15 Best Tech Gifts : Gadgets to Gift Family and Friends 2022


If you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member who is passionate about the world of technology, you don’t have to worry about the budget. You can find here the best tech gifts, which are very cool and curious on a small budget. The gifts are suitable for men, women, young, elders and children.

The tech gifts do not require to be an expert in the field and have become indispensable in our daily lives. Also, gadgets are must-needed in our day to day life. So choose the best gifts for tech lovers and amazed them.

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Image Product Name Rating Price
CoolFeel Max CoolFeel Max

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SnoreStop SnoreStop

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XWatch XWatch

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SmartSanitizer Pro SmartSanitizer Pro

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SpatialSound Edge SpatialSound Edge

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ZenMind XP ZenMind XP

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ActivBeat 2.0 ActivBeat 2.0

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WaterBOOM 360 WaterBOOM 360

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MoskiX Band MoskiX Band

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ActiV8 Fitness Tracker ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

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Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet

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Mosquitron Mosquitron

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HomePolice24 HomePolice24

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UV Cleanizer Zoom UV Cleanizer Zoom

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15 Best Tech Gifts Reviews 2021

Each gift is linked to a personality. So, discover the best tech gifts that best suit you and your beloved ones. Let’s dive into it.

best tech gifts

1. CoolFeel Max


CoolFeel Max is a smart neck-hang cooling fan that keeps us relaxed in the hot season and kitchen. It is totally hands-free and made with high-quality compact materials. I never feel discomfort in my neck after a long time using it. The silent operation of the fan provides bother-free feelings.

It has buttons to regulate the fan speed according to your needs. You can play it for 20 hours long with its rechargeable Li-ion battery. It uses multiple ways to cool you. There is no risk that we always fear the fan.

CoolFeel Benefits:

  • It is constructed with high-quality materials and no-tangled fans that ensure safety while cooling us.
  • Using its button, you can adjust the fan speed as you want.
  • 20 hours long-life battery provides constant service all day long with a fast recharging option.
  • It runs with zero-sound and you never feel that something is running near your eyes.
  • While it is hanging on the neck, you never feel discomfort.

2. SnoreStop

SnoreStop is a non-intrusive anti-snoring device that looks like a wrist watch. It sends electrical signals when it detects snoring sounds and stops snoring without disturbing our sleep. By pressing on the button once, it will start working up to 8 hours.


It uses a bionic detection system that calms our nerves and we fall asleep quickly. You can adjust its strength according to your need. Its strap is soft and flexible, so it perfectly fits all aged people. No harsh materials and UV rays are used in the anti snoring device, so anyone can use it safely.

SnoreStop Benefits:

  • Its bionic detection system sends electrical signals to calm the nerves and stop snoring.
  • It has no chemical elements, so it is safe for everyone.
  • The wristband is comfortable to wear in hand for a long period without any worry.
  • Its one-key start makes it convenient for us and runs for 8 hours at once.
  • You can adjust the strength level based on your demand.

3. XWatch

Xwatch is the first-class smartwatch of the latest generation that has many practical functions. You can manage messages, take calls, and count steps and calories. The heart rate can also be measured and sleep can be analyzed. It has a design similar to that of the Apple Watch and ultra-light aluminum materials.


It has a 380 mAh Li-ion battery which can run the smartwatch 3 to 5 days, depending on your use. It is equipped with a microphone and a speaker that allows you to use it the same as a smartphone in receiving the call. The screen is also of excellent quality.

XWatch Benefits:

  • The smartwatch calculates the rhythm of the heartbeat, which is great for any athlete.
  • You can change the calendar through the loudspeaker and receive calls.
  • The 380 mAh battery lasts up to 3 to 5 days based on your use.
  • With its high screen brightness, you can read content on the watch perfectly.
  • Integrated GPS and ECG functions provide more accurate results all time.

4. SmartSanitizer Pro

SmartSanitizer Pro is a box-shaped smart device sanitizer that uses skin-friendly UV rays to kill viruses. It is chemical-free and has no smell, so you can use it safely. The UV light bulbs provide long-lasting service. Within 6 minutes, it can kill up to 99.99% of viruses completely.

SmartSanitizer Pro

It is smartly designed for smartphones, earbuds, watches, glasses, jewelry and masks. Its 360-degree cleaning process provides top to bottom cleaning. Also, it supports USB, power cord and USB type-C port to power up the smart sanitizer.

SmartSanitizer Pro Benefits:

  • It uses harmless UV lights (254 nm) to kill germs, viruses up to 99.99%.
  • Its design is incredible and constructed for sanitizing all smart devices.
  • Within 6 to 10 minutes, it can sanitize smart devices, jewelry, glasses and more.
  • The UV bulbs ensure long-lasting performance and are safe for us.
  • It is powered through a USB connection so that you can use it anywhere.

5. SpatialSound Edge

SpatialSound Edge delivers 360º surrounding sound that ensures an incredible music experience. The powerful bass of the speaker balanced the tempo level of sound. Its design is distinctive and can be placed anywhere. With the side buttons, you can control overall performance.

SpatialSound Edge

It has an integrated battery that allows you to play music for a long time. Using a Bluetooth network, you can connect with iOS and Android smartphones. It can cover 9-10 meters distance without any disconnecting issues. Also, it supports TF and BT cards to enjoy hassle-free music experience.

SpatialSound Edge Benefits:

  • The drum-shaped BT speaker delivers a 360-degree sound that provides a new music experience.
  • It is equipped with an integrated li-ion battery that provides 3 hours of continuous music play.
  • You can use BT and TF cards to play music if you have no smartphone.
  • Its sound quality is 5 times louder than a smartphone speaker.
  • It has control buttons that allow you to adjust music play.

6. ZenMind XP

ZenMind XP is a massager that stimulates the muscles around the eyes using small vibrations to relax. It provides heat in strategic areas of our frontal area that promotes blood circulation. Also, it has small speakers that play our favorite songs via Bluetooth connectivity.

ZenMind XP

The pad is made of ice silk cotton, which brings freshness to the face while preventing perspiration. It has four different levels of intensity that allows you to regulate the power of the massaging. It works with a lithium battery and is fully rechargeable.

ZenMind XP Benefits:

  • It provides hot air technology for pain therapy, where the temperature is about 42 degrees.
  • It is very light, practical to carry around and comfortable on the face.
  • Pressure with tiny airbags ensures a gentle massage on the acupressure points.
  • It prevents wrinkles and bags and relaxes the muscles through massage, which stimulates lymphatic drainage.
  • You can charge the device using the wire and wireless method.

7. ActivBeat 2.0

ActivBeat 2.0 has over-ear design ear cups that provide smooth and huge sound. It’s zero distortion and super bass makes you feel awesome. You can adjust the sound level to low, mid and high frequency. The best option of the headphone is a noise cancellation music experience.


It is constructed with a chromium plate and polished with metal texture. You can enjoy 16 hours of non-stop music and 650 hours of standby time. It can be used through the BT pairing and recharged with a USB cable. Due to its minimalistic design, it is convenient for all users.

ActivBeat Benefits:

  • Its sleek design and high-quality material construction ensure long-lasting performance.
  • You can listen to songs up to 16 hours on a 100% charge on the battery.
  • It delivers noise-free HD quality sound through the big ear cups.
  • Its elegant style is suitable for the new generation and business person.
  • It comes in a drawstring carry bag and USB Type-C cable for fast charging.

8. WaterBOOM 360

WaterBOOM 360 is an amazing water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that delivers 360-degree surrounding sound. It is dust and weather-proof so that you can use it inside and outside at all seasons. On 100% battery percentage, you can enjoy 6 hrs random music experience.

WaterBOOM 360

It can be connected from 100 feet distance. You can pair two devices with the speaker, so it allows you to receive calls while music is playing. It has a built-in FM radio that broadcasts daily news and entertainment. With the buttons, the speaker’s functions become easier to adjust.

WaterBOOM 360 Benefits:

  • The BT speaker provides 360-degree surrounding sound with super bass and treble.
  • It can play music in deep water, indoor and outdoor, even in rough weather conditions.
  • Its battery is stable enough so you can play songs for up to 6 hrs at once.
  • With the side buttons, all functionalities are easy to control.
  • It allows you to connect 2 devices so you can receive the incoming calls while enjoying music.

9. MoskiX Band

MoskiX Band uses harmless sound and frequency to decrease mosquito bites. It has no toxic elements, radiation so you can stay safe from skin damage. The 100% battery charge works up to 130 hours and needs about 30 minutes to full charge.

MoskiX Band

It is equipped with 3 different modes for indoor, outdoor and silent use. It is designed with quality materials so it will go for a long time. You can wear the anti-mosquito device comfortably. It is completely water-resistant and Deet free. Also, it can protect you by reducing more than 70% mosquito away.

MoskiX Benefits:

  • It keeps away more than 70% of mosquitoes using the sound and frequency method.
  • Three shift control allows you to use it indoors, outdoors and in silent mode.
  • It is 100% toxic-free, so never fear skin damage.
  • In water, dust, cold weather conditions, it works smoothly without any problems.
  • You can use it 130 hours at once and it needs 25 to 30 minutes to recharge.

10. ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker has a SpO2 sensor that calculates the breathing percentage. It is equipped with a huge and bright display that shows all parameters. Once it charges 100%, it runs for a week seamlessly. You can sync the smartwatch with all types of smartphones.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

While driving or moving, you do not need to take out the phone to check notifications. The smartwatch shows all notifications and alerts in real-time. It can measure pulse rate with high accuracy. It is manufactured with high-quality, durable materials so you can stay safe from scratches and bumps.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Benefits:

  • It can track heart pulse rate and oxygen level in the body using the sensors.
  • With alarms and reminders, you will never forget about the important tasks.
  • It shows all alerts and notifications of calls, sms and sns messages.
  • It has above IP69 water-resistant construction so that you can use it anywhere.
  • With its large rechargeable battery, you can wear it for 1 week.

11. Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet

Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet is designed with genuine cowhide leather that ensures long life use. It is equipped with a tracking system that keeps all things inside it safe and secured even if it is lost. With GPS, you can easily retrieve if it is lost or stolen. The RFID chip prevents others from opening the wallet.

Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet

It has a built-in hidden camera that allows you to take a photo of the person who steals it. With the smartphone app, you can see and control its functions easily. It provides a two-way alert system that enhances the security level. It works for up to 30 days on full battery charge. So, it could be the best tech gifts for men.

Louis Blanc Smart Benefits:

  • It has GPS that allows you to find out the wallet in the event of a loss.
  • You can connect it with a smartphone and control all tasks from the phone app.
  • The RFID chip ensures the protection of inside things.
  • It is constructed with cowhide leather, which is difficult to tear down.
  • With a hidden camera, you can take a photo of the stranger.

12. StableCAM PRO

StableCAM PRO helps to snap smooth and cinematic videos even if you are moving or running. Its ActiveTrack technology-based sensors allow you to shoot stabilized video and capture photos in extreme movement and sports. It is designed with high-quality components to use it for long time with better performance.


It has a few dedicated buttons that help control the gimbal, take photos and shoot video remotely. The weight of the gimbal is only half kg and compact in size. So, it is stress-free to carry in a small backpack. You can use it for up to 15 hours at once in a single charge. Its beautify mode to boost image quality.

StableCAM PRO Benefits:

  • Its ActiveTrack sensors provide super stabilized performance in extreme movements.
  • The 3-axis frame ensures good photography and videography from every angle.
  • In a single charge, it goes up to 15 hours even if you use it continuously.
  • You can take photos, video, adjust a setting using the gimbal buttons.
  • Its weight is below average, so you will never feel pain in your hand for long time use.

13. Mosquitron

Mosquitron is an effective chemical and odor-free mosquito killer that uses 360-degree UV lamp technology. It sucks the nearby flying mosquito using the silent fan. It is made with ABS components, a mesh funnel and a wider inlet that ensure its durability.


It is completely safe for our health because it has no radiation. Within a minute, you can clean it and use it again to get rid of mosquitoes. Its range is about 40 meters so you can use it in a room to reduce mosquitoes. It works through a USB outlet, so no need to tense about the battery replacement.

Mosquitron Benefits:

  • It works on 360 degrees UV lights that are effective to kill mosquitoes completely.
  • The silent fan sucks the mosquitoes when it is flying near it.
  • Its constructed materials provide durable and long-life performance.
  • No battery is required, so use it by plugging in a USB outlet.
  • It has no chemicals, radiation, smells, so stay secure all day long.

14. HomePolice24

HomePolice24 is placed on the door and window frame that protect our house by alerting us. It has no siren but sends alerts on your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection. Also, it provides different alerts so you can understand what to do. It alerts when the battery becomes low so replace the battery in time.


It can be observed by several people that added strong security. Using screws or two-way elastic tape, it is easy to mount on the door or window frame. It does not charge any monthly fees. Just connect with the home Wi-Fi network and track data all-time. For its safety features, I consider it as the best tech gifts for Christmas events.

HomePolice24 Benefits:

  • In an insecure moment, it sends you different types of alerts to stay alert 24/7.
  • It supports multiple uses that enhance the home security level.
  • It works on a Wi-Fi network and runs on a regular battery with less power consumption.
  • You do not have to pay charges monthly or yearly for the security.
  • Easy to mount on the door and window frame using screws and tapes.

15. UV Cleanizer Zoom

UV Cleanizer Zoom is a portable smart device sanitizer that uses 4 UV lights to kill viruses. The 18 powerful sensors kill invisible viruses and keep us protected. It navigates on the surface automatically using the sensors. At 100% charge, you can sanitize any things for up to 3 hours.


It has 3 modes and 2 timers that allow you to clean a surface according to your needs. It is battery powered so you can use it inside blankets, office desks and more places. The strap helps to carry and move the device while using. It weighs only 220 grams so use it seamlessly.

UV Cleanizer Benefits:

  • 4 UV lights and 18 sensors kill all germs, bacteria, viruses effectively.
  • It navigates automatically on the surface to sanitize properly.
  • Its weight is only 220g, so you can carry it by the strap for a long time.
  • 3 hours of continuous performance on a single charge ensure effective cleaning.
  • Its 3 modes and 2 timers provide customizable performance.

Final Remarks

Technological gadgets are becoming a star gift nowadays and make our day to day life easier. Here, we have presented the 15 best tech gifts to give your loved ones. They are also perfect for family members and friends.

The gifts for tech guys are all practical and useful1. Most of them aren’t too expensive either. So you could find something that fits, whatever your budget. You definitely don’t need to spend a lot to make a gift that is sure to be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

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