Antivirus For Windows 2014: Factors to Consider


best antivirus for windows 2014

An antivirus is an essential solution in today’s digital world. With cybercriminals becoming smarter and attacks becoming more sophisticated, the best antivirus for windows 2014 can help protect your personal information and identity.

That said, what exactly makes a good antivirus software? And how can you make sure that the antivirus you choose fits your security needs and can protect you against cyber threats?

This article shares some of the factors you need to carefully consider when getting the best antivirus software.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Best Antivirus For Windows 2014

best antivirus for windows 2014

1. Check Testing And Great Reviews

Ultimately, there is no point in buying an antivirus solution that fails to detect malware and cybersecurity threats. Reliability is the most crucial factor you need to look for in an antivirus.

That said, with dizzying options, how can you pick the reliable ones?

You can consult online reviews of the best antivirus solution and stick with the names with the high recommendations and best feedback. In general, you can find reviews from real-life people by visiting forum sites such as Quora, Reddit, and Trustpilot.

In addition to checking out reviews, you should also look for independent lab testing. Most antivirus solutions are tested monthly by 3rd party labs such as AV-TEST, NSS Labs, SE Labs, and the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization or AMTSO.

These labs provide unbiased and accurate results on how well different antivirus solution performs under several test conditions.

2. Determine Your Budget

If you don’t have the budget for cyber security, you’ll be glad to know that there is free antivirus software out there.

In fact, if you’re using Windows OS, you already have access to their reliable, built-in antivirus software— Windows Defender. Also, other popular security brand names like Avast and Kaspersky offer a free version of their antivirus solution.

Unfortunately, a free service often comes with limited protection and features. If you want more protection coverage, you’ll have to invest in paid best antivirus for windows 2014  programs.

In general, you have options of either subscription or a one-off payment for paid antivirus solutions. The former sometimes offers more long-term updates and support. There are plenty of flexible pricing options available, so don’t be afraid to shop around.

3. Check For Features You Will Actually Use

In line with the previous point, if you do opt for a paid service, you want to choose a service that fits your budget. Essentially, the more features and coverage you want, the higher the cost will be.

So, to stay on your budget and prevent overspending, you want to check for features that you will actually use.

It is a given that the best antivirus software offers real-time scanning, high detection rates, and consistent monitoring.

That said, most vendors like to bundle their antivirus software with other features such as webcam protection, firewall, or a VPN service. Some even add password management tools or cloud backup storage as sweeteners to a bundled deal.

However, if you already have a VPN service or firewall already set up, then don’t feel obliged to pay extra for the extra services that you won’t use or already have.

4. Consider Your OS And Device

One factor you need to consider is if the antivirus software is compatible with your device and its operating system. However, this is not as much of an issue as it once was. Most antivirus vendors today offer their solutions for multiple platforms— whether you have Windows or Mac computers or even iOS or Android devices.

In addition, you want to consider how much storage and memory space your device has. Although most antivirus solutions are designed to be light, they can hog in resources, especially when doing a full system scan. This is particularly important to consider if you’re looking to install on a low-spec device, which can potentially cause your mobile device or laptop slowing down.

5. User-Friendliness

Most of the time, the software will be working in the background, consistently monitoring and protecting you against potential threats. This means that you don’t have to deal with its interface that often.

However, it is still useful to have an antivirus solution that is straightforward to use. If you’re not tech-savvy, then you’ll probably feel most comfortable and less intimidated with a program that is easier to use.

So, make sure that the best antivirus for windows 2014 platform is intuitive and user-friendly. The best antivirus software means that you are ever a couple of clicks away from starting all the scans you need.

You also want to ensure that in case of finding malware or infected file, the software easily removes the risk and threats for you, instead of leaving you to complete the steps.

6. Check The Customer Support

Another important thing to consider when choosing best antivirus for windows 2014  software is its customer support.

If you need backup or assistance during a crisis or your antivirus software suddenly stopped working or gives out error messages, you want to ensure that you get the necessary help from the vendor.

Check out the customer support services offered by the antivirus software vendor. Most offer 24/7 customer support services via email, phone, tickets, and live chat. Some also offer a knowledge base and FAQs and how-to resources that allow you to solve software issues on your own.


What is the best antivirus software?

Some of the biggest names providing reliable antivirus software include Kaspersky, Norton, Trend Micro, McAfee, Malwarebytes, AVG, ESET, and Sophos.

Is there free antivirus software?

Yes. Some security software vendors can offer their antivirus software for free but with limited features and protection. Also, if you’re using Windows 10 OS, it comes with the Windows Defender which is a free antivirus solution to protect your computer.

Is it worth paying for an antivirus?

This will depend on your views and computer use. Since there is free antivirus software available, including the Windows Defender, they should be enough to provide you basic protection against computer security risks.

However, if you need more coverage on all your devices or you tend to visit less secure websites and need more sophisticated protection against advanced malware and security risks, then a paid version is definitely worth paying for.


And there you have it!

Best antivirus for windows 2014 software is critical for every computer. Without this, your data, personal information, and even your bank account may be at risk.

Make sure to consider the above factors before you sign up and pay for specific antivirus software, to ensure the best fit for your computer security needs.

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