Are Silicone Containers Microwave Safe?


The use of microwave ovens is huge, almost everywhere you’ll find it because of its massive use. Yet notwithstanding its huge popularity, most of us still don’t know what kind of elements we can use with it or not. For example, some common elements are plastic, oven grade paper, styrofoam, oven grade ceramics, metallic containers, etc are we already know that can be used.

Now if you have silicone containers and you don’t know Are silicone containers microwave safe? Or not! Then you won’t dare to use it as you’re not assured about it. Below, in this article, I’m going to discuss this matter.

Are Silicone Containers Microwave Safe?

There is a wide variety of Silicone-products available for kitchen use. Such as silicone containers, potholders, whisks, silicone baking pans, safe grabs, some other utensils, &, etc. Now, before you use silicone containers in the microwave oven, you might want to know: Are silicone containers microwave safe?


Well! The answer depends on what types of or what grade of silicone containers you are using. Although most of the silicone containers have super tolerant power to absorb heat & cold both. You can use a silicone container in a microwave oven up to 428-degrees Fahrenheit.

Not only this you can directly put a silicone container from the oven to a freezer. A silicone container is that much stronger.  According to the FDA using a silicone container is good for health due to its low risk. Silicone rubber doesn’t emit fumes or leach into your food due to heat so it is safe to use in the microwave.

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New Silicone Container Safe Grabs Review: Heat-resistant Multi-purpose Silicone Microwave Mat

While dealing with hot cooking objects, you need to maintain proper precaution and supporting elements to protect your hand from burns and other damages. Safe grabs are one of the perfect solutions that I have ever found. A Silicone Container Safe Grabs is a versatile product, you can use it in many ways while working at your kitchen. Using it you can perfectly deal with hot bowls, casserole dishes, hot pans, hot oven dishes, etc.

New Silicone Container Safe Grabs Review

You can also use Safe Grabs to replace your kitchen tools and many more objects. Such as trivets placement, oven mitts, jar openers, etc. It is actually designed in a unique way that makes it different from other same looking silicone mats. If you pay your full attention then you’ll see that it is designed with circular ridges on one-side.

This patented design of this silicone Safe Grabs is scientifically proven that it minimizes heat without giving it any space to seep to the other side. It can absorb a huge 475-degrees Fahrenheit heat & it is a hundred percent non-toxic at any temperature. It is built with high-quality material. Safe Grabs are certified for silicone food-grade & it is 100% BPA-free. This means you can use these safe grabs in your microwave as it won’t spread any chemical seeping in your food. Learn more about this product from the Safe Grabs review.

New Silicone Container Features:

  • Safe grabs have superb heat-absorbing power, it can safely deal with 475-degrees Fahrenheit heat or 246-degrees hot food pots perfectly without making any damages.
  • It is designed to provide you anti-slip & firm grip so that you can easily move hot objects.
  • It is completely BPA-free and certified food-grade silicone. It means it won’t spread any chemical seeping in your food.
  • Built with food-grade silicone.
  • BPA-free to ensure your health safety.
  • It can absorb 475-degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Super-grip for grabbing things easily.
  • It can resist-heat under 500-degrees Fahrenheit.
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Where to Buy It?


The Silicone Safe Grabs is available on the manufacturer official website. So you can quickly get it from the manufacturer’s official site. Purchasing goods from the official site confirm that you’re getting the exact product. Besides, you’ll get some discount & promo offer while purchasing it from the producer’s main website.

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Final Thought

Silicone made materials are good for health due to its low risk compared to other materials. To use the silicone made containers in your microwave, you might want to know: Are silicone containers microwave safe?

Well, above in this article, I have discussed this matter. Using silicone containers in the microwave is safe. Most of the silicone materials are able to absorb 428-degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can safely use silicone containers in the microwave.

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