Android Tablet DSLR Monitor: A How-To Guide



Android Tablet DSLR MonitorThat LCD screen in your DSLR is not that great for monitoring your shots. For older models, fixed LCD screens can limit your mobility. So, if you’re frustrated with the stuck LCD screen or just want a larger screen on which you can better see if your subject is properly focused, we have a solution for you—try out an android tablet DSLR monitor.

Your Android tablet can be your DSLR’s best new accessory. It has a large screen and better resolution than your camera’s LCD display. Pairing an Android tablet with your camera can also enable some extra features such as focus peaking, touch to focus, and more which may not be present in your DSLR camera by default.

So… How do you make your Android tablet DSLR monitor?

Connect Your Android Tablet DSLR  Monitor Via Wi-Fi

Android Tablet DSLR Monitor

Most modern DSLR cameras today have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. You can use that functionality to connect your Android tablet. Here are the steps to connecting your Android tablet DSLR monitor using Wi-Fi.

1. Download The Camera App

In order to use the Wi-Fi feature of your DSLR camera, you will need to download the free app that your camera uses on your Android tablet. In general, DSLR manufacturers like Nikon and Canon provide these apps for Android use.

Take note that these DSLR apps can also do many cool things such as saving images from your camera to your tablet.

2. Turn On Wi-Fi On DSLR Camera

Once installed, open the app and it will ask you to enable the Wi-Fi on your DSLR camera to set up a connection.

So, head over to your DSLR camera and turn on the Wi-Fi. Newer DSLR models typically have an external Wi-Fi button. However, if you’re using an older model, you need to turn the Wi-Fi on from the setup menu.

Simply go to your camera’s settings and look for the Wi-Fi option. Once you find it, simply turn it on or enable it.

Some cameras will ask you to register a nickname for your camera. You can input the name of your choice and click OK. Your DSLR should create a Wi-Fi hotspot for your android tablet to connect with.

3. Connect DSLR And Android Tablet

Go to your Android tablet’s Wi-Fi settings and turn it on. Choose the name of your DSLR camera from the list of networks displayed. For most android tablets, once you created this network connection initially, your device will automatically connect when you turn on your DSLR’s Wi-Fi.

4. Use The Camera App

Once your DSLR and Android tablet have established a connection, you can now use the camera app. It will automatically detect your DSLR and ask if you would like to preview your DSLR screen on your Android tablet. Once you confirm it, you’re good to go.

With the Camera App, you can now click pictures from your DSLR via your smartphone. You can also adjust various camera settings such as Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and many more. Other than being portable, it also gives you a bigger display that helps monitor your shot.

Connect Your Android Tablet DSLR Monitor Via USB Cable

Now, if you have an older DSLR model that does not support Wi-Fi, the remote showing will not work wireless. However, you can still connect your android tablet DSLR monitor via USB Cable.

Here’s how to do just that!

1. Get The Right USB Connector

In general, your DSLR camera will come with a USB cable that you can connect to your computer. However, if you want to transfer data from a DSLR camera to your Android camera, you will need an additional USB to Type-C or USB to OTG adapter to connect your Android tablet to the USB cable.

2. Download A DSLR Controller App

On your Android tablet, make sure to download a DSLR controller app from the Google Play Store.

About the app, when you search on Play Store, you’ll find various apps but there’s no universal app that’s compatible with all camera manufacturers and models. There’s simply no single answer to this question.

It’s overwhelming since there is a variety of a number of camera models and bodies out there and the current firmware on them as well as the Android tablet you’d use and their own software issues. Some apps will work with a specific set of hardware, others simply don’t.

So, the best way to find the best app that’s right for you is to try it. You can search for ‘DSLR controller’ on the Play Store app and try out various results.

3. Connect Your DSLR To Your Android Tablet

Once you find the right app, hook your Android tablet to your DSLR via USB cable. Then open the app. Tab on ‘live preview’ and that’s it! You should now be able to preview your DSLR viewfinder on your Android tablet.

Since both the Android tablet and DSLR are physically connected via a USB cable, you don’t have to configure any Wi-Fi settings.

The best part is that you can remotely shoot videos using your Android tablet dslr monitor. Take note, however, that depending on the app and cable, you may experience a small amount of delaying your video feed.


Where do I place my Android tablet that’s connected to the DSLR camera when shooting?

You can mount your Android tablet on top of your DSLR camera using a hot-shoe mount and a compatible tablet mount. Or you can also use a Gorillapod designed for Android tablets to mount your tablet on the leg of your tripod.

Can I use an Android phone instead of a tablet as a DSLR’s external monitor?

Yes. You can use the same methods mentioned above to connect an Android phone with your DSLR.


And that’s it!

By now, you should know the two methods on how to transform your Android tablet DSLR monitor. With these options, you can now enjoy a bigger DSLR screen and even remotely control your camera from your Android tablet!

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