Airbolt Review [2022]: AirBolt Is It A Good Smart Lock?


I hear about Airbolt all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? When I was planning for my vacation, then I was worried about my luggage and at that time, I purchased the Airbolt smart lock and made a trial. During my trip, I don’t have to think about my luggage at the hotel. No one can deny the bad guys around, who wouldn’t steal if you give him the chance to do it. For this reason, the most opportune moment always occurs when we are away or when we go far to take snacks or smoking, putting luggage in a hotel reception or waiting room.

Not only that, if you are one who also attends hostels, but you will also surely know that there is absolutely no trust in other comrades and worse when you have with you documents, cash and expensive devices that could appeal to anyone. In that case, the Airbolt smart travel lock makes you safe, peaceful and worry-free like me. Here, I have shared my experience with the airbolt lock and how it protects my belongings.

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What Is An Airbolt Smart Lock?

The Airbolt is a revolutionary and innovative Smart lock that combines simplicity with security. It can be opened and closed through a simple touch of the smartphone app. But it has an extra little extra feature that really surprises me about AirBolt is unlocking the smart lock and immediately triggers its automatic closing. It can be unlocked by entering the credentials from another smartphone or only by entering a combination of physical buttons on the same lock.

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Also, the integrated GPS will allow you to know the exact situation of your luggage at all times, avoiding unpleasant surprises upon arrival at your destination. They have also imagined the scenario in which your suitcase is lost at a certain distance from you, or is not there where we left it. In that case, I activated an audible alarm to try to find the package quickly.

How Does The Airbolt Smart Lock Work?

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Its working method is very simple and you connect the Airbolt with your smartphone by Bluetooth to detect ownership and lock. The smart lock has a default app that provides a user-friendly experience and it can be installed in Android and iOS devices.

In crowded places, when someone tries to take off the bag, it will start alarming so that you can alert. The sound alarm can be set manually as I do base on my needs. Also, it allows to check the current location of your bag and most of us do this when we get out shopping in the market and our bag is in the hotel room.

Once, I lost my smartphone, where the app and the lock system was configured. At that time, I took the help of other smartphones and installed the Airbolt app on this phone. After logging in the app with credentials, I get access to the lock again. It works fine in water because it is water and corrosion resistant that makes it durable.

How To Set Up Airbolt?

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It can be locked/unlocked through your smartphone, so you don’t have to carry a small key with you. It is also much more secure because potential thieves must have you or your phone to unlock it. The application is very easy to set up and i explained the steps below:

  1. Proceed to download the “AirBolt App” in the app or google play store. It is fully compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  2. Install it on your smartphone and follow the steps indicated by the application to configure the mobile.
  3. Verify that the phone has been connected with the AirBolt smart lock.
  4. Put the password that you will use to lock and unlock or lock and unlock the smart lock. You can select to do it with a click to generate an automatic block.
  5. This smart lock device can also be locked and unlocked manually. Simply perform the parameters you have configured to prevent these situations where there is no internet network or your smartphone has run out of power.

How Do You Use An Airbolt?

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Using AirBolt Travel Lock is simple, intuitive and fast. In addition, it also gives you the option of being able to lock and open it by pressing the button directly on the lock combine with touch fingerprints according to the settings you have decided to give it. Let’s see how to use it to secure your bag/luggage during travel and other outdoor camping.

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  1. At first, you have to install the Airbolt app on your smartphone and connect with the phone’s Bluetooth.
  2. After connecting your phone to the smart lock, put a password and other credentials smartly.
  3. You must put a backup code that helps you to unlock the Airbolt when you have lost or far away from the phone.
  4. It works fine from a medium and long-distance through the internet connection. So, you can lock and unlock it by a single tap and easily locate your bag from the app.

How Do I Charge My Airbolt?

AirBolt smart lock comes with a micro USB cable that allows to charge the smart lock with a charging adapter. But, I used my power bank several times for charging the smart lock system. Its battery can provide over one-year performance on a single charge, which is surprising to all of us but true. In the meantime, I suggest never to use low quality USB cable and adapter that can cause damage and shorten its life. For a while, I charge up the AirBolt smart lock from my laptop and it charged up faster so you can do it if you need it.

Is Airbolt Tsa Compliant? – Transportation Security Administration

Airbolt smart lock is TSI compliant and approved so you can travel anywhere without any complications. Nobody opens your bag when you are far away from your luggage.  In the app, you can see the lock/unlock log that gives an idea of usage.

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While I was traveling in Malaysia, I put the lock on my luggage and airport security officers accessed my bag with the TSA master key to check. After checking, they lock it again and give me clearance to go. It means that the lock cannot be unlocked without authorized users and if you have seen anything lost from your luggage, then you can complain to TSA. Some countries have no TSA complaints, so you can adjust the setting of the smart lock to stay secured.

Smart Features Of Airbolt Lock System

The Airbolt smart lock has some unique features that make it different from others. Its long-lasting battery, high security and app control with GPS system makes me more secured when I was on travel that a traditional smart lock could not give me. It is the only device on the market designed to combine need, innovation and convenience. Below is what I have got by using it:

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  • Ultra-protection: It is equipped with the best-encrypted code existing in the security industry (AES 128-bit). For its design and heavy-duty construction, it is durable and almost impossible to crack.
  • Easy to use: Precisely defined as an innovative lock, you can take this device with you and does not require the use of keys that provides you with greater security.
  • Weather protection: It is made with high-quality stainless steel that ensures protection from corrosion, water, sand and other atmospheric agents, which could affect its performance.
  • Confidence: Its rechargeable long-lasting battery and touch opening system allow you to be able to use it even when your smartphone is temporarily unavailable.
  • Full control: Thanks to the GPS and alarm functions, you can always check its position and reduce the risk of theft or loss by the travel company. Also, with the Airbolth smartphone app, you can control and locate the bag location that makes it more convenient.
  • Shared access: You will be able to share access to your AirBolt Smart Lock to friends or family who travel with you by eliminating possible inconveniences that your smartphone may cause.
  • Notifications: This smart lock is equipped with a light that emits different colors according to the state in which it is located. Let’s see now how it could notify you:
  • Blue flash: Unlock attempt.
  • Two green flashes: The device is locked.
  • Continuous red light: The battery is discharged.
  • Yellow Flash: It is unable to pair with your phone.
  • 100% approved TSA: There are times that some devices cannot fly because they are not TSA approved. This device is equipped with a TSA 007 type lock, which allows customs agents to open it with a special key.

Airbolt Smart Lock – Pros And Cons

Airbolt is the first Bluetooth smart lock in the world. Like every product, it has pros and cons also. But it has only a cons will not sound like the word disadvantages. You can cope with these cons easily because they are not a big issue. Let’s see the pros and cons of Airbolt smart lock:

  • It is completely designed with modern technology that makes it safer than other traditional locks. Robust and durable construction makes it a long-lasting smart lock and difficult to breakdown. Its proximity sensor can effectively track luggage or bag location. The LED indicator indicates the Bluetooth connection. Its smartphone app is free and the lock is approved by TSA so you can easily fly without hesitation. It has a loud sound system that starts when someone tries to unlock illegally. The manual and alternative unlocking system allows to unlock it when phone dries or stolen.
  • Its signal interference slows down application performance some time.

Is Airbolt Scam?

When I hear about the Airbolt app, I purchased it to test is it scam or real? For the trail, I left my bag in the bedroom said my friend to try to open the lock and bag. At that time, I was about 100+ ft away from the bag. When he tried to unlock my bag, the app alerts me with a loud sound, which impressed me.

Also, I get the accurate location of the lock. Its sturdy metal design and high-level proximity sensor makes it more convenient to me. So, I can assure you that it is a brilliant lock their customer support is outstanding.

How I Can Buy It?

If you have fixed your decision to buy the smart lock, I will recommend the fastest way to purchase it. The Airbolth smart lock is available on most of the online platforms like Amazon, eBay, Wallmart, etc.

I have purchased it from their official website and its official. It is available in two colors: Cape Cod grey and Monza red and both prices are similar. If you purchase 3 or more locks at a time, you will get a discount so go with your needs.

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Frequently Asked Question

Below, we will answer some questions that Airbolt users and seekers asked on the internet.

AirBolt Is It A Good Smart Lock?

Yes, Airbolth is a lock that can be controller from a smartphone that keeps your luggage or bag secured. It works via phone Bluetooth network and has long-distance connectivity 33 ft to 200 ft. Also, its durable and reliable construction provides extra layer security.

Is the AirBolt app free?

AirBolt is completely free and anyone can download it from google play store and app store. For androids, it supports more than 4.4 android operating system and for Apple devices, it supports iOS 10.0 or later version.

Can I use Airbolt with all phones?

Airbolt lock supports Bluetooth 4.0 compatible phones, which is available on all modern phones. If you have old model phones that have Bluetooth 2.0 version, the app cannot be connected.

What will happen if my smartphone battery dies or stolen?

If your phone is stolen or dries, don’t get worried. Install the Airbolt app on the other smartphone and login with your previous credentials. After that, you can locate and unlock your bag easily. Most of us forget the login details, so put the credentials in the secret place like google sheet or personal diary.

What if both the phone and the lock are stolen?

The Airbbolth lock is equipped with a security pin to ensure more security that protects the belongings from unauthorized access. You can log in to the Airbolt app with another phone and change login details, so if the burglar gets access to your phone anyway, he cannot open the lock.

Can I locate my lost items using my AirBolt?

The Airbolt lock comes with crowdsourcing features that allow to check the last lock location on the map so you can easily find out the lost item from that location.

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Final Thought

Air Bolt lock is defined precisely as an intelligent lock because it uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology that allows you to open and close it with just one click from your smartphone via the Airbolt App or using the touch. As a result, no more keys and combinations but more security and protection against burglars. Thanks to the Air Bolt App, this smart lock has a GPS function that allows you to locate the position of luggage.

In addition, I always keep my eyes on my luggage under control because it has an alarm, which emits a loud sound when I exceed a certain distance from my luggage. Through this mechanism, I can avoid potential theft and stay secured everywhere.

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