9 Best Underrated Apps for Android

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best underrated apps

The 9 best underrated apps for android that most people forgot to download. More than 2 million apps are accessible, with some being more useful than others. You probably have a lot of apps on your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android, or something else. These programs can be really useful, but some of them are quite large.

You should download a few important programs to get the most out of your phone. These incredible tools can help you save money, make major recommendations, and even improve your health. You may truly help enhance your life by using the privilege applications on your phone. The best applications are probably underappreciated. They can be enormously beneficial, but some are so new that few people are aware of them.

9 Best Underrated Apps That Everyone Should Download

Numerous applications charge money only to be downloaded. You won’t have to pay anything to use these apps. There is no danger in looking at them this way. A situation involving a free application is one that you should always think about, especially if it enhances your life.

best underrated apps

1. RunGo

The RunGo app can locate the best routes for a good run in your immediate area. You’d have to research the finest running routes if you didn’t have the app. This tool simplifies the entire process, allowing you to concentrate solely on running. It also includes recommendations for the best runs. There is also a disconnected mode for jogging in an area without internet access.

2. Tab

It can be annoying to go out to dine and split the bill evenly between all of the parties. This can take a lifetime to figure out the cost and tip. If you find yourself in this situation, you should download Tab. This software allows users to check café receipts and determine how much each person should owe. It also takes into account the tax and tip. Use this program whenever you go out to lunch with your friends.

3. RunPee

Have you ever seen a movie in a theater and then felt compelled to use the restroom? You may either leave right now to use the restroom or sit through the entire movie in agony. You’ll never have to worry about it again, thanks to the RunPee program. This software advises you when the optimum moments are to go to the bathroom during a movie, so you don’t miss anything. It even includes the optimal time and line of conversation for a quick toilet trip.

best underrated apps

4. Encrypt.me

There will be occasions when you need to use public WiFi, but you will likely have no way of knowing if it is reliable or not. You’d rather not jeopardize your data and security. Encrypt.me is a one-of-a-kind program that determines how safe the WiFi is for you to use. You can also use Encrypt.me to protect your data when using public WiFi. You’ll never be afraid to use public WiFi again if you use Encrypt.me.

5. Lake

Grown-ups are increasingly participating in the activity of shading books, which was formerly reserved for children. Adults who use shading books to relieve stress and relax have received them from distributors. It wouldn’t have taken long for a digital equivalent to appear on the market. Lake is a type of shading application. They provide you with free designs that you must color in. It’s a fantastic way to relax and calm your anxieties.

6. TextGrabber + Translator

If you’re anything like me, you end up photographing a variety of documents as a quick way to record important information. This has proven to be a really useful hack, but now and then, I need to convert the content of a snapshot into a usable format. Whatever the case may be, I have no desire to have to type it quickly and accurately.

To the rescue, TextGrabber + Translator! It can extract text from images for use in other apps, and it can also decipher text in various languages. When you’re traveling abroad, this can help you when you need to round out your travel cost structures, capture handwritten meeting notes, or get quick interpretations of essential documents.


Going to work is never as glamorous as you expect. Rather than sipping a nice beverage while quietly perusing through a glossy magazine, you end up in a gloomy part of an airport vying for the final free source or one more flat $10 sandwich while anxiously searching for a washroom close to your door.

Introduce the FLIO application before your next journey to save so much scrambling. It’ll connect you to free WiFi in seconds, set food and beverage limitations, get you into air terminal lounges, and show you where to find everything from charging stations to facilities. You can also view the events for gaining trusted status or the outing from the airport to downtown. Furthermore, your flight time and door number will appear as a bonus, ensuring that you board the plane calmly, collectedly, and possibly stylishly (hopefully!).

8. GoA2B

Don’t waste time figuring out the best way to travel to your next customer meeting or the airport following the all-group meeting. Use this money-saving app, suitable for business travelers and employees.

GoA2B considers the costs and arrival times of all major ride-sharing services ( Lyft, Flywheel, Uber, and even just a local taxicabs), so you may choose the best option. You’ll notice nearby cars, ETAs, journey times, and pricing spikes. Spare the cities you visit the most in the app, and you’ll almost always have the best vehicle available right away.

best underrated apps

9. Hotel WiFi Test

Nothing puts an end to preparing that important presentation faster than a fast internet connection. With the Hotel WiFi Test, you can be confident that you will receive prompt assistance before booking your hotel.

This device allows you to search for hotels with fast WiFi and filter the results based on the speed and cost and the hotel rating and room cost. Furthermore, you can spread the love by writing a review of your hotel’s WiFi for other travelers to enjoy. Some hotels have been evaluated, and you can even install an add-on that will show you the web connection details for any hotels you visit on Hotels.com, Expedia, or TripAdvisor.


Whether you’re on the go or at work, these lesser-known apps and tools will help you perform at your best. As a result, take a break from the norm and check the best underrated apps out for a much-needed, well-deserved day off.

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