5 Best Virtual Laser Keyboard Reviews of 2021

, March 16, 2021

Virtual laser keyboards are special devices that are projected by light on a flat surface where you can write your ideas, work and emails on the tablet or phone to which they are linked. For those who write a lot with tablets and smartphones, the virtual laser keyboard is an excellent solution.

It also adapts to all devices, so you can easily write to emails or conversations outside the home. Here, I have reviewed the 5 best virtual laser keyboards to make your typing tasks easier and faster. They can be used by Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS operating systems.

Table of Content:

Here is the table of content for your quick understanding:

5 Best Virtual Laser Keyboard

Below, I have highlighted 5 best virtual laser keyboard that will make your daily messaging tasks easier and faster.

5 Best Virtual Laser Keyboard

1. Keyless Pro Review

Keyless pro is a Bluetooth connected virtual keyboard that makes the typing tasks smarter. Its infrared projection presents the keyboard and works as the laser keyboards. It can detect the finger’s motion and tap so you will see the typed alphabets on the screen. You can actually type as a physical keyboard from the flat surface.

keyless pro review

It is connected with devices through Bluetooth connectivity. You can type up to 350 characters in a minute. The 700 mAh Li-poly battery provides 2 days backup with continuous use. For its compact design, you can use it anywhere. The powerful sensor and red light projection provide a clear view of daylight. You can read the keyless pro review to see its offers and discounts.

Keyless pro Features:

  • It has all keyboard features and mouse functions to get the feel of a real typing experience.
  • Its powerful sensor detects the finger movement and screens the accurate alphabets that you press to type.
  • Its red light keyboard projection allows us to use it in daylight.
  • You can use the virtual device for 2 days on a full charge.
  • The infrared ray is completely harmless and does not burn our skin.
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2. Laser Keyboard Projector

Serafim Keybo is a virtual laser keyboard with a piano. Its red colored projection light turns a surface into the real keyboard. It contains 78 keys that are presented on all standard keyboards. You can play piano with guitar, drums via the music app. It has a built-in holder to type alphabets by seeing the phone screen. Its dimension is compact so that you can place it wherever.

Laser Keyboard Projector

The virtual keyboard runs through a 2000 mAH battery that ensures 10 hours of playtime. You can control sound levels with silent mode. In daylight and bright areas, you can increase the brightness of the projection to type clearly.

Laser Keyboard Features:

  • It is a combination of 78-keys standard QWERTY and a piano keyboard.
  • You can control sound level and brightness to use it accurately.
  • It has a holder to add a phone while typing or texting to someone.
  • You can use the laser keyboard for up to 10 hours with its 2000 mAH battery.
  • Its dynamic and compact design allows you to place it anywhere you want.
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3. Virtual Keyboard, Laser Projection Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

GANGXUN Virtual Keyboard is equipped with laser projection that allows you to type a phone message through a Bluetooth connection. It has a BT enabled sound system to enjoy music while typing. You can use it for longtime with its powerful battery. The keyboard projection is bright enough so that you can type in daylight freely.

Virtual Keyboard, Laser Projection Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

The auto-sleep mode disables the virtual keyboard after leaving it alone for 8 seconds. It saves the battery and enhances working time. Its laser is FDA tested, so you can safely type with it. Place it on the flat surface to stop crying. It can be powered with a mini and micro USB cable.

Virtual Keyboard Features:

  • The virtual keyboard works with a BT connection and laser protection light.
  • You can enjoy playback music on its Bluetooth speaker.
  • Its durable battery ensures long-time performance.
  • It has an auto-sleep mode that dimmed the laser after leaving it for 8 seconds.
  • With a mini and micro USB cable, you can recharge the laser keyboard.
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4. AGS World’s Most Advanced Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

AGS World’s World’s Most Advanced Wireless Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard and Mouse has round-shaped keys to mix unwanted keystrokes and avoid the wrong key type. With its BT 3.0 connection, you can pair all devices easily. You can change keyboard mode sound level and brightness level for your ease.

AGS World's Most Advanced Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

It presents the keyboard in red light to use freely in daylight. The dual-way battery provides long-term performance to use the keyboard and recharge the phone in an emergency situation. It provides accurate typing and mouse navigation on a flat surface.

AGS Features:

  • The virtual keyboard uses advanced laser projection with a mouse pointer to do tasks quickly.
  • All keys are round-shaped, which helps to avoid wrong typing.
  • Its huge battery runs the keyboard for a long-time and allows you to recharge a phone.
  • You can adjust the projection light’s brightness level and sound level.
  • It works smoothly with all devices that have Bluetooth function.
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5. AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

AGS wireless virtual keyboard has a powerful sensor and projection light to type on the phones, laptops, tablets accurately. It can be paired with Bluetooth technology. The projected keyboard layout is QWERTY so that you can type anything easily. Its red color keyboard projection provides a clear view during the daytime.

AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

It has a mouse function and voice broadcast, which make it more convenient. It has included a rechargeable battery that ensures more than 10 hours of random use. Its size is minimal so that you can carry it anywhere. Its projected laser ray is not harmful to our skin.

AGS Features:

  • It has a virtual keyboard, mouse pointer and voice broadcast to operate easily.
  • Its projected keyboard layout is standard QWERTY that is easy to use.
  • On the full charge, you can use it for a half-day long.
  • Its projection light is powerful, accurate and safe to use.
  • In the daytime, you can type anything clearly with its red layout.
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Final Verdict

The virtual laser keyboards bring a revolution to our day to day life. With this technology, you can type texts faster. So, I have reviewed 5 best virtual laser keyboards and I would like to recommend the Keyless pro for its accurate and long-time performance.

You can type up to 350 characters per minute. Its 700 mAH battery allows you to use it for about 48 hours. Also, it has a powerful sensor and keyboard projector to recognize your finger movement and show the output on the screen.

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