9 Best GPS Tablets In 2022


Are you looking for the best GPS tablets for navigation guide? Tablets are in high demand, the technology of the future, and over time they will outperform smartphones.

Not only do they have larger screens than mobile devices, but they also have significantly more advanced functions. For drivers, tablets with GPS navigation are pretty helpful.

best gps tablet

For easier navigation on a larger screen when travelling, people search for GPS tablets. You’ve probably seen cab or taxi drivers utilising tablets with GPS for guidance. If you are a frequent traveller, GPS tablets might be quite helpful.

We have compiled a list of the top GPS tablets available in 2022 to help in your search for one. All the tablets on this list are well-known for having an integrated GPS navigation system. Some of them are quite well-liked.

We are aware that there are many tablets with built-in GPS navigation; however, very few GPS tablets also offer offline navigation. The in-built GPS capability on your tablet will also be present if it has a cellular connection because cellular networks use GPS for timing.

You won’t need to spend money on a GPS tablet if you purchase a reliable android tablet. They can aid you because they have GPS systems built right in. You can select any good tablet with a GPS for less than $300 or $400. Our information will undoubtedly be helpful even if you’ve decided to purchase a GPS tablet.

Before scouring the list of GPS tablets, you should know what to look for when purchasing a GPS tablet with navigational functions.

What to Look for in a GPS Tablet?

1. Battery

If you frequently travel, having a good battery life will be beneficial. Nearly all the tablets in the list below have respectable battery life and will help you on your journey.

2. Screen Size

With a larger screen size, you will benefit from easier navigation and better map accuracy. You will help more from tablets with a large screen.

Best GPS Tablets For Navigation In 2022

Let’s examine the top tablets with GPS navigation functions on the market. We also have a list of tablets for cars with GPS capabilities. GPS navigation is the only function of these tablets.

1. The best suggestion is – the iPad Pro

Let’s start with the iPad Pro, the first tablet incredibly ideal for GPS navigation. Many individuals have even conducted studies and observed that, among all other gadgets, Apple has a very well-known and trustworthy GPS navigation system.

best gps tablet

Therefore, if money isn’t an issue for you and you enjoy travelling and seeing new locations, this tablet is your best bet.

This tablet’s excellent GPS navigation and weather forecast make it easy to anticipate and avoid obstacles like heavy traffic, steep turns, and any weather.

2. iPad Air 5th Gen

Another fantastic option from Apple won’t let you down in any way; instead, it’s priced comparably lower than the other one and, in contrast to the first one, addresses your budgetary concerns.

Although a cheap tablet, it has all the required additional features, like the 10.9-inch liquid retina display screen, which amazed me. Both the cellular and the WiFi versions are available.

best gps tablet

Due to the M1 chip’s support, the iPad’s processing is incredibly smooth, outperforming practically all other devices in terms of GPS navigation.

I didn’t experience any roadblocks, such as poor network reception or sluggish processing, thanks to the 5g capability. The screen showed all the bumpers and heavy traffic to prevent large or minor accidents.

Along my route, I passed snack stops, malls, petrol stations, and hospitals. I didn’t have to deal with any difficulties alone during the journey because of GPS’s accuracy.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is our all-time favourite tablet. We encourage everyone to use this device. This Tab has become the ideal navigation tablet because of its excellent features. It boasts a big screen and a long battery life. The 10.1-inch Full HD Screen will make using the maps for navigation a smooth experience.

This tablet has proven to be the biggest lifesaver for someone like myself who enjoys travelling and seeing new areas. Throughout the trip, it was virtually impossible for me to get lost anyplace because the GPS always accurately located me.

best gps tablet

This tablet has many incredible features, but its particular GPS navigation chip—which receives signals from numerous tracking systems—propels it to the top of our list. As a result, the precision it offers is swift and precise according to our geolocation.

This device’s excellent GPS module allows for about ten hours of use. It is the best navigational tool as a result. This gadget uses various location services, including BeiDou, GLONASS, and GPS, and has an accuracy of 6–8 meters.

This device has several uses outside navigation, including watching movies, reading books, and performing office tasks.

4. Garmin RV 785 and Traffic

The most effective GPS tablet to use when driving is this model. If you enjoy being outside or travelling frequently, you should choose the Garmin RV 785. This gadget features an advanced GPS navigator that will show you the path and can also record.

A dash camera and a 7-inch high-resolution screen are included.

This great GPS tablet provides you with lane departure and forwards collision alerts to help you avoid sharp turns. A directory of RV parking providers is included, so you can also park your car there. Voice control and hands-free video calling over WiFi are also supported.

It has a built-in dash cam automatically records accidents and stores the footage with the precise GPS location and time.

It can monitor live traffic and update you with an additional traffic cable, so your plans won’t be interrupted or delayed.

5. Dragon Touch K10

As one of the best and most affordable tablets available for less than $100, the Dragon Touch K10 is in high demand. This gadget also functions as a navigational aid. This large-screen tablet computer won’t disappoint you because it features a fantastic in-built GPS module and WiFi.

With a quad-core processor, a 10″ screen, and a 930g weight, the dragon touch K10 is a highly agile and responsive smartphone that runs on Android OS. You can use this tablet in your daily life and transport it with ease. You might think of this tablet as a cost-effective, multi-use tablet.

best gps tablet

Before embarking on a long journey where network connectivity may become spotty, maps can be downloaded. Thanks to the device’s built-in GPS sensors, navigating the route is made quite simple. You don’t need to worry because this tablet also supports WiFi connections; it will cover you in practically all situations, whether they are favourable or unfavourable.

6. Garmin Drive 52 and Traffic

The Garmin Drive 52 is a superb item in the Garmin Drive line. Its 5-inch display features a 480*272 pixel screen resolution. The navigator on this gadget is simple to use and will assist you in navigating through heavy traffic. It offers clear maps that are simple to use while on the go, traffic warnings, and straightforward options.

Everything was displayed beforehand on the screen, so as I was driving, I was warned before every sharp bend and every sudden shock.

Additionally, you will benefit from the speed limiter option if you travel in the US or Europe.

The fact that it directed me along the entire route and used street names, store names, and familiar landmarks was a bonus for me as I was travelling alone, and it kept me from getting lost or feeling lonely or bored at any point.

Additionally, it included the impressive Up Ahead feature, which showed practically all future stops for food, gasoline, and other milestones.

Garmin covers you from every perspective, whether you need personal navigation or dash cams, backup cameras, or Alexa-enabled devices.

7. TomTom Rider 550 

This item is another one of the well-known GPS tablets that can be found online. It boasts a 4.3-inch touchscreen and is entirely touchscreen. You’ll be happy to learn that this tablet is also waterproof and is protected from all damp circumstances by IPX7 technology. It is also conveniently usable in rainy conditions. The tablet’s 16 GB internal memory is more than enough if you only use it for navigation.

If you appreciate seeing new locations, this device will become a favorite because you can use it with ease on winding and mountainous roads. You may choose and customize your preferred route using the best-curated courses and maps available worldwide by connecting your TomTom Rider 550 to the MyDrive App on your smartphone.

best gps tablet

You can receive alerts, SMS messages, or other updates through the headset with the help of the easy sync feature. Siri and Google can be linked for new uses.

Its built-in WiFi technology makes downloading and syncing the latest maps and software simple.

It works well with the motorcycle GPS navigation; you’ll be notified automatically if there are any updates. After connecting to your favourite WiFi network, choosing which and when to install is entirely up to you.

8. ZONKO Tablet With GPS Black

Due to its small size and streamlined appearance, the zonko black tablet is the perfect tool for GPS navigation. A 10-inch expansive display is adequate for showing you all the bends, bumps, and pauses you will encounter while driving.

Storage of 2 GB RAM is also a fantastic idea for improving the performance and accuracy of GPS navigation.

However, this tablet offers a decent camera of 2 MP and 5 MP if, like me, you enjoy stopping multiple times to take pictures of all the gorgeous scenery (front & rear, respectively).

Additionally, it is a cost-effective solution, so if money is tight, this GPS tablet should be your pick. You can make 3G voice calls using ZONKO, which supports cellular connectivity.

This tablet only has a battery life of four hours, and if it is entirely discharged, it may take an eternity to recharge fully again. I took it on a trip with my family, and while we arrived at our destination on time, the tablet died after around three and a half to four hours.

9. Garmin DriveSmart 55 and Traffic

Garmin makes the most fantastic GPS tablets for drivers and travellers. Another excellent product on this list is the Garmin DriveSmart 55. It has a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge display with a 1280720 resolution and many intelligent features. You may use it anywhere and take it along effortlessly with a weight of about 150 grams.

You may also reach this gadget by using voice commands, thanks to the voice control feature. Some compatible mobile devices also allow voice calling. It also includes a directory of famous landmarks and US national parks for your convenience.

It includes built-in WiFi, making maps easy to access without hassle or latency. If you’re going to purchase this device, the preloaded street maps of North America, Mexico, Canada, and more are a plus.

Computers are not necessary—I mean, who travels with one in it? Its built-in WiFi technology automatically keeps all the maps and routes updated. Its software aids in route analysis so that you may avoid busy roads and provides comprehensive mapping.

Additionally, since the Garmin Drive app has enabled live traffic, we can avoid any form of delays1. It is simple to keep track of weather forecasts and current conditions, and storm alarms are included.

Once connected to your device, the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology allows you to answer calls while driving at your convenience.

Avoid gridlock or slowdowns by using alerts that offer detours. With the accompanying traffic cable, Garmin Traffic is equipped and ready to use right out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which tablet is ideal for rough off-road driving?

The robust TomTom Rider 550 ought to be the most excellent option.

2. Which GPS tablet offers the best value?

You can purchase the GPS Navigation Tablet LTTRBX 7′′ for $60, making it an affordable tablet.

3. Is it possible to use GPS navigation without a WiFi connection?

Absolutely Yes! it operates effectively in offline mode on both Android and iOS.


We provide fantastic features for every GPS tablet. The tablets above have been ranked and evaluated based on the feedback of thousands of users. By keeping your eyes on the road and continuing to listen to the navigation voices, you can enjoy a smooth navigation experience while driving.

Additionally, you can add stops or remove them as necessary before getting to your destination. These tablets have you covered; all you need to do is choose whatever features and extras you want on your upcoming vacation and choose one without considering anything than your comfort, relaxation, and happiness.

We hope that our buying guide has assisted you in finding the best GPS tablet for navigation. Please provide any information we missed in the comments area.

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