The 5 Best USB Fingerprint Scanners for PCs and Laptops


The latest smartphones and laptops have a built-in fingerprint security system, which is not present in PC and old model laptops. If you are using an older device, don’t think about tossing it away. Biometric fingerprint security is stronger and safer than password or pin lock. Fingerprints cannot be copied or duplicated.

Here, I have picked 5 best USB fingerprint scanners to highly protect our PC with fingerprint security. They are equipped with advanced security systems that protect your files and prevent hackers. They have capacity to store up to 10 individual fingerprint profiles.

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5 Best USB Fingerprint Scanner Reviews 2021

Here is the selection of the 5 Best USB Fingerprint Scanners that have advanced security with incredible features. See below:

5 Best USB Fingerprint Scanner Reviews

1. Nanosecure Review

Nanosecure allows you to lock your Pc, Laptop with fingerprint security. Its super-fast recognition sensor reads fingerprints and unlock the device within seconds. It can read a fingerprint in 360-degree, so it recognizes the fingerprint anyhow you place the finger. It can accumulate up to 10 fingerprints with quick unlock through the saved one.

Nanosecure Review

Nanosecure has breath sensing that ensures strong security. Nobody can copy your fingerprint and your files are always protected. It is smaller than a USB flash drive, so you can handle it simply. You can use the Nano secure only on Windows computers. Check out the Nanosecure Review to know its overall performance.

Nanosecure Features:

  • Its breath sensing technology ensures better privacy protection.
  • It provides the fastest fingerprint unlock within seconds.
  • The 360-degree advanced technology quick fingerprint recognition.
  • You can store up to 10 individual fingerprints and unlock the PC with them.
  • It provides high-end security to protect your files from hackers.
  • Quick and fast unlock within seconds.
  • 360-degree surrounding fingerprint detection.
  • Advanced breath sensing system.
  • High-end protocol to protect files.
  • Allows to store 10 different fingerprints.
  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Only works with Windows computers.
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2. IDEM FCC BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner

Ditto FCC BioScan is a wide USB fingerprint scanner that can unlock fingerprint lock within 0.25 seconds. Its anti-radiation protection and 360-degree fingerprint detection provide stress-free performance. It supports 10 individual fingerprints per account. It works with All Windows PC but is recommended for Win 10.

IDEM FCC BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner

The Ditto FCC BioScan is FCC certified, so you can completely stay safe from hackers. With its optimal software, you can log in to the web in a single touch. For its large fingerprint pad, you can unlock the PC at the first attempt.

IDEM FCC Features:

  • It has a 360-degree and wide fingerprint sensor that provides first-time recognition.
  • You will be protected from biometric, splash and radiation effects.
  • Quick unlocking within 0.25 seconds with 10 individual fingerprints.
  • File protection and web login with the optimal software.
  • It supports Windows Hello, Windows 10 with easy setup.
  • Wider fingerprint pad.
  • 360-degree fingerprint detection.
  • Multi-fingerprint support up to 10 accounts.
  • Protection from splash, radiation.
  • Quick recognition within 0.25 seconds.
  • Fastest web login and file protection.
  • Do not support Mac, Linux OS.

3. AUTHENTREND ATKey.Pro USB Fingerprint Security Key

AUTHENTREND ATKey.Pro is equipped with a standard fingerprint pad that locks/unlocks your PC without software or driver. So, you can use it on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It allows you to max. 10 fingerprint accounts. With it, you can protect FIDO apps like Gmail, dropbox and much more.

AUTHENTREND ATKey.Pro USB Fingerprint Security Key

Its FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated MCU fingerprint technology provides high-end security. Its USB type-A port goes with all types of computers. For its tiny design, you can carry it inside your pocket. It supports Windows Hello and MS Azure AD.


  • It provides password less high-security fingerprint authentication to log in to the PC.
  • Its USB type-A port supports Windows, Linux and all OS.
  • You can protect pc files with FIDO approved apps like Gmail, Dropbox, etc.
  • It supports multi fingerprint accounts up to 10 records.
  • No need for a driver or software to use the fingerprint sensor.
  • Fingerprint authentication without password
  • Support all operating systems
  • Protect file and FIDO approved apps
  • 10 fingerprints support
  • No need for a driver or software to run
  • USB type-A port
  • Windows Hello, Azure AD integration
  • Sometimes show errors at first time attempt.

4. USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10

The USB Fingerprint Reader identifies the fingerprint and unlocks your PC within 0.15 seconds. Its 360-degree detection system ensures accurate performance and success at the first attempt. It will save you time while working. You can protect the files, documents, etc., by specifying the safety zone. Its multi-fingerprint support allows you to share the device with families.

USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 10

Its installation process is very fast and simple. Its bio-detection algorithm ensures strong protection from hackers. In Win 10, you do not require drivers or software to use it. Its capacitive type pad detects the real fingerprint, so nobody cannot log in by copying your fingerprint.

USB Fingerprint Features:

  • It has fast fingerprint recognition that unlocks the PC within 0.15 seconds.
  • The 360-degree technology ensures accurate and comfortable performance.
  • It has a highly precise bio-detection algorithm that extends PC security.
  • You can configure up to 10 fingerprints for multipurpose use.
  • You can use it on Win 10 without drivers and software.
  • Recognize fingerprints within 0.15 seconds
  • 360-degree fingerprint detection
  • Configure 10 fingerprint accounts
  • No need for drivers or software in Win 10 OS
  • High-precise bi- detection
  • Designed for only Windows 10 OS.
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5. Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key Reader

Kensington VeriMark has an advanced fingerprint system that unlocks the PC within seconds. Its 360-degree unlocking feature provides accuracy and protection from interference. It can be used by up to 10 users using multiple fingerprints. Also, it provides 256-bit encryption to protect our essential data.

Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key Reader

It smoothly works on all types of PC and converter. You can protect the cloud-based online system with the Kensington VeriMark. It supports auto-fill saved passwords by popular tools like LastPass, Keeper, etc. You can carry it by attaching it with the keyring.

Kensington Features:

  • Quick and fast login to PC with the 360-degree fingerprint sensor.
  • Support All OS-based computers, multiple users with easy installation.
  • Protect cloud and popular service with 256-bit encryption.
  • You can easily carry it by adding it with the keyring.
  • It supports auto-fill passwords by the popular tools like Lastpass.
  • 360-degree advanced fingerprint detection
  • Anti-interference protection with 256-bit encryption
  • Supports popular services
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Support auto-fill password
  • Convenient with all PCs
  • FIDO U2F Certified
  • Support is very weak
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Bottom Line

From phones to operating systems, we see more excellent compatibility with fingerprint scanners as the years go by. If your PC or laptop is older or has no fingerprint scanner, I have reviewed 5 best USB fingerprint scanners for you.

I would like to recommend the Nanosecure fingerprint scanner because it has breath sensing technology with a 360-degree fingerprint detection system. It can detect up to 10 saved fingerprints with fast recognition. Also, its high-end security protects your files and PC.

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