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A backpack is the easiest way to carry our belongings from one place to another. As a frequent traveler, I had used a lot of branded backpacks to carry and secure my possessions. But I wasn’t satisfied with my existing regular backpack as my items are compromised several times due to my backpack’s poor security system. So I was searching for anti-theft backpacks that will protect my belongings with proper security and defend them from stealing.

In the halfway of my research, I had discovered the awesome “BackXPack”. This backpack is not just stylish, it’s lightweight, water repellent, has large compartments, and comes with a theft solution. It has everything that I was searching for. Now here in this BackXPack Review, I’m going to share my personal experience with this stylish and sturdy backpack.

What Is BackXPack?

BackXPack is the most stylish anti-theft bag that you’ll currently find in the market. It will secure your belongings and defend your items from unauthorized access and steal while you’re roaming. To make it more convenient for users the manufacturer uses lightweight material to construct it. But the lightweight doesn’t affect its durability.

What Is BackXPack

The BackXPack is a water-repellant that keeps your valuable items protected from any kind of water damage. With its large and organized compartments, you can easily carry your personal gadgets and groceries, such as a laptop, tablet, etc. All of your items remain protected with its security number lock system.

You can easily seal the main compartment and retrieve it whenever you need it. To charge your devices on going movement, it comes with a portable charging facility. It is featured with a USB port that connects with a power supply inside your bag. By connecting an external USB cable, you can recharge your phones or any other gadgets on your ongoing movement. It has five fashionable colors: Red, Young Violet, Mountain Blue, Everyday Gray, and Traveler Black. This up to you which color you love to have.

Main Features of BackXPack

If you’re searching for a convenient anti-theft backpack for your daily use, “BackXPack” is an ideal backpack. It comes with a lot of outstanding features for its user. Now here in this BackXPack Review section, I’m going to show you some of the outstanding features that I experienced by myself.

Main Features of BackXPack


As you’ve to carry your backpack on your shoulder most frequently it needs to be super comfortable. The BackXPack doesn’t compromise here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a double shoulder or a single shoulder user, you’ll find this backpack incredibly comfortable. With its ergonomic design, it ensures you get a super-comfortable experience every time you wear it.


This is the most exclusive and core feature of this backpack. I find this backpack comes with a number lock system that secures its primary compartment from unauthorized access. The lock system allows me to completely seal the bag and I can easily retrieve it whenever I want.

Multiple Compartments:

BackXPack comes with three organized compartments to store your belongings safely. Besides, the biggest one/ primary compartment is equipped with a locking system to defend your possessions from stolen.

Water Repellent:

The backpack is completely water-repellent. As a result, everything inside your bag remains protected from all kinds of water damage.

Portable Charging:

What could be better than your daily backpack includes a portable charging option? Yes, you can enjoy an ongoing charging facility with this functional BackXPack.

Outside of this backpack, there is a USB port that is internally connected with a power bank inside your bag. By connecting an external USB cable you can recharge your phone and other gadgets in your ongoing movements.

Lightweight and Durable:

The BackXPack itself is so much lightweight, you can easily take it anywhere you desire. Being lightweight it doesn’t compromise with its quality and durability. It allows you to safely store heavy items without any worries.

Five Exclusive Colors:

It comes in five different colors to choose from, such as Fashion Red, Everyday Grey, Mountain Blue, Traveler Black, and Young Violet. From the above color, you can choose any of them that you like.

Benefits Of Using BackXPack

Before making any decision about this BackXPack, it is wise to learn about its benefits and advantages. This will assist you to make the right decision. Now, right below this section, I’m going to show you some exclusive features of this BackXPack that I’ve enjoyed these days.

Benefits Of Using BackXPack

Compatible for Everyone:

BackXPack is designed with one of the most convenient ways that anyone can get benefited from it. It doesn’t matter you’re a student, businessman, service holder, or traveler. This backpack comes in handy for everyone. Its minimalist and adjustable design makes it a wonderful choice for everyone.

Secure and Stylish:

In terms of security and style, you won’t be lackings of anything with this backpack. It comes in different colors so that you can pick your choosable one. For the safety of your belongings, it has a number lock system that protects your items from stolen.

Organized Multiple Compartments:

The backpack is super lightweight but that doesn’t reduce the space for storing your belongings. You’ll get three organized compartments with secure locking systems. The primary compartment can be sealed completely with its number locking system. So you can secure your valuable items with proper safety in this backpack.

Portable Charging:

If in the middle of the trip your phone is out of charge, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. This backpack has a portable charging system to assist you to recharge your phone or other gadgets through its USB port.

Water Repellent:

BackXPack is made with water repellent materials that keep your inside items completely secure from all kinds of water splashes. It doesn’t allow water to enter inside your backpack so your store items remain completely safe.

Why You Need BackXPack?

To get the answer: why you need this BackXPack, you need to understand first your needs and requirements. For example, you might look at some exclusive features in a backpack and if those features match with this one, you can go for it. Let me tell you my story, why I choose this backpack.

Why you Need BackXPack

This will help you to make a quick decision if you have the same requirements. The first thing that impressed me is its anti-theft features. It is secure with a number locking system to prevent my items from stolen. Then I love its water repellent facility. The water repellent system keeps my storing items safe from water damage.

Besides that, the backpack comes with three large organized compartments to store a wide variety of items. Because of its lightweight and comfortable material, I can easily wear it on my single/double shoulder. If the above features and benefits are useful for you. You can definitely for this backpack.

Is Buying BackXPack Worth The Money?

Well, it is one of the best anti-theft backpacks that money could purchase. It comes with all the latest features that a backpack could offer. The backpack is compatible with different lifestyle people. It comes with an anti-theft feature to secure your possessions.

Is buying BackXPack worth the money

You can store all of your essential electronics and gadgets in its three large compartments. It’s made with water repellent material to protect your store items from water damage. Simply, this backpack includes everything that you could ask for in a backpack, and undoubtedly the price of this backpack worth its value.

Where I Can Buy It?

If you’re impressed by the features of this backpack and want to have one of these. Then you must have to visit the official site of the BackXPack. Because the manufacture of this backpack only markets this on their website to make sure you didn’t purchase the duplicate one.

To encourage you to purchase the backpack from its official site the manufacturer provides promo offers. If you purchase the backpack during the promo campaign which is currently going on, you’ll get a huge 50% discount on your purchase. To help you in quick access right below this segment I’m adding the official link of the BackXPack.

Final Thought

As you’re now at the end of this BackXPack Review, I believe you have a complete idea about this backpack. All my effort would be successful if you’re now able to make the right decision for your backpack. BackXPack is a perfect choice for people who’re looking for a functional anti-theft backpack.

You get sufficient space with this lightweight backpack to store your belongings. Its number locking system protects your items from stolen. Besides the water repellent facility make sure none of your storing items are affected by outside water.

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