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In today’s society, a person usually has to carry multiple keys in his day-to-day life. People used to carry big keychains once upon a time to carry multiple keys, but the stress of finding the specific key from the crowd of keys every time they need to use a key is very frustrating.

That is why a person needs to have the best key organizers that can carry many keys, keeps them separated and organized. Many other features of a key organizer make it a must-have product.

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E&M Compact Key Organizer E&M Compact Key Organizer

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What is a Key Organizer and How Do They Work?

A key organizer is a tool that helps to keep all your keys in one place. And you can track or organize them perfectly to find them easily when needed.

A key organizer is usually made of metal or leather, where the screws are used to hold the keys. Different key organizers have different capacities for carrying keys; some might carry up to 7, whereas some might carry up to 20 keys at a time.

Best Key Organizers Reviews

They hold the keys inside the main body, and a consumer can pick any key that he needs among them. Apart from these, these key organizers come with different features like keeping the keys from making a sound, flashlight, even tracking devices.

Best 7 Key Organizers Reviews 2021

The organizers have different models, different colors, different features, etc. Here are ten best key organizers to choose the best one for you:

1. Keysmart

If you are looking for a gift or a giveaway to your consumers or friends, then Keysmart is the product for you. Keysmart is great for personal use also as it provides great help to keep all your keys in one place.


Keysmart can hold up to 10 keys at a time. It keeps all the keys organized and safe so that the important keys are not lost or not found during the time of need.

If the Keysmart itself gets lost, then you can track it with its Tile Tracker. Even after opening a door using Keysmart, you can use the built-in flashlight of the Keysmart to look for the light switch.


  • Charge: The Keysmart can be charged with a micro-USB charging cable, so you do not have to worry about running out of charge.
  • Flashlight: A built-in flashlight is provided with Keysmart for times of need.
  • Fob Attachment: The car fob can be attached with Keysmart by using the point provided on the Keysmart.
  • Tracking: Thanks to the Tile tracker, the Keysmart can be tracked using a mobile device if lost


  • Complicated: The Keysmart is a bit complicated as all the keys are mixed up, and a consumer has to go through all the keys to find a specific key.
  • Fall off Some people have complained that their keys fall off from the Keysmart.

2. KeyBar Key Organizer

If you have a lot of keys to carry, then KeyBar is a great product for you. The additional screw adding feature allows KeyBar to carry up to 28 keys at a time.

KeyBar Key Organizer

Even without additional screws, 12 keys can be carried using a single KeyBar. The aluminum body of the KeyBar allows it to endure falling off in the ground. A fob point is provided as well that allows attaching a car fob with the KeyBar.


  • Number of Keys: The KeyBar can carry up to 28 keys at a time, which makes it popular among the consumers.
  • Lightweight: The KeyBar is a lightweight tool that weighs only 2 pounds
  • Durability: The KeyBar is a very durable product that can be dropped off the top of any surface, and it will still remain unbroken.


  • Complicated: The huge number of keys carrying capacity makes it complicated to set up and use at the same time.
  • Tracking: The KeyBar itself can easily be lost and hard to be found if lost.

3. OrbitKey Leather

If you are interested in the key organizer’s look, then OrbitKey is the way to go. This product is not made of metal; instead, it is made of leather, which allows OrbitKey to have a variety of colors.

OrbitKey Leather

It is comfortable for carrying in your pocket due to its leather outfit as it will not pinch you while walking. It features a USB drive that has various uses. In addition, the product can be tracked down if lost.


  • Tracking: This device got a tracking device within it, which helps the product gets lost.
  • Design: The design of OrbitKey is very user friendly; thus, it can be carried in your pocket without any hesitation.
  • Car Fob: The car fob can be attached with OrbitKey on the designated point.


  • Capacity: Only 2 keys to 7 keys can be carried using OrbitKey, which is lower than the key organizers’ average capacity.
  • Durability: As it is made of leather, so scratch can easily defect to OrbitKey.

4. ArfKey Carbon Key Holder

Most key organizers cannot prevent the keys within them; as a result, the keys keep pinching you or, in worst cases, the keys tear down your pants. In ArfKey, the model allows it to prevent all these issues.

ArfKey Carbon Key Holder

ArfKey can prevent the keys from falling off, so you do not have to constantly check whether all the keys are there or not. The Carbon fiber body of the product provides it with high durability as well as the weight remains at the lowest.

The ArfKey provides a lifetime warranty for this product, so if you want to spend your money the best way possible, then ArfKey should be your first pick.


  • Extra Durability: The durability of the ArfKey is very high due to its Carbon body.
  • Weight: The weight of the ArfKey is very light due to the metal it’s made of.
  • Anti-Loosening system: ArfKey comes with an Anti-Loosening system that allows it to prevent the keys from loosening even in long-term use.


  • Diameter: Arfkey cannot hold keys if the diameter of the key is less than 4 mm.
  • Color: ArfKey comes in only one color, which is not preferable.

5. KeyPort Pivot

The Keyport Pivot comes with multi-functional capabilities. The prime job is to carry keys in which the Keyport Pivot can carry up to 9 keys at a time.

KeyPort Pivot

It comes with a flashlight as well, so if a key gets lost at night or you enter a dark room, the Keyport Pivot can assist you in both cases. In addition to all these, a consumer gets a Keyport ID while buying the Keyport Pivot.

This ID allows him to contact the Keyport Pivot Company to track down the device is lost; as a result, the consumer does not have to carry any other device to keep track of the product.


  • Tracking: The Keyport ID can be used to track down the device whenever needed.
  • Flashlight: Keyport Pivot comes with built-in flashlights that can assist you in various situations.
  • USB Drive: A USB drive can be connected with a smart Keyport Pivot.


  • Color: Keyport Pivot does not provide many variations on color.
  • Capacity: The capacity of the Keyport Pivot is limited to 9 keys.

6. NorthWall Metal Key Holder

The NorthWall Metal Key Holders body is made of leather, which allows it to come in different colors and different coatings. The smart device of the Metal Key Holder assists in carrying it in the pocket.

NorthWall Metal Key Holder

It will not be pinching you continuously; neither will the leather tear down your pants. Metal Key Holder holds up to 10 keys in a fashion that the irritating sound that keys make while moving cannot be heard.


  • Durability: Metal Key Holder’s full-grain leather body makes it extremely durable to load applied to it.
  • Loosening: The Metal Key Holder keeps the keys from loosening, so the chance of losing a key is very low.
  • Capacity: Metal Key Holder can carry up to 10 keys at a time in a single key holder.


  • Tracking: Metal Key Holder does not have a tracking device attached, so if lost, it will be very difficult to find.
  • Scratch: The metal body of Metal Key Holder cannot stand many scratches.

7. E&M Compact Key Organizer

The E&M is one of the few key holders that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This metal body makes the key holder a lightweight product but extra durable at the same time.

E&M Compact Key Organizer

If you have a lot of keys to carry and the sound of the moving keys annoys you, then go for E&M. The E&M can hold up to 14 keys inside it at a time without the annoying sounds that key makes.

The E&M is a great gift item for any special occasion, let it be a birthday or Christmas.


  • Capacity: E&M can carry up to 14 keys at a time and do not let a single key loosen and get lost.
  • Durability: E&M is known for its extra durability that comes from aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Car Fob: The car fob can be attached with E&M on the designated point.


  • Tracking: E&M does not consist of a tracking device inside it, so the keys cannot be recovered if stolen.
  • Longevity: Some have complained that the front screw breaks off after a few uses.

Bottom Line

Different key organizers come with different features, thus making them preferable to different users. Considering the main features, you should pick the best key organizers that suit the type of use you have.

However, the extra features like tracking devices and others should be considered as well. And they can make a huge impact in certain situations.

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