Why Android Group Messages Not Sending?


Why Android Group Messages Not Sending? Group messaging is one of the basic yet helpful features of any iOS device. That’s why it’s annoying when your iPhone stops receiving group texts.

android group messages not sending

Basics of iPhone Group Messages

Depending on your settings, network connection type, and carrier plan, your iPhone device will send a group text, a group SMS message, a group MMS or as a group iMessage. Your inability to receive group SMS on your iPhone may be due to a number of factors.

This functionality may be blocked, preventing group SMS from being sent to your iPhone. Or perhaps you hide the notifications for group texts, giving the impression that you do not receive any. You won’t receive text or multimedia communications from other group members once you leave a conversation.

android group messages not sending

Using one of the solutions in the sections below, you can address whatever issue prevents your iPhone from receiving group texts and usually get it back to working.

7 Ways to Fix Android Group Messages Not Sending

Method 1: Verify the status of group messaging.

You should be aware that your iPhone delivers group messages as MMS messages rather than SMS messages by default. But this functionality must be turned on to send and receive group messages. You should check if you have enabled group messaging on your device if one or more of your contacts are not receiving group messages on their iPhones.

  1. Select Messages under Settings.
  2. To activate, locate the SMS/MMS menu and touch on Group Messaging.
  3. Tap once more to turn Group Messaging on and off.

It’s possible that your carrier doesn’t allow MMS Messaging or Group Messaging if you don’t see an option to enable it on your iPhone. Therefore, you must consult your carrier or use Method 6 to address the communication that was not sent.

Method 2: Verify if you’re still in a group (Re-join)

To receive group messages, you must unquestionably be a participant in a group conversation. In order to find out why your iPhone is not receiving group SMS, you must first confirm that you are still a member of the group.

android group messages not sending

  1. You can check to see whether there is a message saying “You left the conversation” by going to Messages and tapping on the Group Message.
  2. If so, you either left the conversation or someone removed you from the group message. Request to be added back by someone in the group (This is the only way to re-join a group).

Any iMessage group member may add a participant to the conversation: Tap the group conversation you want to include the person in. Tap the conversation’s top > Press I and select “Add Contact” Specify the person’s contact details to be added. Then select Done.

You cannot add someone to the group if one of the users is utilizing a non-Apple device. Then, to begin a new group message, you must adhere to the following procedure to answer why android group messages not sending.

Method 3: Start A New Group Message And Delete The Conversation

You can try a different solution if your iPhone isn’t receiving group SMS and no one is available to re-add you to the group. Occasionally, you can start a new group message and restart the conversation in a group message.

Delete Conversation:

  1. Select the conversation you want to delete by going to Messages.
  2. Over the conversation, swipe left.
  3. Click Delete.

Start a New Group Message:

  1. To begin a new message, open Messages and press the New Message icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Type in the contacts’ phone numbers or email addresses (or press the “+” button to add already-existing contacts).
  3. To send, type your message and then press the Up arrow.

Here is a guide on how to restore lost messages on an iPhone in case you unintentionally destroy important messages when removing undesired chats.

Method 4. Connect your phone number to your Apple ID

It is essential to determine whether your phone receives messages using your phone number or your Apple ID; if your iPhone isn’t receiving group SMS, you may still receive them on another iOS device.

android group messages not sending

  1. Choose Messages under Settings. Verify that iMessage is open > Select Send & Receive by tapping it.
  2. “Use your Apple ID for iMessage” can be tapped. Log in with the same Apple ID you use for other devices. Choose your phone number and Apple ID in the “You may be reached” area.

After completing the procedures mentioned above, go to Settings and choose FaceTime. The same steps must be followed again to link your Apple ID and iPhone number and begin receiving group communications through both channels.

Method 5. Examine the Group Message Notifications.

You may believe that your iPhone isn’t receiving group messages because iOS lets you conceal message alerts without ending a discussion. To see if the notice for group messages is on, follow these steps:

  1. Open Messages, select a group chat and then select the Info icon.
  2. Disable the Hide Alerts feature. A Moon icon will appear next to the discussion if Hide Alerts is turned on.

Method 6. iOS Software Updates And Carrier Preferences

Anyhow, if the sender’s carrier has set a cap on the quantity of group messages that can be sent, an iPhone will not be able to receive those texts. Your group texting conversation may be limited to 10 participants by some carriers. Additionally, your iPhone can stop receiving group texts as a result of a carrier or Apple upgrade that was flawed.

Additionally, sending MMS messages can be impossible with some carriers. The following actions may be necessary if you consistently receive the message alert “Not Delivered”:

  1. Network connectivity should be checked.
  2. Choose Try Again by tapping the Info symbol.
  3. Tap the Info icon if you are unable to send the message repeatedly.
  4. Select Send as Text Message.

Method 7. Start Your iPhone Again

Another option that frequently works when your iPhone isn’t receiving group texts is to restart it. Utilizing the physical buttons as illustrated below, you may restart your iPhone.

android group messages not sending

Reboot iPhone X or Later:

To turn off the iPhone, drag the slider. Then, while holding down the Side button once more, wait for the Apple logo to show.

Reboot iPhone 8 or Earlier:

Hold the Top or Side button while you wait for the slider to appear, drag it to turn off the iPhone, and then continue holding the Top or Side button until the Apple logo appears.


You should be able to get an iPhone that isn’t receiving group messages back to generally functioning by using one of the aforementioned fixes. Do not instantly reset your iPhone to factory settings if you are experiencing persistent problems with a particular conversation because your iPhone may not be receiving group messages as a result of carrier or network issues. Instead, try one of the solutions. Please share any further fixes you may have for the “android group messages not sending” issue in the comments area below.

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