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I have used many android TV boxes on my old fashioned TV. From them, the AndroidTV box is the best, according to my experience. It provides high quality 4K streaming with dynamic image qualities and clear sound. I never face lagging issues and application installing problems on the smart tv box. Also, I played high-graphics games on the device without any problems. Let’s know more about the TV box in the AndroidTV review.

It comes with a quad-core CPU that ensures high performance and multi-tasking facilities. The remote allows me to control its functions, switch modes and adjust volumes from long distances. For its small design, it can be placed under any type of TV. Get the AndroidTV box right now and enjoy android features on the big screen.

What is Android TV?

AndroidTV is a smart box that allows us to convert an old TV into Android TV. It has a quad-core processor with mali-450 GPU, 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM to run all applications smoothly. The 2.4G and 5.8G wireless network is supported on the device. I have used 50+ apps on it and never face lagging issues. It has USB 2.0 ports to use the mouse, keyboard, etc to access the stored files.

What is Android TV

The TV box ensures 4k quality videos, which is 2160 x 3840 pixels resolution. So, I can play all FHD+ content without any limitations. It comes with a remote in the box that helps to control the TV box from a distance. Due to its lightweight design, it is easy to mount under the TV.

AndroidTV Review: How Do I Get Android TV?

AndroidTV comes with amazing features. It runs with the latest and updated Android operating system and plays all contents like a smartphone. Let’s see the special features to get Android TV.

AndroidTV Review: How Do I Get Android TV?

Video and audio quality:

The AndroidTV box supports 4k videos with 2160 x 3840 pixels resolution. It delivers HD quality clear sound. The HEVC 265 video encoding improves the experience to the streaming quality.


The TV box supports a 2.5G and 5.8 G wireless network. Also, it can be paired with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. For this option, I can turn my traditional TV into a smart TV.


It has HDMI and USB ports to connect with the standard TV. The USB ports allow me to add an extra mouse, keyboard, etc., to access the storage. I can play songs and videos using the Pen Drive on the USB ports.

RAM and ROM:

It comes with 1/2GB RAM and 8/16GB ROM. It can smoothly run two or more apps at the same time and allows me to switch modes quickly. I never face lagging issues while using several apps on the AndroidTV box.

Processor and build quality:

Its quad-core processor with Mali-450 GPU provides great performance and supports all games. It is constructed with ABS plastic materials and the design is small. So, it can be mounted easily behind or under the TV.

How Do I Set Up And Use Android TV?

I prefer the AndroidTV box for its sleek design and amazing features. Its set up process is very simple and let’s see the process:

How Do I Set Up And Use Android TV

  • I connect the TV box with my regular TV using the HDMI cable.
  • Then turn on the TV and TV box using the power adapters.
  • After starting, I take the remote to switch the modes.
  • Connect with the Home Wi-Fi network.
  • I set the mouse and keyboard through the USB ports to access storage files and do typing tasks.
  • Now, I play music, videos, live streaming, etc., online and offline (storage).
  • From the menu, I adjust its resolution and other settings for better performance.

What Is The Benefit Of Android TV?

The AndroidTV is my best recommendation for its following benefits:

What Is The Benefit Of Android TV

  • It runs on Android 7.1 OS and a quad-core processor that allows me to do multitasking.
  • With the remote, all functions are easy to control.
  • It is connected with the TV through the HDMI cable that provides a quick and clear signal.
  • It has a default 1/2GB Ram and 8/16GB ROM, which ensure smooth streaming.
  • The USB ports allow me to access the storage and enjoy offline entertainment.
  • It has many pre-installed apps like YouTube, Google Play, etc., with customizable options.
  • It supports 4K quality videos and online streaming services in 4K video quality.
  • The integrated Mali-450 GPU provides a superb gaming experience.
  • Play games using game consoles and controllers.

What Are The Disadvantages of Android TV?

I never faced any problems on the AndroidTV still now. Sometimes, the live streaming platform Netflix and Amazon Prime cannot stream contents. It can be my network problem, but I am not sure.

Is Android TV Right For Me?

AndroidTV is suitable and must-need for those who do not have a smartTV in the house. Nowadays, the internet is available everywhere. So, we want to play content from YouTube on the large screen. The AndroidTV box transforms the regular TV into a smartTV. Users can enjoy all features like an Android smartphone.

Is Android TV Right For Me

It is easy to operate as a smartphone. Its USB ports allow us to play saved files from external storage devices. Kids can play games on the large screen through the connection of the gaming consoles in it. If you want to have a modern TV interface with all entertainment, the AndroidTV will be the best choice.

Where Can I Purchase the Android TV

The AndroidTV box has lots of fake versions in the market. I mention you to get it from here. It is AndroidTV’s official purchase link.

Where Can I Purchase the Android TV

I can ensure its originality if you get it from the given source. You can purchase the AndroidTV with a 50% discount and free delivery at your location. Grab the offer before ending the stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I have come back with some commonly asked questions about the AndroidTV box.

Is Android TV any good?

Android TV allows me to enjoy TV and smartphone features in a place. It is very simple to install and regulate functions by a remote from seating on the sofa.

Is Android TV the same on every device or TV?

There is a difference between Android TV and other devices. The AndroidTV device can present all contents from satellite and internet.

Can I use Android TV without the Internet?

AndroidTV is easy to access without an internet connection. You can use Pendrive and dish port to enjoy contents without the internet.

Final Thought

The AndroidTV box is designed to stream content from the internet and satellite. It ensures both TV and Android features with 4k video quality. The powerful quad-core processor with Mali G-450 GPU provides a butter-smooth performance. All types of apps and games can be used on the TV box.

Its installation process is very simple and I have used game consoles, USB flash drives in it. I do not face any freezing, overheating and lagging issues after a long time of use. Because, it has built-in 1/2GB RAM and 8/16GB ROM. For the premium qualities, I recommend the TV box from the AndroidTV review.

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