Top List of Best Android Apps for IT Professionals


Are you seeking the best Android Apps for IT Professionals? For years, there have been Android apps for IT professionals. These apps are more valuable than ever because of today’s gadgets’ increased size and capability. When combined with some Android operating system features, like the split-screen multitasking, your tablet or smartphone can replace your laptop in various situations and serve as an outstanding business device.

And if you need to perform remote maintenance on the CEO’s computer, troubleshoot the conference room’s WiFi connection, or retrieve a file from your laptop, Android has you covered. Many of these critical apps are also free or have a free trial period, so you can check if they fulfill your needs. You should download several important apps for IT pros right now.

android apps for it professional

Microsoft Apps For Android

Microsoft has several official Android apps that simplify operations using remote desktop software to access PCs from afar and controlling the Microsoft Azure cloud examples for IT pros.

Remote Desktop

The Microsoft Remote Desktop program, as expected, allows you to securely login to any PC and access all of its files, apps, and network resources, as well as access to Microsoft Azure-published Windows apps. This tool is especially useful for IT professionals who need to access their office workstations or the workstations of other distant employees who require technical assistance.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure on your Android mobile is the app you’ve been waiting for.

You may control your company’s cloud from anywhere using this app. It can specifically assist you in developing, deploying, and managing your company’s apps. It may warn you about potential health problems, verify the status of key parameters, and even do tasks like launching and stopping virtual machines or web apps.

android apps for it professional

Network Tool Apps for Android

Accurate, timely data and alarms are critical for IT personnel responsible for network management. The apps listed below assist technicians in determining whether devices are connected to a WiFi network, analyzing network conditions, and doing various network tasks such as port scanning and DNS lookups.

Fing – Network Tools

Fing – Network Tools is essential software for IT technicians to track what’s going on with their WiFi network.

Every device connected to your network, including its device name, vendor, manufacturer, and IP and MAC addresses, may be instantly viewed. You may change the device’s name and add extra remarks with a tap. DNS lookup, port scanning, network intruder detection, and network quality monitoring are just a few available features.

WiFi Analyzer

While multipurpose apps have their place in your arsenal, there’s something to be said about apps specializing in one task and doing it well.

WiFi Analyzer is one such app, and ensuring that your network is on the best possible channel and at the best possible position is unquestionably important. WiFi Analyzer will display all accessible channels and assign a star rating to each one.

PingTools Pro

PingTools Pro has a feature set comparable to Fing – Network Tools, but with a few additional choices and a completely different user interface. When setting up your network, the IP Calculator feature can assist you in computing network characteristics. The visual traceroute functionality depicts the journey of data packages on a map. Ping, port scanning, whois, UPnP scanning, WiFi scanning, DNS and reverse DNS search, and wake-on-LAN are the network utilities included.

android apps for it professional

Productivity Apps For Android

IT personnel must manage various competing goals and obligations, particularly when firms adjust to telecommuting regulations. The following tools assist with work automation, taking team-shareable notes, and securely connecting to cloud hosting providers.


PagerDuty is one of the top IT apps because it helps drive customer satisfaction by alerting you and your team to any application issues as soon as they occur using custom alerts. This means quicker reaction and resolution times.

By allowing you to acknowledge and assign issues and manage on-call schedules, the software will help you avoid overlapping tasks. It will even allow you to handle some issues directly from your phone using custom actions such as server restarts and diagnostics. PagerDuty requires registration, but you may try it out for 14 days for free.


It may take days to list all of Tasker’s possible applications. Then automate almost any task on your device with this software. You may configure triggers from connecting to a specific Bluetooth device to arriving somewhere.

There are over 200 built-in actions in the program, with even more options available through plugins. For example, you might adjust your device settings when you get to work, have texts read aloud while driving, or use the AutoVoice plugin to construct your voice commands. It’s a good value at $3.49 and is one of the top Android apps for IT professionals.


Evernote is marketed as a place to save and organize any information you need to keep track of, yet many people don’t fully utilize the app’s capabilities. Handwritten notes are common, including typed text, images, files, and more. Evernote offers a great deal of freedom.

This information is organized into searchable notebooks. Advanced features include photographing a document and having it become searchable instantly. Personal and Professional customers can add text, handwriting, and arrows to PDFs and photos.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer has long been regarded as one of the best Android file explorers. The basic program is free, and it comes with many customization choices and features, such as dual-pane file management with the ability to drag and drop files across panes, support for all major cloud storage systems, and archive file formation and extraction.


Termius is the finest secure socket shell client for Android currently available. The program lets you manage UNIX and Linux systems locally and remotely, including Docker Containers, Virtual Machines, Raspberry Pis, and AWS instances. For security, the software offers passwords, keys, and two-factor authentication. Hardware keyboard support can help you get more done even if you only have your smartphone. When you’re not using your phone, you may use the Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop software.


Dynatrace is a fantastic app for IT professionals who need to monitor the performance of their applications. It will alert you if there are any issues with your environment application. It delivers real-time root-cause analysis, allowing you to resolve issues quickly.

To assist in swiftly identifying performance issues, Dynatrace employs artificial intelligence to identify core causes of performance issues and set baselines for application performance. The Dynatrace app requires an account; however, it offers a free trial to evaluate if it meets your requirements.


All of the apps mentioned above are ideal for IT professionals. So, download them today, whether you’re an IT professional or manage an SEO firm and looking for the most dependable apps.

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