BEAM Review 2022 – Is It Worth Buying This Anti-Anxiety Tool?


Battling anxiety and stress was never too easy for me. I have been advised severally on what to do, but none seems effective. Sometimes, it got so lost that I lost my mind and acted in a way I always had to regret. The story of my life changed the very moment I came across the beam.

It was a device I saw on a woman’s neck that sat beside me during a football match. I was so curious to ask her what it was, and that was the defining moment. After that, my doctor never recommended a beam for me, and I couldn’t get an answer to why at that very moment, I found out about the beam and its role in getting rid of stress and anxiety.

Product Summary
Beam Review

Beam Review

  • This necklace helps relieve your stress & anxiety naturally
  •  It helps to increase your lung volume
  • It helps in preventing burnout from your daily activity
  • It slows down one’s heartbeat and helps one get calm

What Is BEAM?

BEAM is an anxiety and stress relief tool that gives me some breathing exercises and meditation techniques as I go through my daily activity, and it helps me calm down. It is a wearable device that provides light therapy to reduce anxiety, stress and improve sleep.

What Is BEAM

I wear it as jewelry most often, so nobody knows it’s doing much more than making me look amazing. One thing that makes me opt for it is that the device is safe and effective. It is a non-invasive self-treatment that restores calm to the overactive “fight or flight” system at the root of many problems, including stress, anxiety, tension, and anger.

I do not know how it works for others, but I noticed it plays a great role in enhancing my sleep and concentration, which makes me productive in anything I do.

Pros And Cons Of BEAM

Anxiety and stress are common. They’re our body’s natural response to a dangerous, annoying, or frightening situation. Unfortunately, many people feel stressed out or anxious because of work, school, or personal problems these days. This can leave you feeling tense and nervous for no reason and may also cause an upset stomach and headaches.

There are many ways you can manage your stress and anxiety, and one effective means is using a beam. It works fine for me, and it is right I share with you some of the good and bad of the calming device.

So, below are some of the interesting things and some of the things that could turn you off with the beam.

  • This necklace helps relieve your stress and anxiety naturally
  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety by providing natural, deep pressure therapy
  • It helps in preventing burnout from your daily activity
  • It slows down one’s heartbeat and helps one get calm
  • Due to its operational method, it helps to increase your lung volume
  • The beam necklace is easy to wear; simply drop it over your head and go. The designed size of the pendant makes it fit comfortably on the chest, so you won’t even notice it’s on your neck.
  • There is little resistance to slow the breath down

How Does BEAM Work?

The beam works so that you have to breathe through the device. The process involves inhaling deeply with your nose and then breathing out through your mouth. The process is simple, and it effectively calms the nerves to ensure one gets rid of stress and anxiety.

How Does BEAM Work

It is a device that one can use any time of the day. So whenever you feel stressed or going through a period or situation that makes you feel tense, you can pick the beam and use it to control it.

How Can You Use BEAM?

The way to use a beam is simple. You do not need any tutorial or any lecture on using it.

How Can You Use BEAM

To use the beam, follow the step.

Hold the Beam

You need to hold the beam as that is the only way you can get to use it.

Inhale Deeply

You need to inhale the air deeply as you can and then place the opening of the beam in your mouth. Next, you inhale with your nose.

Exhale Through the Beam

You need to exhale with your mouth through the beam. The resistance in the beam will ensure the air does not rush out at once. The steady flow of air out of your system will help you calm your nerve and muscle, and that is just how the beam works.

Who is BEAM ideal for?

  • Anyone that is seriously battling anxiety or stress should use a beam.
  • Anyone undergoing depression or stress therapy should consider the use of a beam.
  • It is ideal for anyone who lacks stress or anxiety management
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to stay calm in all kinds of situations needs a beam

Why Choose BEAM?

It is a very good question since there are many other options for stress management one can opt-in for. However, I have tried several methods, such as deep breathing, swimming, gym, and many more, and I still found them less effective.

Why Choose BEAM

Sometimes, I get tired from trying to overcome stress and anxiety with other activities I do to calm the situation. But with the beam, it is always fun and easy to use. Moreover, it does not take time, nor does it stop me from doing other things I love to do.

All I have to do is put it in my mouth and go on with breathing in and out. It is stress-free to use; you can wear it at all times as a necklace; it is durable, effective, and works naturally without any threat to life.

BEAM Review: Customer Says?

  • A customer was not impressed as she complained the beam had little resistance whenever she tried to exhale, which made her less impressed.
  • A customer finds it appealing and effective. He made it known that he loves using it every time he gets stressed.
  • Also, another customer claim it is a good device one can use all day to calm the nerves.
  • The wide range recognition of beam is not strange, as most therapists are now recommending it to their clients; one customer said she got hers from her therapist, and it works great.

How Much Does Beam Cost?

The pricing for the beam is not the same everywhere. You can get it in your local stores or any trusted online stores. There are many kinds of beams you will find out there too. So, the prices vary. Overall, you should spend below hundreds of dollars if you want the best one for yourself.

BEAM Refund Policy

From my experience, I doubt if you ever want to return the device. Do not expect it to work like magic. It takes time, and you just have to keep calm to expect the transitioning whenever you use the device.

However, if you feel less satisfied, you can always return for a refund or exchange within 30 days of getting the beam.

Where To Purchase BEAM?

Where To Purchase BEAM

The right place to purchase a beam is from a trusted platform. Beam’s official website is still my number one store to get the original product, and I was able to get my beam from there. I was so glad when I found out that I could get from there, and with $39.99, I was able to get my beam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beam Good for Music?

Beam anxiety necklace is not good for music.

Does Beam Have Atmos?

A beam for anxiety and stress management does not have atmos.

Does Beam Offer Unlimited Time Off?

Beam offers unlimited time off, allowing team members to recharge when and how to work best. This may include leaving work early to pick up a child from school or a two-week vacation to visit family abroad. Beam encourages employees to get the most out of their time by taking well-deserved time off.

Does the Beam App Work Offline?

The Beam app can be used offline as soon as you have downloaded the app and completed at least one workout. The next time you open the Beam app without internet connectivity, it will open previous content.

Who Manufactures BEAM?

The beam is developed in the USA and widely sold through different platforms. The manufacturer is known to be moksha, and you can get the beam from their website or other online stores.

Support Team Contacts

The company has real humans who are always willing to give you the support you need whenever you call through. In addition, you can check their website for any support you need at all times.


This beam review reveals all you need to know about stress and anxiety management. There are many ways, but only a few are as effective as using a beam. Since I started using the beam, I can tell the difference in my lifestyle, and I was so glad the day I found out about the device. Also, it does not cost much, and it is effective.

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