A Guide To The Best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android


best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android

Wondering what’s the best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android? You’ve come to the right place. While headphone jacks are still available today, wireless buds have become more popular ever since the introduction of Bluetooth.

That said, for the less techy people, using these wireless buds introduced a new set of confusing terminologies and technologies, including Bluetooth codecs. In this guide, we’ll give you a basic introduction to Bluetooth codecs and enumerate the best Bluetooth audio codec for Android to choose from.

Best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android: What Is It?

A codec refers to how Bluetooth is transmitted from the source device to your wireless headphones. It encodes (compresses) and decodes (decompress) digital audio data into a particular format.

A codec determines how the audio file is transmitted from a source (smartphone or tablet) to your wireless headphones via Bluetooth. The goal here is to transmit high-fidelity signals at a minimum bit rate. This minimizes bandwidth and space requirements for playback and storage. With a lower bit rate, you get greater compression which reduces audio quality. However, a higher bit rate offers less compression, and thus provides greater audio quality.

5 Best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android Devices

best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android

In general, numerous audio codecs have emerged, making things more complex. That said, here are some of the best options to choose from.

1. AptX and AptX (HD)

First on our list of the best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android are AptX and AptX (HD). If your Bluetooth headphone comes with these codecs, then you can be sure that they offer good audio quality.

Designed by Qualcomm, this codec stands for Audio Processing technology. The regular AptX codec offers a maximum of 384kbps at 48KHz with a sampling depth of 16 bits. For the HD version, you get a maximum of 567kbps at a sampling rate of 48KHz and support 24 bits resolution.

Both versions offer a latency of 170-270 milliseconds, which can be useful for musical instruments and gaming headsets.

2. AptX Adaptive

This is the successor of the first AptX, although it’s not seen in most headphones on the market. That said, this is one of the best Bluetooth codecs Android you can find. It is more flexible than its predecessor and can switch between various pros of the different AptX standards, thus its name.

AptX Adaptive achieves a high bit rate of 279kbps-420kbps. Its latency is specified at 80ms, and it’s backward compatible, too, making it suitable for excellent movie and mobile gaming audio experiences.

3. AAC

Short for Advanced Audio Codec, AAC is the standard codec on iPads and iPhones, however, it’s also supported for Android devices. The file transfer of an AAC codec is based on psychoacoustic models.

It offers a maximum of 320kbps at 96KHz quality and supports the 24-bit resolution, making it highly interesting. Some of the wireless headphones using this type of codec are Bose Noise Cancelling headphones, which provide a wonderful sound experience.


If you want to reduce losses when streaming your favorite music, then one of the best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android you need to try is LDAC. Developed by Sony, it’s often found in most of their wireless headphone products.

LDAC can offer a maximum of 990kbps with a sampling depth of 16 bits at 48KHz. When using an Android, you can also find the HD quality option in your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Since most phones use only 330kbps LDAC by default, you can change it to 660kbps or 990kbps. Take note, however, that headphones with LDAC Bluetooth codecs often come with steep price tags.

5. Samsung Scalable Codec

As one of the most popular brands offering awesome wireless audio devices, Samsung also came up with its own Bluetooth audio codec. The Samsung Scalable Codec was announced together with the release of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Developed by AKG, the Samsung Scalable Codec prioritizes stability. It makes constant adjustments to your streaming rates. This way, you’re less likely to experience connection drops and stutters while listening.

In general, the Samsung Scalable Codec is somewhat similar to how LC3 audio in terms of managing packet loss. This helps result in less audio chopping by actively monitoring and accommodating the bitrate to the signal strength.


What does Bluetooth’s primary function entail?

Devices may connect with one another wirelessly, thanks to Bluetooth technology. Any device that uses Bluetooth can connect as long as it is in the required range because it uses a short-range radio frequency.

What distinguishes wireless headphones from Bluetooth?

The method of connecting the headphones to something like a media player is the main distinction. Wireless headphones can communicate audio signals via radio waves, internal memory, infrared, or KleerNet, as opposed to Bluetooth headphones, which do so using short-range radio waves.

Are Bluetooth earbuds secure?

Since Bluetooth is a non-ionizing EMR, it is generally harmless for people and won’t harm them. In fact, Bluetooth has low specific absorption rates (SAR), further demonstrating that it is safe for people to use.

What benefit do Bluetooth headphones offer?

You may now stay in touch with your job, clients, and even your friends and family wherever you are with a Bluetooth headset. The majority of available alternatives include simple control buttons directly just on a wireless headset, enabling you to answer or finish calls without returning to your computer or phone.


And there you have it! While it’s easy to get lost in all the Bluetooth audio codec jargon, we hope that this article has made it easier to understand. Regardless of the best Bluetooth Audio Codec Android you choose, make sure that both your headphones and phone speak the same language.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas and opinions in the comment section below. Have a good one.

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