9 Best Font Apps For Android


You don’t need to be a blogger or a designer to want to make your social media accounts seem nice. Best font apps for android will help you visually diversity your page content while enhancing your personality.

Demonstrate to the world that you are a dynamic and creative person. There are many attractive typefaces to suit all preferences and occasions. Apps to change font style on Android phones might help you produce a birthday invitation, add a creative narrative to Instagram, create a new post, or surprise your friends.

List of 9 Best Font Apps For Android

font apps for android

1. Fonts

Fonts Keyboard is an excellent tool for changing your device’s fonts and keyboards. For social media and chat rooms, the new fonts are ideal. The application is tiny and well-designed to work on any gadget. Font installation and the connection are simple, as well as you can read the instructions the first time you launch the app.

Fonts Keyboard is updated regularly to include new and trendy fonts. Fancy and trendy fonts will assist in embellishing your profile and make your daily interaction with friends more enjoyable to read. Create one-of-a-kind graphic masterpieces, delight your friends and family, update your social media profiles with relevant content, and enjoy a plethora of beautiful typefaces!

2. FontFix

FontFix is similar to iFont; however, it includes more advertising. There are various typefaces to choose from and several ways to replace them. There are over 4000 fonts to choose from. Some of them are fonts that must be purchased. Only Samsung cellphones are supported, as is customary. However, you can install them on nearly any device if you have root access!

You will be given the option to download all of the available fonts, or you can preview them. If you don’t want to do this, you can preview the font by downloading it beforehand. FontFix is a mobile application that will assist you in selecting and installing the font of your choice. Custom fonts and system fonts can be added, installed, and modified.

3. Stylish Text

You may add characteristics to any word or phrase with Stylish Text. You can edit any text with this tool. The end product is a text that you may share on WhatsApp, Twitter, or other social media platforms.

Stylish Text is really simple to use. The goal of this software was to make users happy. In the main menu, you’ll discover many text styles to choose from, and you can always preview the output before sending it.

If you like the text’s look, you may copy it to the clipboard by swiping or tapping and holding your finger on the screen. You may also transmit directly via WhatsApp by using the right-hand button. You’ll have access to not just a large number of fonts but also to specific numbers and aesthetic styles.

4. HiFont

The majority of the data we receive on our cellphones appears to be text or graphics. And the text might be tedious at times.

HiFont is an app that makes working with text a little more enjoyable. Its principle is simple: you download and install any fonts you want on your device. They can be more attractive, richer, or larger than standard typefaces. They can be used to personalize your smartphone or make reading simpler if you have vision issues.

It’s really simple to use, and font installation is independent of the software, so you can uninstall HiFont as soon as you’ve found the font you want. HiFont comes with its own fonts, but you can also use it to install your own. HiFont will be able to restore the default system font with a single tap if you ever desire to restore an old font.

font apps for android

5. iFont

iFont is a program for folks who want their gadget to appear its best. You can choose from a range of typefaces with this software.

This software is for you if you’ve always wanted to customize your device. There is a wide range of typefaces to suit all preferences; pick your favorites and mix & match them however you want. With the app’s wide variety, you may modify your look and feel every day. With iFont, you can spice up your gadget (Expert of Fonts).

6. Stylish Fonts & Keyboard

Stylish Fonts & Keyboard is a messaging tool that will change how you communicate. This service will give your letter a splash of color and make the typography unique and beautiful. It will function in most messengers, social networking sites, and other programs.

The Stylish Fonts & Keyboard program is a keyboard that differs from the regular version and allows you to alter the appearance of your correspondence entirely.

7. Cool Fonts for Instagram

The program has many fonts (about 140), regular updates, and an easy-to-use interface. There’s an opportunity to create an Instagram bio and a slew of other options.

It can also be used to create bold, italic, underlined, or strikethrough typefaces. It has a high number of downloads and positive user ratings. The disadvantage is the number of advertisements. Overall, a very useful program! It’s incredible how simple it is to work using the context menu.


8. Font Changer

Font Changer – Another amazing app that allows users to customize how they interact with their mobile device is Cool Fonts Keyboard, Stylish Text.

In reality, the app has more than 100 fonts. The application has a large number of fonts. They can be successfully integrated into a variety of messengers for intercommunication. A broad range of styles and features aids in the selection of the best solutions, which are largely affected during the interaction. It aids in accurately expressing your mood and the emotional substance of what you’re writing.

font apps for android

9. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey is a program that adds color to your emails. It comes in various flavors so that everyone may find something they like. You can choose between a humorous or a stern, business-like tone.

FancyKey is an excellent choice for folks who value diversity in their lives. Replace boring, monotonous keys with bright and gorgeous ones if you’re wary of them. You can select the style that best suits your mood using this app. This keyboard is adaptable, with a design that appeals to both youngsters and adults.


There are a variety of best font apps for Android available to help people express themselves more effectively. These font design tools make it easier for individuals to interact with one another. However, not every program is appropriate for every user.

Some require text graphics to make it easier to convey messages. Presenters who want an audience’s attention use several font theme apps to help them deliver their point. The finest font style software makes it simple for consumers to use the tools. Navigating the app’s complicated font style packages for the ordinary user should be simple.

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