AirPhysio vs Acapella Your Comparison Guide 2022


When it comes to respiratory devices, two of the most popular options are AirPhysio and Acapella. Both devices come with amazing and reliable features, which makes choosing the best one quite challenging. If you’re in the market for a respiratory device and you can’t decide between AirPhysio vs Acapella, then read on.

In today’s article, I will be discussing AirPhysio and Acapella thoroughly so that you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

Let’s begin!

AirPhysio: What Exactly It Is and How Does It Work?

AirPhysio What Exactly It Is and How Does It Work

AirPhysio is made in Australia. It utilizes the oscillating positive expiratory pressure system or OPEP in order to get rid of mucus and expand the lungs. This device is also designed to help the body in cleansing the lungs naturally. This, in turn, will help in boosting lung capacity as well as the maintenance of lung hygiene.

AirPhysio, on the other hand, helps to prevent atelectasis, restore the capacity of the lung, and secrete mobilization. In fact, covid-19 patients can make use of this device to make the recovery process quickly since it helps the lung to function normally again.

If you’re having a hard time breathing, there is a tendency that there is mucus in your airway. Actually, your mucus might get trapped in the airway allowing you to breathe with difficulties. However, AirPhysio will affirm that it dislodges such mucus without using any decongestant. Meaning to say you will be able to experience the benefits of decongestants in your airway without taking any medicine.

Acapella: What Exactly It Is and How Does It Work?

Acapella What Exactly It Is and How Does It Work

If AirPhysio uses OPEP, Acapella, on the other hand, makes use of positive expiratory pressure or PEP in order to mobilize a secretion. Usually, this is recommended to those who are dealing with respiratory problems persistently. In fact, it can be self-administered without an accomplice or a doctor.

Another great thing about Acapella is that it blends the benefits of PEP and the airway vibration to muster pulmonary discharges. It can even be positioned in any spot, allowing patients to walk, recline, stand, or sit freely.

When it comes to working principles, AirPhysio and Acapella are so much the same. Acapella is utilized to facilitate the elimination of mucus from a person’s lungs. It will vibrate in order to remove the mucus from your airway walls and at the same time maintain that airway open longer, especially during exhalation. Thus, this will allow mucus to lead the airways. When exhaling to the Acapella, your breath will lift and lower a weighted level. The said lever will then change the airflow, leading to improved movements and positive pressure in the airway.

AirPhysio vs Acapella: What Are The Differences?

AirPhysio vs Acapella What Are The Differences

Now that you have an idea about these two products, this AirPhysio vs Acapella article will not be completed without comparing them. Be sure to read every feature carefully so that you will be able to choose the best one for you with ease.


Aforementioned, the working mechanism of the principle of AirPhysio and Acapella are very similar. But still, there is a difference between these two products.

Acapella powers a combination of airway vibration and PEP technology, while AirPhysio utilizes OPEP technology to mobilize mucus in one’s respiratory system.

However, some breathing device users stated that based on their own experience, a higher frequency specifically in OPEP technology is capable of giving quick yet long-lasting outcomes. But it is worth noting that there’s a bit of medical research on both PEP and OPEP devices because of the restricted crossover design.


While AirPhysio guarantees high performance, keep in mind that it is more expensive compared to Acapella. However, it is a worthy investment considering the features it has to offer. But if you are looking forward to saving some money, then you can never go wrong with the Acapella.


Unlike the AirPhysio breather, replacing the Acapella is quite easier. If you need to buy replacements, all you need to do is visit the website of the authorized retailers or the manufacturing company. However, a valid prescription from your doctor is required if you need to replace your Acapella. So, if you are not used to going to the clinic on a regular basis, you may find it a challenging task.

User Manual

When buying and using a certain item for the first time, a complete user manual for general maintenance and setup comes really handy. While AirPhysio does not come with a user manual in its packaging, this should not stop you from buying it since all the needed information is readily available on the manufacturer’s official website and different YouTube videos. Acapella, on the other hand, comes with a user manual in the packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With The Use of Breathing Devices?

In general, when used correctly, as advised by the manufacturer, whether you are using Acapella or AirPhysio, using breathing devices has no side effects. But keep in mind that when you use your breather at an access pressure, it can trigger adverse effects. With that in mind, you should match the right resistance setting at all times before you use the device, particularly if you have Acapella. Nonetheless, AirPhysio doesn’t have adjustable resistance ratings. Meaning, AirPhysio is safe for kids and amateurs.

How Often Should You Use AirPhysio Or Acapella?

For better and longer results, consider using your breather two or four times every day. However, for Acapella, you will need to have a prescription from your doctor. It means your physician will give a different rate of use based on the severity of your condition.


Choosing the winner in the AirPhysio vs Acapella battle is so confusing. But after thorough research, AirPhysio seems to work better than the Acapella. Hence, with the former, you will be able to take advantage of a more crucial prestige as well as confidence with AirPhysio. But nevertheless, I’m not saying that you should ignore Acapella as this device also works effectively. For better results, I highly recommend that you seek help from your doctor; after all, they are the ones who know your condition.

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