AirPhysio vs TilCare – What Is The Best Airway Clearing Device?


Searching for a reliable breathing exerciser trainer to help improve your respiratory health? No worries, you are in the exact place this article is all about. Weigh the difference between these AirPhysio vs Tilcare.

Today society is focused on strengthening muscles and exercising even though some people are not giving enough attention to their lungs as the most essential organs in the body.

Our lungs must be strengthened, the same as other muscles in our body. However, you are probably wondering, asked  “How to strengthen my lungs naturally?” What is the best airway clearing device? These questions will be answered briefly here, so keep on reading.

AirPhysio Vs TilCare: Check Their Differences?

In spite that AirPhysio and TilCare are most likely similar devices, there are several differences that you must consider when deciding which is best for you. AirPhysio gives lung care to its patients who can’t breathe comfortably and easily all alone, while this TilCare device helps soften and clear mucus from the respiratory tract.

airphysio vs tilcare

What is AirPhysio?

AirPhysio is a lung expansion OPEP and mucus clearance device. This AirPhysio uses a process called the OPEP or Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure. This helps the body’s natural cleansing process maintain optimal hygiene in the lungs and re-establish the lung capacity.

This is also used in the cure of respiratory conditions like Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, COPD etc. These illnesses prevent the body power to clear the infected mucus. Your lung capability is being reduced by 33 ml /year for people who smoke and 5-25 ml/yr for those with Asthma.

Key Features

  • can be used instantly
  • the product is all-natural
  • friendly to user
  • blocks as well as closes airways partially
  • prescription to purchase is not needed
  • In a new easy remove the cap
  • 1-year warranty
  • No batteries, no refills

Who can use it?

  • Senior
  • smokers
  • asthmatic
  • with atelectasis illness
  • with bronchiectasis illness
  • with cystic fibrosis illness
  • with COPD

 How Does AirPhysio Work?

AirPhysio operates with (OPEP) Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure to improve breathing naturally. It is so simple to use the AirPhysio just hold AirPhysio up towards your mouth and then breathe out. At that stage, the AirPhysio works to make positive force towards the lungs, which loosens mucus.

And the user will bring on to clear lungs the mucus is out naturally. As a result, easier and clearer breathing will lead life to normal.

airphysio vs tilcare


What is Tilcare?

Were you aiming to have a stronger lung and more competent lung capacity or currently experiencing problems with your respiratory system? Therefore you are recommended to have this Tilcare device known to be the lung expansion and mucus relief device once you experience this mucus infection because of Asthma.

This Tilcare device is used to increase athletes’ lung strength and lung capacity. It could improve performance, sleep, and fitness. Upon purchase, the device includes a free filter that gets rid of approximately 99% of particles from the airways once used so that no toxins are recirculated. The device is right for every age and so easy to use. No batteries incorporate – Hence this respirator device doesn’t need batteries; it is best for long-term treatment.

Key Features

  • easy to use and for all ages
  • increases capacity and strength of lungs
  • with free filter
  • No batteries needed

Who can Use Tilcare?

  • with lung disease
  • the athletes
  • the singers
  • the divers
  • the wind Instrument

How To Use TilCare?

TilCare is used to improve your breathing muscles. This will enhance speech and your swallowing effectiveness. To achieve this, you must:

Use it six days a week with two sessions daily. Follow the steps carefully at the label, perform early in the morning, and repeat it at night to come up with the best results.


Q. Do AirPhysio & TilCare Differ and in what?

The Airphysio has a vibrating pressure of approximately 60 Hz. Still, the TilCare has a vibrating pressure of approximately 30-70 cm of water which affects the cilia inside the lungs to clear out mucus and some other junk stuck in your respiratory tract. AirPhysio can be used without the help of a nebulizer, while TilCare can be connected to a nebulizer and can be used without one.

Q. Is It Safe To Use AirPhysio On Kids?

Yes, Airphysio is entirely safe for kids to use, and as a matter of fact, AirPhysio is specially designed for the kids! And it has a pediatric model and is integrated with a humidification system. Just check out the AirPhysio modeled for children, configured to work at a low-lung capacity and lung volume set up.

Q. A Mucus Clearing Device What Is It?

The so-called mucus clearance device is a little device that assists patients in getting rid of mucus from the lungs or respiratory tract. Airphysio and the TilCare are various types of devices that remove mucus. They assist a patient in taking on deep breaths by removing every excess mucus stuck in your respiratory truck or lungs!

Q. Do AirPhysio Could Cure Asthma?

AirPhysio can’t cure Asthma; however, Airphysio can help manage Asthma symptoms! Both AirPhysio & TilCare work by removing mucus from the lungs or respiratory tract and making it clear for easier and more comfortable breathing.

Q. Is AirPhysio a legitimate device?

AirPhysio is completely natural, an award-winning device, and basically, FDA-registered.


To summarize, Airphysio vs Tilcare are both effective mucus clearing devices that help breathe better and comfortably by getting rid of mucus. Airphysio has a good vibrating pressure of 60 Hz as compared to TilCare. AirPhysio can function without any help from the nebulizer; however, Tilcare is merely compatible with the OPEP Nebulizers! AirPhysio has an extra cost for being somewhat expensive; however, Airphysio has the better and more positive reviews, and it is worth it.

In selecting which best between Airphysio & Tilcare, the answer still depends on the patient’s condition. Airphysio will be most effective if you already suffer from any lung diseases or disorder and wish to strengthen the lungs. With no use of added chemicals and toxins, AirPhysio will help cleanse and improve someone’s lungs effectively.

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