Best Phone For Voice Call Quality: Top 5 Picks in 2022


Are you sick of your mobile phone or even an Android tablet that has a very low voice call quality? Then it is time for an upgrade. Perhaps you’re wondering which mobile phone has the best voice call quality?

Honestly, there are many options to choose from, which makes choosing the best phone for voice call quality can be very challenging. But to narrow down your options, I will show you the top phones that can surely give you a high voice quality in today’s article.

Let’s get started!

Best Phone For Voice Call Quality: Which One Should You Buy?

Galaxy Note 8

best phone for voice call quality - galaxy note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is considered one of the best phones for voice quality for many reasons.

To begin with, this phone will allow you to listen to the voice clearly. You’ll not encounter any hearing problems with the Galaxy Note 8 because, believe it or not; it doesn’t get any bad reviews when it comes to the voice quality.

Besides having good voice call quality, the Galaxy Note 8 will allow you to capture amazing photos. In fact, you can even make use of its stylus for navigation, writing, and drawing. Furthermore, it has a big screen of 6.4″ dual-curved as well as an almost bezel-less Infinity display. The latter helps in redefining the look and feel of the Note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, on the other hand, is powered by a solid octa-core Snapdragon 835 processor that is fast and efficient.

When the Note 8 was launched, it was actually hailed the fastest phone made by Samsung, owing to its remarkable processor as well as other specs and features like the newest chipset at that time and 6GB of RAM.

While Samsung only has one option for storage, the 64GB internal storage, know that it comes with a microSD card slot. Meaning to say, you can expand your phone’s storage anytime you want.

With this phone, you’ll also get to experience an excellent camera setup. It comes with two cameras (both of 12MP) on the rear. But there is only one front-facing cam of 8MP. For the battery, it has a decent life; thus, you don’t need to worry about the battery getting dead after a few minutes of use.

Moto G Power

Forget all poor voice call quality problems with the Moto G Power. This best phone for voice call quality has three days of battery life thanks to its 5000mAh battery.

In addition to poor voice call quality, splashes and spills should never be a problem. There is even a water-resistant design that will surely keep your phone secured from the weather and other mishaps.

Nevertheless, believe it or not, because of having excellent customer reviews and a low price, the Moto G Power will surely attract you even more.

Sony Experia 5 II

best phone for voice quality - sony Xperia 5 II

Another best phone for voice quality is the Sony Experia 5 II. With this unit, you can communicate with your family, friends, and other people without any hassle.

You take your creativity and pleasure to the next level with the help of the Xperia 5 II as well as the newest Alpha, audio, and video technologies combining outstanding speed that has a small body. Actually, it is the perfect size that will fit into your pocket or hand while possessing the most current technology of Sony.

Additionally, music has never been lifelike and more immersive than it’s with 360 Reality Audio13. You can even enjoy both wireless and wired headphones with this device.

iPhone X

So, here’s another best phone for voice call quality as well as capturing astounding phones. Undeniably, the iPhone X is perhaps the best phone ever that offers you a wide variety of distinct features.

With this Apple device, you will get astonished by its camera features and fast-browsing experience. While it was launched in 2018, many are still buying it as there’s something about its features, especially when it comes to voice call quality.

The iPhone comes with 64GB or 256GB of inbuilt memory. However, there is no available slot for the card. There is also a huge screen of 5.8-inch that will offer you a nice way to explore anything and play games. You can even enjoy quality photography time with its 7 megapixels selfie camera and dual back 24 megapixels camera.

Nokia Lumia 635 8GB Unlocked

If you have a tight budget and looking for the best phone for voice quality, you can never go wrong with the Nokia Lumia 635 8GB Unlocked. With this phone, you will get to enjoy crisp sound during a call.

This device, on the other hand, is a good entry-level smartphone/Windows. As a matter of fact, it performs amazingly and runs Windows 8.1. Email, applications, calling, and messages are readily accessible.

The Nokia Lumia 635 is also small in size, and it won’t consume too much space in the pockets. Design-wise the phone looks so vibrant. One more thing, there is a decent camera and a built-in motion sensor.

As you can see, this Nokia has a lot of great things to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in this best phone for voice quality and save yourself from experiencing terrible voice calls.

How To Make Voice Calls Sound Clearer and Better?

There are many ways you can do to make the voice call quality of your phone clearer and better. The most common and easiest way is to check if something is blocking the earpiece or microphone. In some instances, it could be your hair or hand blocking the holes; consider holding your device in a different position. In other cases, maybe you have a protective phone case that’s blocking what it is not supposed to be. All holes must be clear of obstructions to ensure optimal voice call experiences.


Choosing the best phone for voice call quality doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you know your needs, you will surely find the right one for you without any hassle.

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