install your app. Your landing page should have links to your app in Google Play Store with a clear CTA.

3. Utilize ASO

Short for App Store Optimization, ASO is quite similar to SEO. App stores have algorithms that prioritize certain apps in a search result based on several ranking factors such as screenshots, ratings, app title, download data, and more.

That said, the most important ranking factor in terms of ASO is your Android app’s title. So, make sure to use a keyword research tool to identify which phrases or terms relevant to your app that users search for the most on mobile.

Also, in terms of ASO, you need to fill out all of the fields with relevant details when submitting your app to your app stores and carefully choose your category.

4. Make a Demo Video of your App

Not everyone will understand how your app works or the benefits of using it just by reading a simple description or looking at a few screenshots. So, consider creating a demo video as another way to showcase your app and increase its downloads.

You can make a simple, 30-second to a minute video that illustrates the what, why, and how of your app. You can place an emphasis on usability and the best feature of your product. Once you created a video, you can add it to your app store listing. Also, don’t forget to also share it on your social media and website for more exposure.

5. Get It Reviewed

When potential user finds your app, they will need some convincing that your app is valuable and reliable enough to download. This is where user reviews can be useful.

By having more positive user feedback, you can increase the visibility of your app and improve its rankings in the app store. Consumers trust user reviews over other types of advertising.

To get users to leave reviews on your app, you can use in-app messages or follow-up emails when users have reached a milestone in using your app, for instance making a purchase or completing a task.

6. Use In-App Tracking

The data that you collected from your current users can help in improving your app and your marketing strategies, which allows you to increase the downloads and engagement with your app.

You can do this with in-app tracking. This way, you can have a better understanding on your users’ preferences and behavior.

How often does the average user use your app and for how long? Do they uninstall your app at a specific point? Are there any common usability issues that you should address? Are there features that are more popular than others?

There are various in-app tracking tools that you can use. Most have features such as behavior tracking and custom tagging to give you the needed information and data to improve user experience and increase downloads.

7. Upload in Multiple App Store

To improve your Android app’s reach, it’s best to publish it on more than one app store. While Google Play Store is the best marketplace for Android apps however there are several other app stores that you should consider.

For instance, you can also publish at sites like Amazon Appstore, GetJar, and SlideMe. Each of these app stores provides an excellent opportunity to spread the word about your app.

8. Use Social Media

Social media has over 4.6 billion users worldwide. Thus, it only makes sense to promote your Android app on one or more of these social platforms.

With the right social media marketing strategy, you can reach your audience and get the word out to the right people. Make sure to choose the right platform, depending on your industry niche, brand size, and the specific type of app you have.


What type of Android apps are in high demand today?

The most popular type of Android apps today are food delivery apps, social media, gaming, and healthcare apps.

Why do businesses need a mobile app?

There are several reasons why businesses need a mobile app. The primary reason for a mobile app is that it offers direct communication with your audience and improves customer service and engagement. It also helps increase brand awareness and serves as a useful marketing channel.

Is an app better than a website?

No. There’s no one better than the other since both app and website have their own advantage for your business’s bottom line.


That’s it!

As more apps become available, app developers and small business owners need to come up with marketing strategies and aggressively market their Android apps. With the above tips, your Android app can enjoy a bit of traction, gaining visibility and, ultimately, increasing downloads.

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