6 Best Dash Cam For Android Head Unit in 2022


It’s not enough to set up the camera on the video and place the device on the stand to turn a smartphone into a DVR. But what is the best dash cam for Android head unit?  However, using a program specifically is a different story. Many best dash cams for the android head unit have been developed to build DVRs from mobile devices.

List Of 6 Best Dash Cam For Android Head Unit

We selected 6 useful Android apps and analyzed their key strengths and limitations. Read on to discover how a smartphone can be used as an in-car dash cam.

best dash cam for android head unit

1. The AutoGuard DashCam

AutoGuard Dash Cam is a well-known Android camera software with several excellent features for recording high-quality films while driving.

However, do you want to know what this program can do and accomplish? To begin with, it can not only capture high-quality video (1080p, 720p, and 480p), but it can also change your precise location and movement speed (GPS is being used). Second, save the videos to the device’s memory and upload them to Youtube directly. Furthermore, this program can help you save over $300 on a DVR buy. Finally, multitasking and background work is important.

Best Features

  • Choose a video format (avi, 3gp, mpg, mp4, MPEG);
  • Storing at a specific time and video recording;
  • Video archiving automatically;
  • Sound recording
  • Video size could be chosen.

Advantages: background recording; focus mode adjustment; video recording frequency selection (from 0.5 minutes to 1 hour).

Disadvantages: nothing was found.

AutoGuard Dash Cam Blackbox is an invaluable vehicle owner’s aid that transforms an Android-based smartphone or tablet into a portable video recorder.

best dash cam for android head unit

2. The AutoBoy Dash Cam

AutoBoy Dash Cam seems to be another quality product. It may be used sideways, switch to the front camera, snap images, and show your location on a map. The application consists of a large number of options. There is a reaction to the acceleration sensor and enhanced video start and stop automation. With background recording, you can leave just a small window on the screen with a picture from the camera, and move it to a comfortable location on the screen. Furthermore, the application requires relatively little hardware.

The video can be exported to your Youtube account if desired. Another interesting option is to take a sequence of images over a set length of time instead of making a video. They’ll also be processed and stored in groups.

Video Settings Available

  • Record time
  • Resolution
  • Record Direction
  • File Size
  • Record Location
  • Storage Route

Advantages: customer interface, several settings, a built-in map, front-camera recording, vertical mode, and serial photography.

Disadvantages: the application’s camera focuses on the windshield. As a result, visibility will be hampered if there are rains or small debris. Furthermore, advertising in a completely free application makes it difficult to use. Furthermore, because the program is resource-intensive, you must connect the smartphone to charge it.

3. The DailyRoads Voyager

DailyRoads Voyager, the fact that most of the application functions are free attracts Android device users. You may customize the camera settings and video quality on this dashcam. It shows video and geotags time and speed and recording in background mode, which allows you to use other apps while recording.

Best Features

  • able to record video indefinitely with or without sound
  • Enables designate a specific location for storing records.
  • In case of a sudden crash, it autosaves video.
  • Files saved on the official website of its
  • Protects phone from overheating.
  • It works with and without navigation: turning off GPS will conserve battery life and hide the speed and coordinates.

Advantages: The user interface is high-quality and user-friendly. Because the menu buttons are large and informative, you can use them even while driving. The presence of localization is also pleasing.

Disadvantages: Despite its benefits, this DVR app isn’t perfect: it’s flaky on some cellphones and extends complete video (1080p). Furthermore, while filming at a bit rate of 15.4 Mbit/s, entire recordings are converted to poor quality 480p when uploaded to YouTube. There is no automatic recording start.

4. The Road Recorder

Road Recorder is a video recorder app that transforms your cellphone into a portable camera that records your location and speed and allows you to download the footage to the Dropbox cloud. The application is, of course, paid, but it also includes a free version. The key difference between the free and commercial versions is the ability to store more than two films and the lack of intrusive advertising. You can also record videos longer than 30 minutes with the PRO edition.

Advantages: For someone frequently behind the wheel of a car, the app is useful because it uses satellite synchronization to properly identify location and speed of travel, which would be useful in a contentious circumstance like an accident.

Disadvantages: There will be disadvantages to all of the positive aspects. Bugs and application restarts are common on devices with less than 1.5 GB of RAM. Because the application uses the device’s resources, such as the built-in camera, third-party applications should not be launched.

5. The Drive Recorder

Drive Recorder is free Android software that allows you to record anything without glancing at your phone while driving. The program supports background, repeated recording, automatic recording when you open the application, etc. After recording, Drive Recorder allows you to modify the video. You have the option of recording in many formats, including 1080p.

Advantages: The best part is that you may store the captured video directly to online storage, such as Google Drive. Because this is an open-source video recorder for Android, you can edit the source code and configure the Recorder to your liking, but only if you know what you’re doing.

Disadvantages: not detected.

best dash cam for android head unit

6. The Roadly Dashcam

Roadly dashcam is a great Android software that turns your phone or tablet into a DVR and anti-radar gadget. The app can recognize the road signs and warn the driver about speeding, upcoming dangerous turns, as well as changes in traffic conditions. It also continuously monitors vehicle speed as well as examines how drivers behave, alerts the owner of stationary speed cameras, and thereafter allows you to instantly capture and upload the video to YouTube.

Best Features:

  • The DVR and anti-radar features are combined in this system.
  • The choice of resolution, video quality,
  • Able to work even in the background.
  • Drivers are given advance notice of changing traffic conditions.
  • The ability to record video and immediately upload it to YouTube.
  • Mini maps and more can be displayed.

Advantages: The application shows a recording window and a map window, which you may choose between based on your needs. The current location and route are displayed.

Disadvantages: Because the program makes extensive use of the smartphone’s capabilities, we recommend that you maintain it charged.


Even if you don’t identify the desired item from our list of the finest Dash Cam For Android Head Unit above that meets your needs, your awareness of this field will expand. You will gain confidence in the product’s expertise and capabilities. Of course, the best-of list is updated regularly. As a result, you may rest assured that the information supplied is current.

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