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Nowadays, we take photos and videos of any trips with mobile phones and cameras to make the moments unforgettable. All media files are stored on the hard drive or phone storage. It is a real mess because when you have to make space on your smartphone or hard drive, save them somewhere else to be safer, it creates a lot of confusion.

This confusion carries with it negative consequences. If you want to get things right, you need a lot of time. Here, I have presented 5 best photo sticks that allow you to keep the media files safe and avoid paying unnecessary extra space.

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Image Product Name Rating Price
Photo Stick Mobile Photo Stick Mobile


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ThePhotoStick ThePhotoStick


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Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage


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Photo Stick, iOS Flash Drive 128GB Photo Stick, iOS Flash Drive 128GB


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256GB Micro USB Flash Drive OTG Memory Stick for Android 256GB Micro USB Flash Drive OTG Memory Stick for Android


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5 Best Photo Stick Reviews 2021

Best Photo Stick Reviews

Here, we have presented the 5 best Photo Stick that allows you to back up the media files quickly and safely. Let’s have a look below:

1. Photo Stick Mobile

Photo Stick Mobile

ThePhotoStick mobile can immediately collect all your files on your smartphone and later load them onto your computer or leave them safely on the stick. You have found an efficient way to store your essential files.

It allows you to free up the storage on your smartphone. This not only makes it faster again, but your captured photos and videos are also securely stored and organized. In addition, you can enter it whenever you want.

Anyone can easily operate the best photo stick for android phones. You do not require technical help for this. Because the USB stick really works with just one click. With a few simple steps, you can keep all your photos and videos safe and secured.

Photo Stick Mobile Features:

  • With a click, you can scan all photos and videos automatically without killing time.
  • You can enter the flash drive when you need it urgently.
  • Don’t worry about losing files again because they are stored safely on the stick.
  • It doesn’t require any charges or registration to keep all photos and videos safe.
  • The stick is available in 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB sizes so you can get according to your needs.

Photo Stick Mobile is a device that solves the phone’s storage problems with a single click.

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2. ThePhotoStick


The Photo Stick USB is the most innovative system that allows you to instantly upload and organize all your files (photos, videos) with just one simple click on your computer. Once the files are stored, it will keep safe so that nobody can delete or steal the files.

Its intelligent system does not collect duplicates but a single photo and video, saving you further time to delete them. To use it, you just need a click. It has 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage capacity so you can select the suitable one.

It is as friendly as it is economical since it is compatible with Windows and iOS, making it one of the best photo stick for computer. It became the favorite of users who want an auto backup method. Also, its duplicate file detection and auto-deletion make it handier. learn more about this device from Photostick review.

ThePhotoStick Features:

  • It automatically scans the hard drive after plugin and backups all photos and videos quickly.
  • You can store up to 60 thousands of photos and video files on its largest version.
  • Without any software, it can be plugged into a PC and it uses the default OS of your PC.
  • It filters the duplicate files that increase the storage to keep other files.
  • All files are stored safely and you can recover the deleted items using a photo recovery tool.

ThePhotoStick is a USB device that can automatically back up photos and videos from the computer.

3. Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage

Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB Photo Backup and Storage

Picture Keeper 8GB has smart functionality that can restore photos, videos, and other files quickly. It works through the Picture Keeper software and a registered account. With a single click on the “Start Backup”, it takes all files in the backup folder organized.

During backup, it filters all previous and new files to eliminate the duplicates with your permission. It is only compatible with PC and its other variant is “Picture Keeper Connect” developed for smartphones.

It allows you to make a backup from multiple computers and accounts without any faults. Its backup reminder ensures peace in mind by ensuring the safety of all stored files. Backup files anywhere, anytime without internet connectivity.

Picture Keeper 8GB Features:

  • With a single click, it started to back up all files within a few
  • It works through the Picture Keeper Connect software that has a friendly UI so anyone can use it.
  • You can backup files from several computers and accounts with perfection.
  • It skips the duplicates and saves your storage capacity from unnecessary files.
  • Without your authorization, nobody can enter into the device.

The Picture Keeper 8GB provides hassle-free backup from multiple computers.

4. Photo Stick, iOS Flash Drive 128GB

Photo Stick, iOS Flash Drive 128GB

ANYOUG USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile allows you to keep your iPhone and iPad data safe with its smart backup system. You can see the media files on this Y flash drive and share them on social media and other platforms with friends.

The Y-Disk app is required for the iPhone to backup and transfers files with a single click to use it. It has 4 ports to use multiple iOS devices at a time. Its built quality is sturdy and compact in size so that it can be used anywhere.

Its storage capacity is 128GB, which is enough for keeping files safe. Also, it provides encrypted security, so you do not worry about hackers. For this advanced iOS-friendly feature, it can be considered as the best photo stick for iPhones.

Photo Stick Features:

  • The stick can back up all files from the iPhone and keep them safe with encrypted security.
  • To use the device, install the Y-Disk app that has a clean interface.
  • You can do 9 major tasks like file transfer, medial playing, sharing on social media, and more.
  • It has 4 ports to connect multiple devices at a time and it supports multitasking.
  • It has 128GB of huge storage capacity that ensures a large backup at all times.

ANYOUG USB 3.0 Photo Stick Mobile has amazing features to keep your iPhone files safe and secure.

5. 256GB Micro USB Flash Drive OTG Memory Stick for Android

256GB Micro USB Flash Drive OTG Memory Stick for Android

Wansenda Micro USB Flash Drive works as an OTG memory stick and USB flash drive that can be used on both phones and computers. Its capacity is 256GB that allows you to keep a huge amount of files in an organized way. You can transmit data from PC to mobile and mobile to PC.

It works on the device operating system, so you need not use any software. You can share files from the drive anywhere and anytime. Its USB 2.0 port provides faster data transfer between phones and computers that will save more time.

It is equipped with an A+ chip and provides data transmission stability and long time performance. Also, it can be used on TV, tablets, soundbox, and more medial players that support a USB 2.0 port. It allows you to browse files without Wi-fi and internet connection.

256GB Micro USB Flash Drive Features:

  • It has 2 in 1 point that works as an OTG stick and USB flash drive so you can transfer files between phone and computer.
  • No need for software to use the flash drive and backup all files easily on its 128GB storage.
  • It’s A+ chip provides stable data transmission and longtime service.
  • It supports phone, PC, TV, soundbox, speaker, and more that has a USB 2.0 port.
  • You can watch and share media files from the flash drive and keep them safe from hackers.

Wansenda Micro USB Flash Drive provides huge storage with a wide range of facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I have answered some frequently asked questions about the PhotoStick.

Does Photostick work on Android Devices?

PhotoStick is designed for computers and it cannot be used on android phones. For Android, you will need a PhotoStick mobile that is designed for phones.

Does Photostick work on iPhones?

PhotoStick has a special version for iPhones and Apple devices. Apple device’s port is different from the android phone and computer.

Does Photo Stick Work With Chromebook?

The PhotoStick does not work with Chromebook. It only works with Android, Apple phones, and computers.

Final Verdict

The photo sticks eliminate the fear of storage out on phones and computers. They allow you to backup photos, videos, and other important files quickly. With a single click, you can store all files that are time-saving and easy for everyone.

From the 5 best photo sticks, I would like to recommend ThePhotoStick for computers and PhotoStick mobile for smartphones. They have an auto-scan and quick backup technology, so you do not need to do it manually. Also, they have 8GB to 128GB of massive storage capacity to keep a huge amount of files with security.

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