5 Acupressure Points For Fall Asleep [2022]


Acupressure is an ancient Chinese treatment method that can enhance natural energy—this treatment is based on the mind instead of the body. According to the Chinese meridian, more than four hundred acupressure points have in the human body. These points are the source of natural energy. The researcher found that acupressure has a connection with sleep.

Thus, they have applied it to insomnia patients. This treatment method is also effective for fibromyalgia pain, neck pain, headache, stress, and tension. Since acupressure has an inter-connection with sleep, today we will discuss  Effective Acupressure Points for Fall Asleep. These points also can relieve your stress and boost up your blood circulation.

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Can You Do Acupressure on Yourself?

You can relieve your stress and anxieties by yourself through acupressure. Acupressure is used to eradicate stress, migraines, allergies, vomiting, and many more. The treatment works at some point in the human body. These points are called “acupoints.” Sometimes they are also called energy-carrying channels. You can apply acupressure by yourself, at work, at school, or home.

Can You Do Acupressure on Yourself

Simply you need to create pressure with the finger on the acupoint. The pressure on the acupoint boosts blood circulation. For your better understanding, you need to remember the distinction between acupressure and acupuncture. The fundamental difference is acupuncture needs middle to treatment where acupressure works with pressure on the acupoint.

5 Acupressure points for fall asleep which help you?

The human body has several acupoints. These points are work to improve physical and mental health. Among them, some acupoints fight to improve sleep and insomnia. Creating pressure on acupoints can remove your migraines and gastrointestinal issues. The most effective acupoints to fall asleep include-

Help You Fall Asleep

1. Third Eye Point (GV-24.5)

It is considered one of the best acupoints to sleep disorders and sleep apnea. People sometimes are stressed and face mental disorders for some reason. This acupressure point helps to calm the mind. If you create pressure on the GV-24.5 point, it will relax the central nervous system. GV-24.5 is also effective in removing depression, fear, anxiety, and panic attraction.

Doctors found this acupoint has a fantastic benefit for sinusitis patients. The GV-24.5 point is situated between two eyebrows. Where the nose connects with the forehead, these acupoints fix the emotional imbalances.  Pressing this acupoint for 5 to 10 minutes can repose your mind and grace you to fall asleep.

2. Wind Mansion (GV-16)

The Wind Mansion acupoint is an excellent point for insomnia and sleeps disorders patients. Sleep disorders are caused by mania, fear, suicidal thought, stress, and palpitations. The Wind Mansion point has excellent effectiveness in eradicating all those problems. These acupoints also help throat swelling, asthma, eye problems, and headache. Another name of this point is Fengfu.

This acupoint is situated on the back of the head. Exactly on under the base of the skull. This acupoint can also remove mental disorders. People said that this point might calm the spirit too. It takes little time to fall asleep if you continuously create pressure on this point. This acupoint enhances blood circulation on a satisfactory level.

3. Inner Gate (PC-6)

This acupoint is well-known for treating vomiting and nausea. This point also improves sleeping disorders by removing indigestion, anxiety, and palpitations. Doctors found this treatment is also beneficial for chest congestion, depression, cardiac pain, dizziness, asthma, and other health issues. The pericardium six or PC-6 helps to unclose the chest and serene the Shen.

This point is located on the wrist crease. It is precisely on the radial side where the flexor carpi ulnaris are located. In straightforward language, this point is located between the pisiform and the ulna bones. This point is famous not only for a sleep condition. This point is also used for chest treatment and nausea patients frequently.

4. LI4 or He Gu Acupressure Point

LI4 or He Gu is a well-known acupoint to relieve headaches and pain. This point is clinically utilized in treatment for facial pain and neck pain. Pressuring on this point with taking a deep breath can effectively alleviate the stress. The He Gu acupressure point is significantly able to reduce orofacial pain.

This point is located on the bottom of the thumb and index finger. When anyone pressures on this point, it reduces the estrogen hormones. Which is caused by our headache. Pressuring on this point can improve your sleep condition. By relaxing your body, this acupoint helps you to fall asleep within a time.

5. Sea of Tranquility (CV-17)

The acupoint Sea of Tranquility is suitable for insomnia that is caused for nervousness, chest congestion, and anxiety. This point is also used to treat asthma, palpitations, breast, and cough. CV-17 is considered for the treatment of emotional healing. It gives you emotional stability in a suitable manner.

The Sea of Tranquility is situated in the middle of the chest. Exactly above on the bottom of the breastbone. The other name of this point is chest center. This acupoint is also familiar as Conception Vessel. By giving you emotional stability, this acupoint has a connection with one’s sleep condition.

About Aculief

About Aculief

Aculeif is a wearable device for acupressure that the doctor approves. This device focuses on drug-free relief for headaches and migration through acupressure. It is considered an alternative to medicine. This wearable device is U-shaped in place in an acupoint LI4. With the pressure on this point, our central nervous system became activated by releasing endorphins.

Aculief is called a relief of natural headache and relief. According to John Hopkins University’s research, “Proper stimulation of the LI4 is effective in relieving headaches, the pain of the eyes, toothaches, jaw pain, and pain of the limbs and bones.” As Aculief works with LI4 or He Gu point, people found it with a great benefit. Aculief Review can give you more details about this device. If you suffer from chronic migraines and natural headaches, this product is for you.


The oldest treatment method for releasing stress and headache acupuncture has been used from the ancient period. Acupressure is the newest version of Acupuncture. In this treatment method, it doesn’t need any niddle. Aculief comes more conveniently. For He Gu or LI4 acupoint, this device is a perfect suit.

If you face a sleep disorder and any other sleeping complication, these effective acupressure points for fall asleep. These points have scientific proves to eradicate stress and headache. Calm your mind by simply pressure. These points are more accessible and convenient. Without taking any drugs removing these kinds of problems is a blessing. Thanks to products like Aculief.

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