Arcticbreeze Review 2022: 3-in-1 Convenient and Highly Versatile Air Cooler


I hear about ArcticBreeze all the time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? It is an ideal complement for hot hours next to the computer in the office or home. This cooling fan combines innovative design with a durable construction that allows me to adjust the angle to the desired position of the fan that culminates it.

We all have worried about hot weather and cannot afford an Air Conditioner for its high price. The mini air coolers can help in this situation with minimum support. After using the ArcticBreeze air cooler, it keeps my surroundings cool at high temperatures. It quickly eliminates the heat away in real-time. In this ArcticBreeze review, I have shared my experience with the incredible air cooling machine.

What is Arctic Breeze?

ArcticBreeze review

ArcticBreeze is a portable air cooler machine that has efficient air cooling technology to ensure a breeze and quiet environment. Its size is so compact that I can place it freely anywhere in my room. According to my 2 months using experience, it consumes less energy, which is less than 50 watts. So, I never worried about the utility bill. 

It comes in a solid box with essential kits to adjust and install easily without technicians’ help. During running, it provides noise and vibration-free performance so that nobody will get disturbed. I can easily operate the cooling machine by pressing the control buttons located on the front side. It’s night working mode and USB power supply ensure convenient support all day long.

What is the Specification of the ArcticBreeze?What-is-the-Specification-of-the-ArcticBreeze

The ArcticBreeze has amazing specifications that make it unique in the air cooling machine. Below I will present its specification I have observed:

  • Its dimension is the square size that measures 174mm X 170 mm X 170 mm. 
  • It has a 20-speed fan that can cover a small place quickly.
  • The water tank capacity is about 750 liter that can go a day at non-stop use.
  • It is a USB powered device so that I can operate it anywhere.
  • The 8 different LED lights perform a breeze and a peaceful environment.
  • Its 3-speed fan controlling system provides effective cooling. 
  • I measured its total weight is about half kg that is easy to carry.
  • The fans run at 800 to 1800 super-fast RPM speed.

Why You Need Portable Air Conditioning for Personal Room?

The portable air conditioning has become one of the most popular climatic options, especially in offices and homes. Its price can be a very attractive device, but its design and characteristics make it functional only for personal rooms.

  1. Portable Air Conditioning machines are affordable in price, run at the silence and consume low energy efficiency. 
  2. In terms of design, they are compact with well-made finishes for the most demanding tastes. 
  3. It can cool small areas without spending as much energy compared to central air systems. 
  4. It is useful for personal rooms that generate more heat, such as kitchens or an office with photocopiers, computers, servers. 
  5. Ideal for spaces that do not exceed 40 square meters or need constant refrigeration. The cooling machine can be moved from one space to another and is easy to install. 

Special Features of ArcticBreezeSpecial-Features-of-ArcticBreeze

ArcticBreeze air cooling machine is incredible in design and performance. Below, I will share the special features of the portable air cooler that I have enjoyed.

Fast cooling system

The cooler has a maximum fan speed setting that can provide cool air by purifying air. Also, it can be adjusted manually using the control buttons. It eliminates the hot air from the room and ensures clean, fresh, and healthy air in the room.

Working mode

It can run up to 8 hours at a time and needs a USB cable to get the service. During running, it does not make a sound, so I never feel any disturbance. It can be placed on the table because the powerful cooler is compact in design.

Less electric consumption

It runs through a 12V USB connector that uses less power from the source. So, I never worried about the electricity cost where a regular AC is trouble with electricity bills. According to my monthly electric bill, it costs less than 1 dollars at 8 hrs non-stop usage.


The main feature of the ArcticBreeze is portability and its weight is about half kg. So, I never feel bored carrying it out at my home to the office. Although its size is compact, it delivers enough cooling that is perfect for a personal room.

Purify air

The air cooler purifies the air with its high-speed fan setting and advanced filters. It can eliminate airborne allergens, germs, particles that are the cause of respiratory issues. So, I never face any health-related issues after using it.

Is Arcticbreeze Air Conditioner Legit?

As per my user experience, the ArcticBreeze is legit and the manufacturer ensures quality products. The cooler is an excellent solution for the personal room and keeps the heat away in summer. Due to its portability, it can be used on the beach, workplace, walking way, and everywhere as you need. I have got a 50% eye-catching discount offer on my first purchase and its quality is better than other air coolers in the market.

How Does the ArcticBreeze Work?How-Does-the-ArcticBreeze-Work

The ArcticBreeze is very simple to use and I never read its guideline or get support from technicians. Let’s see how I am using it:

  1. At first, I unbox the cooler from the packaging and place it on the table. 
  2. There are 2 buttons located on the front side that allows me to control fans and circulation speed. 
  3. Then, I plug the USB cable with the electric outlet to start the cooler.
  4. Now, click the power button to start and it runs at zero noise.
  5. Put water on the side chamber to get cold air. Its capacity is about 750 ml, which is enough for daily use. I add ice cubes in the section for more cold air.

Is this Arctic Breeze worth my money?

In the hot summer season, the weather becomes hot and terrible, so most of us cannot afford AC. The portable air cooler is worth its cost in comparison with other coolers. 

  • It is equipped with a 3-speed fan that can cover a small room with cool air. 
  • Only the cooler can provide Arctic breeze air that makes the surrounding cool quickly. 
  • Although it is small, it runs at 800 to 1500 RPM that is powerful enough in its price range.
  • The side tank can hold up to 750 ml of water that can go a whole day with random air cooling performance.
  • It runs 8 hrs at a time without making any problems or lowering the airspeed.

In these considerations, the ArcticBreeze is worth its money and the best one in its price range.

How Can I get the Arctic Breeze?How-can-I-get-the-Arctic-Breeze

THe ArcticBreeze is only bought from their official website. They provide discount offers every day and I suggest you get those offers to save your money with cool air. Also, the delivery is free worldwide according to some conditions.

Frequently Asked Question

Here, I will answer some frequently asked questions about the ArcticBreeze.

Does Arctic breeze really work?

Among the other portable air coolers in the market, it is best because it delivers arctic breeze air, quiet and vibration-free performance all day long.

How long does the Arctic Air Last?

The Arctic Air lasts about 8 to 10 hours after filling the tank full. It is powered by a USB connector and needs a 12V outlet to run it. 

Is Air cooler really effective?

Air cooler is effective for a small and personal room in the hot summer season. The Arctic air cooler can cool a medium room within a few minutes that makes it effective for all users.

Can I put ice in my arctic air?

Yes, you can use an ice cube, pack ice, and crushed ice on it. I recommend you not to use dry ice in its water tank because it may damage the machine.

Can you clean the arctic air filter?

Its air filter is removable so you can clean it rinse or dishwasher as you want. But, I recommend using a brush and filter cleaner to clean the arctic air filter.

Conclusion (Arcticbreeze Review)

Cooling a small room with an air cooler is possible with the ArcticBreeze portable air cooler. It is a compact, economical, energy-saving, and powerful air cooler among other products. I have used it for 7 hours at a time and never feel slow and have no cooling issues during usage. 

Also, it can be operated from a computer USB port or power bank because it is powered by a 12V USB connector. The water chamber is also enough to get cooling air for a long time. In this ArcticBreeze review, I have shared all over experience with the cooling machine. The best part I liked most is the arctic breeze air, noise-free, and vibration-free performance. So, don’t be late and grab your one.

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