5 Best Car Health Monitors of 2022


Engine problems can sometimes be somewhat difficult to diagnose. The most common engine faults are hard to find out. The OBD2 scanner makes the annoying tasks easier. It scans the car engine deeply and sends reports with real-time alerts.

Here, I have reviewed 5 Best Car Health Monitors after testing lots of car diagnostic tools. They work through the car’s OBD2 port and send reports, alerts on the smartphone app using Bluetooth technology. You can save time and expenses by detecting car issues before going on the driveway.

5 Best Car Health Monitors

We have highlighted the 5 Best Car Health Monitors to check your car engine health condition from the phone with accuracy.

5 Best Car Health Monitors


Fixd is a live mechanic of the vehicle that has an OBD2 port. It allows you to detect a car’s engine health issues and send reports on the smartphone through a Bluetooth network. It notifies the problems related to engine light issues and solves error codes. The tool alerts the maintenance time by detecting mileage to keep the car in tiptop condition.


You can see the results from any phone using the fixd app. It performs continuous monitoring with instant problems alert. You can monitor all connected fixd sensors from an app. Also, a fixd sensor can be used for up to 5 compatible vehicles.

FIXD Features:

  • It can detect 7000+ potential issues with the vehicle and estimate repair costs.
  • Continuous monitoring provides real-time alerts to stay safe from unwanted situations.
  • It works through the fixd app and Bluetooth connectivity so you can monitor multiple sensors from one app.
  • It allows you to diagnose up to 5 complaint vehicles with separate reports.
  • It can read mileage and alert upcoming maintenance alerts to keep your vehicle performing well.
  • Real-time problem alert
  • Works on up to 5 cars
  • Maintenance alert
  • Random monitoring
  • Solve trouble codes and engine light issues
  • Easy to sync with all phones
  • Estimate repair costs.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Do not support heavy trucks
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2. BlueDriver

BlueDriver is an OBD2 car diagnostic tool from professionals. It can be operated with a specific app that allows users to personalize the dashboard. It provides reliable data with a detailed report. You can solve critical error codes, engine light issues permanently with it. All information is sent in real-time so that you can take necessary actions to solve issues fast.


Its Blue driver app provides a database with millions of problems to solve. So, you can solve the small issues without going to repair shops. You can control emission, see fuel level, mileage and more data with higher accuracy.

BlueDriver Features:

  • It detects vehicle’s engine health issues with real-time monitoring.
  • Helps to solve fault codes, engine light issues and other critical problems.
  • Its database contains millions of problems with solutions.
  • Works through the Blue driver app with dashboard customization support.
  • It allows you to control emission and freeze frame data.
  • Live alert and monitoring
  • Control vehicle emission
  • Solve fault codes and light errors.
  • App dashboard customization
  • Check mileage and fuel level
  • Freeze frame data
  • Extensive database with solutions.
  • Do not support multiple vehicles.
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3. nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor provides real-time alerts, diagnose codes, which save unexpected costs in the mechanic shop. You can monitor and keep your vehicle data with its personalized pro dashboard. It is easy to set up in the car’s OBD2 port and pair with a smartphone with the app.

nonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

The ZUS is made with a high-quality polycarbonate material that does not stop working at high temperatures. It predicts vehicle issues accurately so you can stay safe before going on a trip. It has a built-in safety center that provides alerts of the detected issues.

Nonda Features:

  • It monitors engine health issues, understands trouble codes and maintenance solutions.
  • The safety center provides vehicle alerts to the driver.
  • You can see all info through the Free ZUS APP.
  • It reminds you of the parking time and allows you to save the location.
  • Its mileage log provides monthly and yearly reports to understand vehicle performance.
  • Monitor engine health in real-time
  • Diagnose error codes and maintenance solutions
  • Algorithm-based safety center
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Clear mileage logs yearly and monthly
  • Parking time and location alert
  • Sometimes the app is not pairing with the device
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4. OBDLink MX+

OBDLink MX+ is a fast and accurate car diagnostic tool that works with the smartphone app and BT technology. It provides reports in data and graph format, which is easy to understand by beginners and professionals. You can easily set it up with the OBDlink app with personalization support.


It is 300 times faster than ordinary car diagnostic tools. Within 3 minutes, all detected issues will be screened on the home screen. The app ensures hack proof security, so nobody hacks transmitted data. It presents all data of your vehicle in detail.

OBDLink MX+ Features:

  • It shows diagnosed reports within 3 minutes after starting the ignition.
  • With the OBDlink smartphone app, you can personalize the dashboard as you want.
  • Without any charges, it ensures hack-proof data protection for your security.
  • The data presented in text and graphical format for quick understanding.
  • You can see the tools data from computers, tablets and phones.
  • Support PCs, phones, tablets
  • 300 times faster response
  • Text and graphical format reports
  • Dashboard customization
  • Hack proof data security
  • Solve error codes and major issues
  • It can diagnose a single vehicle
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5. BAFX Products

BAFX Products OBD reader can detect car engine issues, check engine light and solve trouble codes with real-time alert. It presents the EOT, RPM, Speed, DPF temp and more readings. You can test the vehicle emission before going on the driveway. It allows you to get data by setting mileage time.

BAFX Products

Its installation on the car’s OBD connector is super easy. With any third-party apps, you can see all information in detail. It can be operated from phones, tablets and computers. You can perform smog tests, freeze frame data and other major issues.

BAFX Features:

  • It can read error codes, check engine issues in real-time.
  • It can be operated from phones, tablets and PCs with third-party apps.
  • You can get all data in real-time with a push notification alert.
  • The app dashboard can be personalized according to your need.
  • The sensor provides overall engine information in detail.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Compatible with the phone, PC and tablets
  • Support third-party apps
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Push notification alert
  • Smog test check
  • Emission control
  • Third-party apps cannot provide stability
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The OBD2 diagnostic tools help to keep the car in tiptop condition with the proper diagnosis. From the 5 Best Car Health Monitors, I would like to recommend the Fixd car scanner for its versatile performance and continuous car monitoring.

It allows you to detect 7000+ potential issues with your vehicle. All problems are reported in real-time with estimated costs. You can use up to 5 vehicles with a fixd device. Check out the Fixd review to know more about it and get it from here with surprising offers.

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