Aculief Review [2022] – Is It The Best For Headache & Migraine Relief?


I hear about Aculief all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? After using it for several days on both hands, I have got a better result. It is known to us that most people around the world have been suffering from chronic headaches and migraine pain for a long time.

Also, I have been suffering from migraine pain for the last 2 years. I have consulted with many doctors and taken lots of tablets, medicines and do lots of exercises for headache relief. Below, I have presented my experience of using the Aculief gadget and how it helps me to relieve migraine and headache pain.

Product Summary
Aculief Review

Aculief Review

  • Applying firm pressure with the Aculief and holding for 3 minutes relieve headache and migraine pain for several hours. By using the gadget regularly, the pain of migraines and headaches will pass away forever.

My Quick Overview of Aculief (30 Sec)

Aculief is a small clip that provides relief from migraine and other pains. It does not have any side effects and works great on any age of people. The clip is recommended by doctors as it eliminates the pain naturally without any drug. Aculief is pretty simple to use. You just need to find the exact point to attach it. It can be worn any time and won’t hamper your sleep or comfort. The clip is designed to fit both hands as well. If you want to get relief from pain naturally, Aculief will be a great device for sure

What is Aculief?

Aculief is a U shaped wearable clip that is placed in LI4 or He Gu acupressure point, which is located between index and thumb finger muscle. When you pressure on this point, endorphins releases from the pituitary gland and our central nervous system and peripheral nervous system will be activated. The battery pressure point helps to reduce the chronic pain of migraines and headaches with a non-invasive method. After using the clip, I don’t have to take paracetamol or painkiller medicines either. It can be used in both right and left hands to stay headache-free all time. One of the great wearable device to give you relief from chronic pain.

Aculief Review
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Is Aculief Right For You?

If you have been suffering from headaches or migraines, then it is perfect for you. For headache pains, I wear it for 15 minutes daily and I get quick relief and feel comfortable for a long time.  My mom has migraine pain for more than 3 years, and then I suggested to use the clip for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day. She was a migraine patient with severe pain.

Now, she is completely out of the painful neurological disease. It can be used in both left and right hands and all ages and all background people use it because it has no side effects or danger. Sometimes, I wear the clip also for sports and its long shelf life makes me curious.

Benefits Of Using Aculief

I have been suffering from severe headache pain for the last 2 years. Then I have consulted with many doctors and take lots of medicines, but they work fine for a few months and the pain started again. Once I was browsing for headache and migraine pain solutions on the internet, then I see the Aculief gadget. A great wearable acupressure device for a bad headache. Then, I bought it to test if it really works for migraine pain. After using, I have got some benefits and I will share those benefits below:

  1. Aculief pressure on LI-4 acupressure point and then release endorphins from pituitary glands that relieve headache and migraine pain. Also, reducing the headache pain, it can relieve other pain by putting pressure on the middle of the thumb and index finger.
  2. It can be carried in a pocket, purse, wallet, etc. anywhere. Also, it is 100% water-resistant, so I wear the gadget while swimming in the pool. If you want, you can use it while playing in the field or home that makes it versatile.
  3. It is suitable for all sizes, all backgrounds, all genders people because it fits any size of hands. The most advantage of the gadget is, it can be used in both left and right hand to get rid of the pain.
  4. While using the gear, I don’t have to take headache medicines and still now, I am fine. It provides immediate relief from headache or migraine pain within 1 to 3 minutes and you feel comfortable all day long, which can be said that it is a fast pain relief natural gadget.
  5. According to the NCCAM and John Hopkins University report, “It can relieve eye problems, skin disease, fever and boost the immune system with headache and migraine pains.” It is safe to use and 100 percent effective in those cases.

Does Aculief Work For Migraines?

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At first, I want to present a study report from John Hopkins University. They said that “Putting pressure on the LI4 or He Gu acupressure point which reduces migraine pain within few minutes depending on your physical condition.” The Aculief is designed to put pressure on the LI4 or He Gu point, which is a muscle and located between the thumb and index finger. By putting pressure on this point, our pituitary gland releases endorphins and activated CNS and PNS nerve systems, which lead to migraine pain relief.

Aculief Review

I use it on both hands and get relief from migraine pain within 5 minutes and I feel headache free for more than 16 hrs. Also, I get relief from toothaches, eye pains and limb pains, but it happens with me and could be good for you to relieve those pain with migraine pain. So, you can use the aculief for migraines pain.

How Effective Is Acupressure To The Li4 Acupressure Point?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese practice. It works by stimulating different points of the body and maintaining the flow of energy throughout the body, removing any blockage along the way. The LI4 acupressure point is located on the back of the hands between the thumb and index finger straps in the middle of the muscle. Applying firm pressure with the Aculief and holding for 3 minutes relieve headache and migraine pain for several hours. By using the gadget regularly, the pain of migraine and headache will pass away forever. A study of John Hopkins University shows that “Pressuring on the LI4 acupressure point helps to relieve headache, toothache, eye pain, limb pain, jaw pain and nausea during the migraine.”

How Do You Wear Aculief?

The Aculief is easy to wear in both hands, but you have to follow some instructions because if you don’t point out the LI4 perfectly, it will make you discomfort feel. Below, I will explain how other users and I wear the Aculief so you can do it correctly and get relief from pain.

  • At first, I wash my hand with soap or hand sanitizer and dry it well. Then, I point the LI4 or He Gu acupressure point with a pen on my left hand because I am a right handed person.
  • After marking the point, I put the Aculief and wear it on the hand for 5 minutes and the brand name shown on the upper part.
  • After 3 to 5 minutes using, change it and wear it again. Make sure that the brand logo is on the down part.

While using the gadget, I recommend to keep your hand straight so that you will get a better result.

Is Aculief Scam?

When I see the Aculief gadget on the internet, I purchase it from their official website to check is it scam or real. After using it for 5 days, I saw an unimaginable change in my migraine pain. You also surprised to know that my toothache and limb pain even have gone without medication. The result may be varied from person to person and health conditions. But, I surely said that it is a real pain relief gadget and not a scam product. After purchase, you can return within 60 days if it cannot relieving your migraine pain.

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How Are People Using It?

Aculief Review [2022] – Is It The Best For Headache & Migraine Relief? 1

In the E-commerce platforms, I see more than 1000 peoples are using it. The Aculief puts pressure in the LI4 (large intestine 4), which directly connected to the pituitary gland and then endorphins released that can reduce migraine pain within a short time. Some doctors and acupuncturists recommend the Aculief as an effective drug-free solution for headache, migraine pain and stress. One of my friends used it on the carpal tunnel hands 20 to 30 minutes and faced no problems so you can use the aculief for carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, its hard plastic design is perfectly fit with fat hands and works fine. In addition to headache and migraine relief, it helps reduce anxiety and depression as well. The amazing thing that I listen to from other users is, it has solid build quality and difficult to break.

How I Can Buy It?


Would you want to purchase an Aculief to get relief from migraine pain? If yes, you are in the right place and I recommend to purchase from the official website. In this link, you will see three different packages. I have purchased the first package that comes with single Aculief wearable acupressure.

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The second package is equipped with Two-pack of Aculief wearable acupressure for using two people or both hands at a time. Also, if you have many members in your family, you can choose the 3 color variety pack of Aculief wearable acupressure. In addition to their official website, you can buy from Amazon, eBay and Wallmart.

How Much Does Aculief Cost?

If you purchase the clip from the official store, you will get it at the best price. There will be a 60-day money-back guarantee by purchasing it from the official site. A single piece of Aculief will cost you only $24.99. There is another deal available on Aculief that is Buy 2 – Get 1 Free. In this deal, you are getting 3 Aculief at only $49.98. You will have free USA shipping this deal. The final deal contains a total of 5 Aculief. This is a Buy 3 – Get 2 Free. This deal will cost you only $74.97 with free USA shipping. You may choose the color while purchasing it from the site. There are three different colors available – green, teal, and black. You may pick the one you like as they work the same.

Frequently Asked Question

Below, we have answered some questions about Aculief that people frequently asked.

Which hand should I wear my aculief on?

Generally, I wear Alulief on both right and left hand. But, I recommend to use it on a non-dominant hand, which is known as off-hand or less capable hand. For better understanding, I am right handed person and left hand is my non-dominant hand.

How Long It Takes for It To Work?

As per my experience, it started working within 10 to 15 seconds after putting it on the LI4 acupressure point of my non-dominant hand and my migraine pain reducing gradually.

How long should I wear Aculief?

Aculief has no side effects without pregnant women and you can wear it as you want. I recommend to wear the gadget 3 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type of pain.

Are there different sizes of aculief?

There are no different sizes of the Aculief and its size is universal, so all sizes, all background and all age persons use it comfortably with accurate positioning.

Are there any side effects?

Aculief puts pressure on LI4 acupressure points, which shrink the muscle so it could be bad for pregnant women. Also, if you feel discomfort on hand, stop using it.

Is it ok to wear aculief even don’t have tension or imbalance?

Yes, you can wear even don’t have tension or imbalance. I feel increasing in alertness and awareness when using it during pre-mature labor.

Is it ok to wear aculief during activities?

Aculief is waterproof and designed with high quality material so that it can be used during activities. I wear it while swimming in the pool, jogging in the park in the morning and doing office work in front of the desk PC and I feel comfortable all time.

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Final Thought

Headache is very common, but can be relieved without medication and Aculief is one of the best solutions to get rid of migraine pains. The device used on our LI4 (large intestine 4) acupressure point, which is called the acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture is Chinese treatments which are used to realign the flow of energy in the body. And the latest studies conducted on the subject have shown that it seems very effective in preventing and treating precisely different types of headaches.

The Aculief for headaches puts pressure on the LI4 or He Gu acupressure point on the hands, which is situated between the thumb and index finger muscle. Then, our pituitary gland releases endorphins and activate all nervous system which helps to improve blood circulation in the brain, so migraine and headache pains relieve immediately.

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