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A few years earlier I used to keep so many dogs in my house. Most of the dog’s behavior was great and they behave well with others. But, one day I found out that two dogs are misbehaving with other animals and also with the neighbors. Their behavior was so bad that I had to get rid of them quickly.

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But I love dogs and want to adopt them again. Due to past experience, I was afraid to take such steps. Then I heard about the BarXStope device. I learned that this device can easily control misbehaving dogs and no harm to any other animals because of it. So I was excited to use this device. After using it I was satisfied that I want to share my experience through BarXStop Review. Let’s take a look. 

Our Summary
BarXStop Review

BarXStop Review


  • Multiple modes for training.
  • Completely harmless
  • Works on all types of dogs.
  • Portable and easy to use.


  • Limited stock in online stores with offers.

What is BarXStop Max?

BarXStop is a controlling device by which I can easily control the dog’s behavior.  Some positive reviews of this device increase my curiosity to use this. So, here is my BarXStop Review where I will share how I benefited from this device. 

I am talking about the BarXStop device that provides high pitch sound and controls the bad behavior of dogs. The frequency is not that harmful to my dogs. ThisBarXstop device gives me 50 feet of range. I can easily control this device within this range.

 BarXStop Review
BarXStop Review

Besides ultrasonic sound, this device has LED light with training and controlling bark mood.  This device uses the sound at a range. That may be too high for other pets. But, for my dog, this range is completely ok.

It doesn’t affect on dog’s body. So, I can use this device without any fear of the dog. This device not only I can use on my dog, but also it helps me to control any street dog. To manage their behavior I can turn on the light or play the button to scare them with sound.

The sound range of this device is so loud and it makes a visual and additive activation on my dog. This makes the dog keep calm and quiet. Three different moods I can use to train up my dog.

What Are The Specifications Of Barxstop?

While using the BarXStop device I found some technical facilities that will help you to choose or learn more about the device. I made a shortlist on the BarXStop Specification.

  • The size of the BarXStop device is 12.5 * 4.5 * 2.6 cm.
  • The average weight of this device is 18.1 g.
  • The ultrasonic sound frequency is 25KHz.
  • The level of the Sound pressure is 125dB.
  • Battery power is 9V.
  • The maximum range of this device is 10 meters or 50 feet.
  • Comes in black and yellow color.
  • Multiple moods to train your dog.

Why is the BarXStop Device Special?

The dog is a loving pet I agree. But when they continuously barking during the daytime or at night, this is such an annoying thing. This is why I choose this ultrasonic device BarXStop, that not only manages their behavior but also controls their barking. Through this device, I can instantly control my dogs. There are some reasons I like to add. This will clarify why this BarXStop device is so special to me.

Why is the BarXStop Device Special


This device not only helps to calm down my dogs but also can train up my dog so efficiently. I can make them listen to my command. Also, the LED light of this device shows the way and sends a signal to them. If they are unable to listen to the command, this light helps to provide direction.

Works on Any Dogs:

This amazing device works on every dog that has different characteristics. I applied to Akita, Barbet, and Beagles dogs. This works so perfectly. So you can apply to those dogs also. Also for aggressive dogs, this device is perfect.

Effective and Harmless:

The sound of this device is high, so at first, I thought it can affect other animals. Besides, it can be harmful to my dog. But then I find out the sound range is perfect for the dogs. And it will not even affect any human.

Minimum Coverage:

If you are thinking of controlling the device only when your dog is in front of you, then you are wrong. If you are far from 50 feet away and want to control them, you can do that. Personally, when I am out on a walk, sometimes my dog runs far away from me. That time I just press the button and control the behavior.

Do My Dogs Need an Anti-Barking Device?

There is no doubt that I need this device for my dogs. Not only for my dogs but also to control any street or neighbor dogs, this device gives me confidence. While walking at night now I can keep myself relaxed. As I know this device has LED light to direct and control the dogs.

Do My Dogs Need an Anti-Barking Device

Also, the ultrasonic sound helps me to control other dogs from far away. Instead of fear, now I can walk without worries on the street at night or day anytime. Also, this helps to train my dogs more effectively. So that I can prevent any awkward incidents during any parties or events.

What Are the Benefits and Demerits of Using Barxstop?

As this is a gadget item, of course, I find benefits with some demerits from this device. Here they are-

  • Multiple modes for training.
  • A minimum coverage of 50 feet or 10 meters.
  • Completely harmless
  • Multifunctional along with LED lights.
  • Works on all types of dogs.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Limited stock in online stores with offers.

How Does Barxbuddy Work?

Normally when the dogs start barking, it means they wanted to tell something. But, continuous barking is not acceptable and known as bad behavior. Again, it’s not wise to create any violation of them and torture them to stop barking.  This is why I choose this gadget to control them even from far away.

How Does Barxbuddy Work

The sound of this device helps to calm down my dogs. Also, the range of the sound is higher than people generally hear. It may not be harmful to people but this creates a visuality in front of them. Basically, they are scared of this sound and immediately stop barking.

Also, the LED light of this device gives direction to my dogs at night. The training mood activation helps to train my dog. That’s how this device works. To train them, guide them, and stop barking this device works amazingly.

How to Use the BarXStop Device?

When I picked up the device for my dog, I was confused about the using process. Though, this is a simple device and not so critical to run. But, it will be a great help, If I explain my experience of using this device. Also, I’ll add the function of this BarXStop device.

How to Use the Bart Stop Device

LED Light:

This part is both helpful for me and my dog. I had a stubborn dog that I find very difficult to control. That time I used this LED mode and trained the dog by giving signals. Also, this mode helps me during the night, when I go out with my dog for a night walk.

Training Part:

Besides giving you direction through LED light, this device also helps me to train any bad dog. If I activate the training mood, the soft-pitched sound from the device helps to guide the bad dog. I can point this device on my dog and provide signals to alert.

Prevent Barking:

This mood activates the harsh sound from the device and makes sure that bad behavior must be stopped instantly. I can train my dog and the range I can set 10 meters from a point. This mood helps me to train my dog with a rough sound. But, it will not hurt my dog, I can assure that.

How Can I Buy the Bar Stop?

As I wanted to control my dog’s barking and get rid of the unusual behavior of the dog, I was searching for some online store. Finally, I found this store that satisfied me with their offer. If the product is not available, there will be no button of availability to click.

How Can I Buy the Bar Stop

Besides, I get 50% off while buying the product. I also suggest some of my neighbors. The most amazing part is, by purchasing three BarXStop devices, I get two devices completely free. By comparing other stores, I find out this store only gives me this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the above, I have written all about BarXStop details. Here are some more answers for frequently asked questions from the customer.

How Safe Is the Anti-Barking System for My Dog?

Anti-barking devices are safe and you can use this on your dog to prevent unwanted behavior. Most people think this device controls the barking. In actuality, this device prevents any damages or is aware of you from any unwanted behavior.

How Extensive (range) Can the Ultrasonic Method Sense/transmit the Barking of a Neighborhood Dog?

You will find the full details of the product’s body. Generally, there is no specific range of the ultrasonic method. Still, the manufacturer claims that almost 50 feet are covered by this device.

Can the Barking Device Be Used on Cats Too?

You can give it a try by using the device on a cat. This may not work effectively like dogs. But yes, you will get results a few times by using this ultrasonic device on a cat.

Is the Battery Included?

Though the device runs through a battery, the battery is not included on the device. You have to purchase the battery from outside. Generally, this BarXStop uses an E battery which has 9 Volt.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

Based on the situation the delivery of this device may take some time. Otherwise, for shipping, this device in the same city takes 3 to 5 working days.

Final Thought

I love dogs and want to adopt them. But when those dogs start barking at a time or misbehaving, it is so embarrassing as well as frightening. Especially when I arrange parties or events at my house. At that time It’s not possible to keep an eye on my dog all the time. This is why I was looking for a permanent solution.

The BarXStop device lessens my tension and provides an instant sollution. This device covers a minimum of 50 feet range and manages the behavior of dogs. I find this special thing interesting. Now, I can control from the range, and people will not fear the dogs anymore. I hope that I give you enough information about this device through BarXStop Review. For more queries, you can always ask questions through the comment section. 

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