AirPhones Review 2022: Bluetooth Earphone with Noise Cancellation System


Listening to a song while working or jogging is my favorite work. But recently I am struggling with my headphone wire. The wire gets messy or tangled while running or working. Sometimes it falls off my ear. So I was searching for an earphone that will be fitted in my ear and it will not fall off.

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While searching I learned about AirPhones devices. I bought the device and started using it. The device is lightweight and small. Besides, the sound quality is  great and it has a noise cancellation system. This device has some more features that I write in AirPhones Review. Let’s find out how I felt after using this device.

Product Summary
AirPhones Review

AirPhones Review

  • 3 sets of different size ear caps.
  • Stereo sound quality with 96KHZ
  • 12 meters coverage area.
  • 450mAH capacity charging cabin
  • Quality material on-ear cups.
  • 100% sweatproof.
  • 30 mins to charge airphones fully

What Are Airphones?

Airphones is a wireless Bluetooth earphone that uses the latest technology. This upgraded device has Bluetooth 5.0 with updated facilities. The stereo sound quality ensures that the users get crystal clear sound. This device compatibility is great and it supports iOS/Android devices. By connecting one of these devices you can listen or pick up the call within 12 meters easily.

What Are Airphones

Airphones come with a special charging cabin. For full charging, you only need 30 mins.  This casing ensures almost 12 hours of service. It can vary from work to work. If you talk, it will give you 4 hours of backup, in standby mode, you will get 6 hours of service.

The charging cabin has a 450mAh capacity. I can easily charge it 5-6 times. With this charging capacity, I can easily work for 2-3 hours without any interruption.

The Airphones use high-quality material inside the speaker. For this, you will get a loud and clear sound. Inside the earphone, there is a copper coil with a high magnetic horn to ensure top-quality sound.

What Are Airphones

At a reasonable price if you are looking for a lightweight with comfortable sound earphone then I would suggest this one. The unique design and small size make this earbud popular among users. Besides the great battery backup gives me satisfaction while using this ear cup.

Airphones Specifications

Specification of the Airphones is listed below. So that you can learn about Airphones at a glance.

Airphones Specifications

  • 3 sets of different size ear caps.
  • Stereo sound quality with 96KHZ.
  • Intelligent compatibility with iOS & Android
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • 12 meters coverage area.
  • 450mAH capacity charging cabin
  • Quality material on-ear cups.
  • 100% sweat proof.
  • 30 mins to charge airphones fully
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Side in-ear angle wear.

Main Features of Airphones

The Airphones are designed side-in ear angle to wear. With this design, I can easily fit these earbuds on my ear. Here I gathered some more features that differentiate this Airphones from others. Have a look.

Noise Cancellation:

AirPhones have a built-in active noise cancellation system. This feature makes sure that there is no leakage of the sound. I don’t find any external noise while using this pair of headphones. It will give you the opportunity to talk without any noise interruption.

Noise Cancellation

Quick Charging:

This Bluetooth earbud needs only 30 minutes to fully charge. Then this ear headphone will give you 12 hours of service with a charging box. For a binaural call, you will get 4 hours. It will give you 80 hours of service on standby mode.

Bluetooth Connection:

Airphones use Bluetooth version 5.0 that is faster and smoother in connection. With this latest technology, it is very easy to connect the Airphones. This upgraded earbud supports both iOS and Android devices. Most importantly I get crystal clear sound, which other earphones failed to deliver.

Bluetooth Connection

Battery Backup:

It’s not always possible to charge the earbuds. Especially when I am traveling. That time the charging box works like a battery backup. By giving charge of this cabin I get almost 12 hours of service. A single charge delivers 4 hours of music with 2.5 hours of talk time. Also, I can keep it in a standby mood for 6 hours.

Ergonomic Design:

The Airphones specially designed to cope with your ear. The earbuds have a side in-ear angel which is 270degree. These specially designed earcups help to fit with any ear. Because of this design, there is no risk of fall off the earbuds from the ear.

Ergonomic Design


While running, jogging, or playing I use earbuds. There is a great chance of sweating during this time. But the Airphones are completely sweatproof, so I am tension free. Because there will be no damages to my ear cups like others.

Quality Material:

Airphones use copper coils in the area of the cups. Also, I find out that it has a double and composite diaphragm with a high magnetic horn. These materials ensure that I get the top-quality sound while listening to the song.

Why Do I Need Airphones Wireless Earphones?

If you ask me to describe why I need these AirPhones, I would say this device is lightweight and there is no wire connected. Besides I can use these Airphones without any disturbance as this device has an active noise cancellation system. The battery life of a Bluetooth headphone is great. One single charge gives you hours of battery life. Here I submitted my thoughts about why I need these Wireless Earphones.

Why Do I Need Airphones Wireless Earphones

  • The device is portable and lightweight, so I can carry it with me.
  • It provides a good battery backup. So, I can get a long time for services.
  • The device has fast pairing capabilities with any phone.
  • Built-in mic helps to activate Siri/Android through my voice.
  • Airphones use advanced and upgraded technology on Bluetooth.
  • It has a stereo sound quality which is loud and clear.
  • The ergonomic design of these earbuds helps to fit in any ear.

Airphones Review – How to Use Them?

Using the AirPhones is not rocket science in that you have to follow steps by steps guidelines. Still, for beginners, there is a simple guideline for using these Bluetooth earbuds. These AirPhones specifically mention the Left and Right marks on the buds. This way I know which bud will go on which ear.

Airphones Review – How to Use Them

To set the left earbuds pick the left one. Rotate the left earpiece in the ear canal. Adjust the earpiece until the canal can be fitted. Now same you can do with the right earpiece. This way both of the earpieces will not fall off.

There is another use I noticed. That is the air phones have a touch navigation system. If I touch for once, the call will be answered. The second touch will disconnect the call. Long pressing on earbuds will refuse to answer the call.

I can also control the playing music through the touchpad on-ear cups. Double click will activate the music mode. The left ear cup will activate the previous song, whereas the right ear touch indicates the next song.

Where Can I Purchase the Airphones?

After reading the AirPhones Review I am sure you are searching for this amazing device. The sad news is you will not find this at the local store. But the good news is you will find it in the online store. I found this store with some amazing offers.

Where Can I Purchase the Airphones

They are giving a 50% special discount. You can use a “DiscountCode to get this amazing offer. Also, they are giving free delivery. Recently they make a package and their combo package is Buy 3 Get 2 Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Reading the AirPhones Review will give you a lot of information. But if you have more queries about these AirPhones you can read this section. There are some mostly asked questions by the users. I tried my best to give answers.

Are AirPhones Really That Life-Changing?

Of course, AirPhones is a life-changing device. With other headphones, there is a huge chance of tangling the wire. But in the case of Air phones, you can just put the buds in your ear. There will be no damages or no tension of tangling. Besides, it will give you a more accurate service rather than headphones.

Is Airphone Better Than Beats?

It is not possible to compare these two brands at a time. There are some differences between this AirPhone and Beats headphone. One of them provides better sound quality than the others. So, according to users’ choice, it depends.

Is Wireless Earbuds Better Than Headphones?

Yes, wireless earbuds are much better than headphones. It is easy to carry and there is no tension of wire tangling.

Final Thought

So, this is my AirPhones Review after using it for some time. Personally, I feel that it is very easy to use and I don’t have to take out my phone from my pocket. The touch system helps to receive or refuse the call. Even I can easily change the music. The sweatproof system ensures that I can use it while jogging, or running.

It has an ergonomic design that helps to fit in any ear and there is no damage while using it. With a reasonable price, I can easily rely on this amazing device. The great battery backup with a charging cabin gives me the surety to use this device for a longer period of time.

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