Album Saver vs Photo Stick: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022


Data storing is a very important thing for many people to keep their precious photos, videos, or any other information safe from any mishap. Backup of our files is to eliminate any chances of getting damaged or stolen with the device where files are stored. The best choice to preserve one’s memory is to keep a backup of those files in secure storage. If you are thinking about buying a flash drive to keep your memory then you are in the right place. If you want to know more about photostick, you can check this review.

Between the Album Saver and Photo Stick you have taken a good course of action to choose.Both the device has a history of an incredible performance with its amazing features to keep your data backup safe and secure. But both of them have few differences between them, which we will find out in this comparison of the Album Saver vs Photo Stick in-depth comparison.

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It’s undeniable that you’ll find random nuggets in our comparison guide between these two USB drives.

Comparison Chart:

The comparison chart is provided for you so that you can have a brief knowledge of both devices before entering to know deep knowledge about the comparison. Here’s a simple and precise overview of both the USB drives.

Photo Stick
Album Saver
Photo Stick
Album Saver
Photo stick is safe to use
Medium safe device
Auto- Detection
Auto- Detection
Few business days
Activation Key
Activation Key
Does not required any activation
No need
Ease of use
Ease of use
Very easy to use.
Medium easiness
30-day money-back guarantee
30-day money-back guarantee

Album Saver vs Photo Stick: What is The Difference?

What is Album Saver?

Album saver is a storage device that helps you to retain your precious memory securely. You can use this tiny device to download videos and images to store.

What is Album Saver

If you keep your picture on the computer it may block a large space of your computer. It will cause problems performing many activities. In this case, Album Saver will give you large digital storage for your favorite pictures and videos.

You can transfer data with this drive very fast and smoothly. It will delete the duplicates data to give you the highest space. It will secure your data from any system crash of your device.

It provides lifetime storage for your media files. Photo saver does not require any batteries, internet, or any software to perform storing activities. The Album Saver Photo and Video drive are very convenient and affordable.

What are the Main Features of Album Saver?

What are the Main Features of Album Saver

  • However, you’ll get a large storage capacity along with faster transfer.
  • This drive is compatible with a different device, you just have to connect with your computer and start using it. It supports Windows and Mac.
  • This will give security of your data from any system crash, risk of getting stolen, or any other damage to your device.
  • Album Saver is a USB drive, which can be used very easily without any trouble.
  • You can use this device to transfer data using this device instantly with friends and families. The transfer will be faster and smooth with a few clicks.
  • This tiny USB drive can be easily transferred from one place to another without having any space occupied.
  • This device will perform storing activities with utmost speed and accuracy. It will keep you an original and better picture or video by removing duplicates.
Pros of Album Saver
  • Helps to save a large number of photos.
  • It has a great drive space.
  • Duplicates removing
  • Physical photos turn into digital.
  • Scans the data and saves it in an organized manner.
Cons of Album Saver
  • Device is available online only.
  • Limited stores online and offline.

What is Photo Stick?

USB drives are the best option for storing your important data. The Photostick is a perfect device for storing data with maximum security. This device works more efficiently and effectively with a faster transfer speed. It is so simple to use that it can be used by anyone without any previous technical knowledge of storage devices. This device is compatible with multiple devices PC and Mac.

What is Photo Stick

The Photo Stick does not require any cloud account for keeping data backup, it just requires a proper click to do the rest. This drive allows you to store a huge amount of photos and videos of your precious moments.

This low-priced best affordable data storage in the market. It allows you to organize all data with one click. This tiny device does not require any monthly subscription fees. This tool scans your stored data and picks the file you stored. This is a convenient device.

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What Are The Main Features Of Photo Stick?

What Are The Main Features Of Photo Stick?

  • It has amazing Auto-Detection feature
  • The photostic device can automatically remove duplicates files.
  • Photostick Software work without any activation key
  • It has a large storage capacity of 8Gb to 128Gb to store lots of files.
  • The device provide you frequent Weekly backups
  • This Lightweight device is only 18g
  • It is a Wireless device that is easy to carry.
  • Compatible with PC and Mac devices and you don’t have to use extra cable.
  • The manufacturer gives a 60 days warranty for this photostick device.
Pros of Photo Stick
  • Used simply with instant plug and play
  • Large storage allowed huge amount of files
  • Faster backup
  • Utmost safety and security.
  • Backups all original data weekly.
  • USB does not require any software.
  • It Automatically detects duplicate files and filters them.
  • Portable and wireless device.
  • Multiple Size available
  • Easy file search option
  • Detailed descriptions of each file stored.
  • Keeps backups of files and transfers files faster.
  • Scan and organize files automatically.
Cons of Photo Stick
  • You can only buy it online.
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Album Saver vs Photo Stick: Which One is Better?

Both the device Album Saver vs Photo stick are amazing USB drives performing incredibly. They give a secure and safe performance in storing and keeping a backup of your important files. Both the devices provide almost similar features and specifications with a slight difference. However, both the devices provide almost similar performance excluding some upper hand by photo stick USB.

Album Saver vs Photo Stick: Which One is Better

The Photo stick USB gets ahead here using AI technology. It works with a single click without any complications. The photo stick USB not only organizes different photos and videos based on different factors but also keeps the best version by deleting duplicates files.

Album Saver also has some amazing features that can confuse you in making decisions but with some impressive performance, photo stick is the leader in data storing. The photo stick also performs faster in keeping backups and transferring files better than any other device.

Therefore, the photo stick USB device takes the lead as a better option from the Album Saver vs photo stick comparison. I recommend a photo stick for you as a better option and below is the link to buy the photo stick USB.

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