Best Free Flashlight App For Android: Top 6 Pick In 2022


You’ll need the best free flashlight app for android if you’re trying to find your seat at a theater or want to check for something late at night without disturbing others. If your phone’s built-in lighting isn’t making it, download one of the flashlight applications for Android.

When you switch on the flashlight app, it works with the phone’s back LED light. This is critical for those who still favor third-party apps due to the different functionality they provide. The flashlight functionality is available to Apple Watch users as it is a needed feature. We’ve put up a selection of the top Android flashlight apps.

best free flashlight app for android

List Of The Best Free Flashlight App For Android

Go for one of the apps listed below for your smartphone. Some flashlights offer unique features such as color customization and blinking lights that can use in an emergency.

best free flashlight app for android

1. Color Flashlight (Free)

The Color-Flashlight is the finest flashlight app intended for Android since it allows you to choose between several colored flashlights. When it comes to finding a flashlight for Android, this is the most well-known app. It allows you to choose the color of the flashlight on your phone. You can choose from various choices using the app’s color bar. This might be useful in pitch darkness or emergency scenarios with different illumination choices. Use the effects to create various light effects using the app’s choices.


  • Colored lights are available.
  • Screen brightnesschanges.
  • Make-your-own custom colors effects.
  • Emergency light effects.

2. Torch Tiny Flashlight ( Free )

Torch Tiny Flashlight is a flashlight app best used for Android that is well known for its user-friendly UI. It has both back and front lighting choices. It’s a free program that may be used right away when you need it. The battery level is displayed in the notification bar to keep you informed.

The illumination is brilliant, and we may utilize it in the dark. It is powered by the phone’s LED or the screen. It offers some incredible plugins, like blinking lights or warning lights. This is an excellent app for going on night hikes or camping in the dark. With the quick start feature, this app is quite dependable.


  • Free app.
  • Battery optimization.
  • Interesting plugins for more features.

3. Torch: Ultimate Mobile Flashlight

The list of best flashlight apps intended for android phones is incomplete without the Torch app. It’s a free app with no advertisements and only the most basic permissions. This software makes use of the phone’s rear flashlight as well as the screen light. The app’s tiny size is an important consideration because it will take up a lot of storage space. Get a phone widget that you can customize, making it a fun app to use. You can use the strobe light option. Get the Torch app from the URL provided and enjoy its features.


  • No Ads.
  • Works with dark mode.
  • Battery saver.

4. (Flashlight) is a free Flashlight app for your Android. This is a brilliant option for basic flashlight use through the phone. The app will function with a locked phone as well. Other useful features include the Shake to turn on and off function, one of the best reasons to choose this flashlight app. The software includes a widget that you may place on your home screen to make it more accessible. Because this software is ad-free, it is more likely to be used.


  • Quick to switch on.
  • Gesture sensitivity.
  • Works also unlocked phone.

5. Flashlight Classic

Another excellent Flashlight app intended for Android is Flashlight Classic. It operates like a traditional torch light for your Android Phone device with front and backlighting options. Simply press the app to switch on the flashlight for the backlight or front light. Users who reviewed it on the Google Play Store voted it the easiest app. This straightforward software provides the necessary features.


  • Works with the lock screen.
  • With stroboscope effect.
  • Start instantly.

best free flashlight app for android

6. Flashlight HD

Flashlight HD is the ideal flashlight app intended for Android because it works on devices when other flashlight applications may not. This package also includes a widget for your Android device’s home screen. The multicolored lights work in conjunction with the front screen. The advanced version has additional capabilities that may be purchased as an in-app purchase. If you don’t mind a few adverts, the free version of the flashlight will work enough for most purposes.


  • Locatesbutton easily.
  • Useful screen display for the brightest light.
  • Widget is available.


Is the flashlight app available for free?

A flashlight is a torch software for Android that is free, intuitive, and simple. Our program uses the camera’s built-in LED flash to provide the brightest light possible.

Where is the best free flashlight app for Android phones?

With the letter F. On most Android devices, you can activate the flashlight by dragging down the Fast Settings menu from the top of the screen and pressing the flashlight button. You may also activate the flashlight by speaking to Google Assistant.

Is there a flashlight app on my phone?

With Lollipop (Android 5.0), research first included a flashlight-toggle in the fast settings. To get there, drag downward the notification bar, locate the toggle, and tap on it. The flashlight will automatically switch on, and you may toggle it off when you no longer require it.


This list should be helpful if you’re looking for the best flashlight app on your Android phone. You may choose from the top flashlight apps with a variety of features. Get the Torch App, which has no adverts, or the Tiny Flashlight, which does the same thing but has more settings.

The best flashlight app intended for Android is Color Flashlight, the most popular option among users. There are several night vision apps available for Android and iOS. This may be beneficial to your Android phone.

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