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Waking up in the morning and discovering that your bedsheets are falling off from your mattress, or loose and wrinkled! If that sounds familiar to you then you know how annoying this thing is. Everyone loves to get a neat & clean, and perfectly tight bedsheet for sleeping. But in my case, no matter how hard I tried, my bedsheets get loosen and wrinkled every time. And, that is so frustrating for me.

To resolve this issue, I tried everything that I heard about but unluckily didn’t find the right solution. Just a few months before I discovered this outstanding “Bed Scrunchie” 360° bedsheets tightening system. From the day I had started using this device, I never discovered the wrinkle and loosen bed sheets again. This is why I’m writing this Bed Scrunchie Review so that you learn about this gadget in-depth and properly.

Overview Of Bed Scrunchie

Bed Scrunchie is the smartest solution to effectively tightens your bed sheets or mattress cover with the mattress. Basically, it’s one of the latest 360° bedsheets tightening systems that makes your bed tighten and cleaner, and gives a professional look. The fabric clip of this system can effectively hold 70 pounds resistance. As a result, during sleep, no matter how extremely you make movements, the sheets of your bed won’t come off.

Overview Of Bed Scrunchie

Besides that, the bungee cord that it comes with will accelerate the resistance level up to 500 pounds. Regardless of the size of your bedsheets, the Bed Scrunchie works smoothly with all types of bedsheets. Moreover, the system comes with a buckle patented wheel lock that assists you to strip off your bed sheet conveniently.

So no more worries about your loosened and wrinkled bedsheet. Just attach the Bed Scrunchie to your sheets and the system will provide you a firmer, tighten, and professional appearance. Furthermore, cleaning the device is very simple and easy. You can clean it manually or through a washing machine. Whatever the option you choose, you won’t face any kind of stretching damage. With its premium strap, you can use it for a long period of time.

Features of Bed Scrunchie

To get an in-depth idea about this Bed Scrunchie device and its tightening system, you need to check the features it comes with. Right below this Bed Scrunchie Review section, I’m going to show you some of the awesome features of this gadget that I’ve experienced.

Features of Bed Scrunchie

360° Bedsheet-Holder:

The Bed Scrunchie system comes with a bungee cord equipped with a custom-design wheel lock along with a patented buckle. By using the wheel lock, you can tighten your bed sheet at a 360° angle. It helps you to get a perfect edge corner and prevent the bedsheet from slipping out.

Parachute Cord:

The device is designed with a parachute cord to ensure a firm grip. With the strength of a parachute, the bungee cord has the super ability to provide you a huge 500 pounds of resistance power. It ensures the bedsheet remains in its place.

Fabric Clips:

You’ll get 8-replaceable clips with the Bed Scrunchie device that provides you 70 pounds of support. It’s specially designed to secure your bedsheet from any kind of damage. You need to keep one thing in your mind that the clips are available but you’ve to purchase them separately. You can easily replace them whenever you want and they are made with anti-rust materials.

Customize locking System:

The device comes with a buckle wheel lock that firmly grips the bedsheet with the mattress without any stretching. Because of this, you can move extremely on your bed and your bedsheet will remain in its place. Besides that, it also allows you to remove the bedsheet conveniently by unlocking the wheel lock without lifting the bed.

Supports All Size Bedsheets and Mattress:

The innovative system of this device makes it compatible with all sizes of bedsheets and mattresses. The flexible straps of Bed Scrunchie conveniently cover your bedsheet and mattress regardless of their sizes.


Cleaning this bedsheet suspender is completely hassle-free.  In my case, I wash it manually and with a washing machine. None of these cleaning processes make any kind of problem or stretches damage. Rather, its materials are resistant to extreme heat and dry wash.

Benefits Of Using Bed Scrunchie

You don’t have to make any decision about this Bed Scrunchie device before learning its benefits and advantages. Below this segment, I’m going to show you some exclusive features of this device that I have enjoyed these days.

Benefits Of Using Bed Scrunchie

Works With All Sizes Beds:

This is the most impressive part of this sheet tightener that perfectly supports all sizes of bedsheets and mattresses. It means you don’t have to purchase a new device if you change your bed sheet or mattress.


Setting up this sheet extender is a very simple thing. You don’t have to lift your mattress or don’t need to relocate your bed frame settings. Moreover, it just takes less than two minutes to completely set up.

Don’t Damage Bedsheet:

You can use the Bed Scrunchie confidently with your bedsheet and it won’t do any kind of damage to your sheets while tightening it. It just improves the appearance of your bed by preventing your sheets from getting loose and wrinkled.

Easy to Clean:

Its easy cleaning procedure is one of the best parts of this device. While washing your sheet, you don’t have to remove it. But if you want to remove it and clean it separately, you can easily do so. I have cleaned it manually and through the washing machine without any problem.

It Provides Tight Sleep Guarantee:

To ensure the quality of this product the manufacturer provides you a 100-days warranty. Within 100 days if you think that the device is not fulfilling your requirement, you can return the product to its manufacturer and get back your money.

Why You Need Bed Scrunchie?

Well, if you’re still confused about why you should get this device then let me explain to you why I get this one. First of all, this device helps me to fasten and tightens the loose and wrinkled bedsheet with the mattress. It prevents my bedsheets corners from popping up.

Why you Need Bed Scrunchie

With its fabric clips, parachute cord, and paracord, I got about 1000 pounds of resistance supports. That keeps my bedsheet to stay in its place no matter how extremely I move on my bed. As the device is adjustable, I don’t have to purchase a new one while using it with my new mattress and bed sheet.

Besides, using this device is very simple and easy with its convenient wheel locking system. Washing this device is also very much easy and it won’t make any stretch and damage with a heavy wash. Now if the above features and advantages are useful for you, you can definitely go for this bed sheet holder.

Is Buying Bed Scrunchie Worth the money?

The price that it costs the double value it provides. If you want to get a tight, neat & clean bed then this device is an absolute choice for you. The clips, buckles, and straps that you get with this Bed Scrunchie are made with high-quality materials. As a result, it won’t do any damage to your sheet.

Is Buying Bed Scrunchie Worth the money

It makes sure the corner of your bed sheet doesn’t get popped up. No matter how hard you move on your bed, it keeps your bed sheet remains in the same place. Heavy washing doesn’t do any damage to this device. After getting all these features if it is unable to fulfill your requirements then you can return it within 100 days and get back your money.

Where I Can Buy It?

The product is only available on the manufacturer’s website. Because the producer only marketed it through their official site. Besides that, you’ll get a 100 nights sleep-tight guarantee from the manufacturer by purchasing it from their website.

Where I Can Buy It

In the meantime, if it is unable to satisfy your requirements, you can return the product and get your money back. To help you in quick access to its official website right down this section, I’m adding the link to its official website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

While reading this Bed Scrunchie Review, there will be a lot of questions that will arise in your mind. Down this segment, I give answers to some of these questions that people frequently asked about it.

How easy is it to install?

Installing the Bed Scrunchie is just like drinking a glass of water. Within 2 minutes you can easily install it and you don’t need to lift your bed to set up the device.

How do you clean the Bed Scrunchie?

You can clean the Bed Scrunchie manually and through a washing machine. I have tried both processes and it won’t make any problem at all.

What bed sizes are compatible with the Bed Scrunchie?

All types of bed sizes are compatible with Bed Scrunchie. Because of its universal and adjustable features, it conveniently supports all sizes of beds and mattresses.

What if customers are displeased with Bed Scrunchie?

The producer of Bed Scrunchie gives 100 days money-back guarantee. If any of the customers are unhappy with the device, they can return it and get back their money within the given period of time.

How long will it take to receive Bed Scrunchie?

Bed Scrunchie has one of the fastest delivery systems. Then again the time depends on your geographical location. If you are from the USA then it takes 2-5 days, outside of the USA takes 7-10 days maximum.

Final Thought

If your bedsheet slipping off during your sleeping time, Bed Scrunchie is the right device for you. Above in this Bed Scrunchie Review, I have explained what is this device, how it works and why should you go for it. Regardless of the size of your bedsheet and mattress it effectively supports all.

With a 360° angle, the device can tighten your bedsheet. It comes with high-quality strap material to prevent any kind of damage to your bedsheet while tightening. Cleaning this device is also very easy and simple. To conclude, this Bed Scrunchie helps you to enjoy a hotel-like feeling.

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