Amazon Fire VS Galaxy Tab: Which Is Best for You?


Which tablet should you get? The Amazon Fire VS Galaxy Tab? Amazon Fire or Samsung Galaxy Tab? Both tablets offer great features and benefits, but which is better for you?

amazon fire vs galaxy tab

Both devices have similar specifications but differ in design, price, and availability. If you want to save some cash, then the Amazon Fire HDX 8. 9 is a good option. On the other hand, if you prefer a bigger screen size, then the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is a better choice.

Operating System and Apps: Android vs Fire OS

Amazon Fire

  • Supports Fire OS.
  • Alexa speech assistant built-in.
  • They were designed with the Kindle e-reader app in consideration.

Samsung Tablet

  • Support Android.
  • Integrated Google Assistant.
  • Improved interoperability with Google and other Android smartphones.

The operating system is the primary distinction between tablets from Samsung and Amazon Fire. Google Android is used on Samsung smartphones, while Fire OS is used on Fire tablets. Android apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by Samsung customers. Samsung also has a shop with specialized apps for their devices.

amazon fire vs galaxy tab

Users of Amazon Fire tablets are limited to using the Amazon app store, although sideloading apps are available by adding Google Play to your Fire tablet. A Samsung Tablet is more likely to have the specific apps you require if there are any particular ones you want to utilize. However, a Fire tablet has its benefits, mainly when used as an e-reader. All Android devices can download the Kindle app, but Fire tablets with Alexa capability are best for reading books aloud.

Similar to how Samsung devices can utilize the Alexa app, Samsung tablets, by default, use Google Assistant. If you already have Google or Alexa devices in your house, such as the Nest Hub or the Echo Show, Fire OS or Android may work better with your current ecosystem.

Performance: Samsung Offers More, Fire Is for Consumption Media

Amazon Fire

  • Perfect for watching, listening, and reading content.
  • In general, Samsung’s cheap models are faster.
  • Less potent than top-tier Samsung devices.

Samsung Tablet

  • More beneficial for gaming and productivity.
  • Provides a wider variety of price and performance options.
  • Greater battery life

Although the processors of Samsung and Fire tablets are identical, their intended uses differ. The primary purposes of Amazon Fire devices include reading, listening to music, and watching videos. Samsung tablets can perform the same tasks, but some more expensive models are better suited for work and gaming apps.

Although these tablets cost more, they are more capable than the typical Amazon Fire. However, compared to the Galaxy Tab A8, which is priced similarly, the Fire 10 HD is slightly faster. Generally speaking, Samsung devices have better battery life than Amazon devices, lasting more than 12 hours on a full charge compared to 8–10 hours for Fire tablets.

The RAM and internal storage should be considered when choosing between tablets. Both factors affect how many apps your device can store and the types of apps you can run. Most Amazon and Samsung tablets have microSD card slots for additional capacity.

Design and Hardware: The Galaxy’s Cameras Give It an Edge

Amazon Fire

  • Brighter, more accurate display than entry-level Samsungs.
  • Similar networking capabilities to those of Android-powered devices.
  • Lighter, thinner construction.

Samsung Tablet

  • improved video and photo capture.
  • More suitable for voice and video conferencing.
  • More variety in display size.

Both tablet models are small and light and made portable, but Fire tablets are typically more so. Although Samsung has a more excellent selection of display sizes, Fire HD tablets are renowned for their superb screens.

amazon fire vs galaxy tab

The cameras on Samsung tablets are generally better. The camera on Amazon’s more recent tablets has improved, but it still falls short of most Samsung products. Samsung tablets are preferable if you want a tablet for Zoom meetings. Both brands are competitive in terms of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity, but only the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ offer 5G.

Overall Findings

Amazon Fire

  • Less priced than Samsung’s entry-level devices.
  • More consistent design.
  • Best e-reader and tablet combination.

Samsung Tablet

  • A wide range of specifications, sizes, and pricing points.
  • Better hardware generally.
  • Enables a wider variety of applications and tasks.

Amazon and Samsung both produce a variety of tablet models in different sizes. The Amazon Fire tablets, formerly known as the Kindle Fire, are excellent e-readers and can do nearly everything a Samsung tablet is capable of, with a few minor exceptions. The display is the main distinction between Fire models.

Samsung produces a wide selection of products with various display and performance options. The equivalent Galaxy Tab A8 is somewhat more expensive than the Fire 10 HD, which also outperforms the A8 in terms of performance. Despite this, the most excellent Fire tablet falls short of the best Samsung models, particularly regarding camera, battery life, and app availability. Given the variations across models, it’s crucial to consider the exact technical details.


Where can I get tablets?

After you’ve chosen whatever tablet model you want, you can buy it from most of the major electronics retailers, including Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. You can purchase one via your cellular provider, Amazon, or an online store operated by a third party, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Is the Amazon Fire VS Galaxy Tab Exceptional?

Samsung has a greater variety of display sizes, but Fire HD tablets are noted for their excellent screens. In general, Samsung tablets have better cameras. Although Amazon has improved the cameras on its more recent tablets, most Samsung devices still outperform them.

When you already own a smartphone, why would you get a tablet?

The larger screens of tablets provide them with a significant edge over smartphones. The larger display will be helpful if you like watching movies, reading books, or playing games while on the road. Additionally, artists use stylus-equipped tablets to do drawings and complete design work.

Is Google accessible on the Amazon Fire tablet?

Except for running Fire OS and Android clones, Amazon Fire Tablets can only be used to download programs from the Amazon Appstore. As a result, the Play Store may be installed, giving users access to millions of Android apps and games, including Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Chrome and more.


More or less a Personal Choice about Amazon Fire VS Galaxy Tab, but Both Have Their Benefits

Both Samsung and Amazon produce excellent low-cost tablets. It’s crucial to look at each device’s technical specifications rather than general brand comparisons because they come in various versions.

The most important thing to consider is whether you prefer Android or Fire OS. A Samsung tablet will seem more comfortable if you’re already accustomed to Android and Google Assistant. You could feel more at ease using a Fire tablet if you’re familiar with Alexa and Kindle e-readers.

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