10 Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices Reviewed in 2022


Pain is an integral part of our day-to-day life. It affects our mood, activity, and sleep. Sometimes the intensity of the pain makes it difficult to focus on work. If you want to relieve pain without painkillers and drugs, Electronic wearable pain relief devices are the safest solution for you.

Wearable pain relief devices relieve your body’s pain by controlling electric signals, relaxing the muscle, and improving the body condition. They have no reactions like medicines. Here, I have rounded up the best wearable pain relief devices that will alleviate your pain.

Do Wearable Pain Relief Devices Really Work?

Wearable pain relief devices are designed to reduce body pains without using drugs. They have patches that control the brain signals, improve blood flow, relax the muscle and refine overall health condition. There is no reaction on the sensitive skin that happens with several pain relief ointments.

You can use pain management medical devices for muscle, joint, back, and much more pains. The effects will last for a long time so you can complete tasks without worrying about the pain. The devices work on some chronic pains where medicines fail.

Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices – 30 Sec Quick Summary

Editor’s Choice: Kailo Pain Relief Patch

Nano capacitors block the pain signals and provide instant relief from pain. The patch works long in full body.

Best for quick pain relief: Quell Body Wearable Starter Kit with Color Relief Technology

Quickly alleviate pains stimulating nerves, muscle, and joints. Smartphone app-controlled devices ensure versatile performance.

High tech pain relief device: BioWaveGO

Use non-opioid technology to relieve body pains. Works on chronic pains for a long time.

Best electric foot massager: HailiCare Heat Therapy Massager

Knee brace with heat and vibration massage with adjustable modes. Reduce swellings, muscle spasms, and pains.

Best for light therapy: DGXINJUN Infrared

Red IR light therapy safely reduces pains for muscles and joints by improving blood flow.

Best for back pain relief: WiTouch Pro TENS

Smart and compact back pain with 15 intensities and 4 preset programs.

Best muscle stimulator: iReliev

EMS and TENS therapy relaxed muscles and pains in 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Best Pulse massager: AccuRelief

App controlled pulse massager. Ensure quick recovery by controlling electrodes remotely.

Best for quick pain management: iTens Wearable Electrotherapy

Laser printed wings body stimulator with advanced TENS therapy.

Best for knee pains: HailiCare Physiotherapy Massager

Provide heat and vibration massage on the knee joint with overheating protection. Long-lasting battery with reverse charging option.

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Comparison Chart

If you want to see our picked wearable pain relief devices at a glance, go through the comparison chart below:

Image Product Rating Price
Editor’s Choice

Kailo Pain Relief Patch

Kailo Pain Relief Patch

Check Price
Best For Quick Pain Relief

Quell Body Wearable Starter Kit

Quell Body Wearable Starter Kit

Check Price
High Tech Pain Relief Device

BioWaveGO Wearable Pain Management Devic

BioWaveGO Wearable Pain Management Devic

Check Price
Best Electric Knee Massager

HailiCare Heat Therapy Massager

HailiCare Heat Therapy Massager

Check Price
Best for Light Therapy

DGXINJUN Infrared & Red Light Therapy

DGXINJUN Infrared & Red Light Therapy

Check Price
Best For Back Pain Relief

WiTouch Pro TENS

WiTouch Pro TENS

Check Price
Best Muscle Stimulator

iReliev Wireless TENS

iReliev Wireless TENS

Check Price
Best Pulse Massager

AccuRelief Wireless Tens Unit

AccuRelief Wireless Tens Unit

Check Price
Best for Quick Pain Management

iTens Wearable Electrotherapy

iTens Wearable Electrotherapy

Check Price
Best for Knee Pains

HailiCare Physiotherapy Massager

HailiCare Physiotherapy Massager

Check Price

Top 10 Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices In 2021

Here, I have presented 10 best wearable pain relief devices in 2021 that can relieve body pains and relax you. They are fda approved pain relief devices and see below:

Best Wearable Pain Relief Devices

1. Editor’s Choice: Kailo Pain Relief Patch

Kailo Pain Relief Patch

Kailo has a nanotech-based patch that interacts with electrical signals in the body through its billions of capacitors. It can be worn either openly on the skin or over the outfit. After patching it on the body, the pains will be released within short times.

The patch is constructed in 3 layer materials, ensuring over 3 years of usage. It clings to your skin with a skin-friendly adhesive strip. An adhesive strip works for 3-7 days and you can replace a new strip for reuse.

It is totally impermeable so you can freely use it underwater or in the pool. The anti-inflammatory patch uses 100% skin-friendly adhesive and has no bad reactions. In long-term use, it does not cause any health problems.

Kailo Features:

  • Very effective for speedy pain release in the body with zero side effects.
  • It is based on acupuncture techniques and uses the human body’s electrical signals to solve pain problems.
  • The 3-layer construction ensures resistant performance in water and extreme condition.
  • Perfectly works to relieve pain from any parts of your body.
  • A patch withstands more than 3 years and the replaceable adhesive works for 3-7 days.
What I Loved
  • Zero side effects
  • Naturally relieves body pains
  • Boost brain communication
  • Nanotechnology capacitors control body signals
  • Last more than 3 years
  • Replaceable adhesive straps
  • Works on any part of the body
What Could Be Better
  • Do not work for severe pain

Where You Buy A Kailo Device?

You can buy the original Kailo Pain Relief Patch from the official website of the manufacturer. They offer special discounts with incredible packages. With each purchase, you will get a 1-month satisfaction guarantee. Get the natural pain relief solution right now. To discover more about it, go through the Kailo Review.

2. Best For Quick Pain Relief: Quell Body Wearable Starter Kit with Color Relief Technology

Quell Body Wearable Starter Kit with Color Relief Technology

Quell relieves pain in a few minutes by pressing a button. Its adjustable strap allows you to use it anywhere on the body. The neurotransmitter stimulates the nerves, blocks pain signals, and releases endorphins. Quell is integrated with a mobile app that receives data via Bluetooth and records its use and the effects on your body.

It is designed for relieving long-term pains. Each therapeutic session lasts 60 minutes and is activated by pressing the start button. You can wear it for hours without getting disturbed too much. It works through Bluetooth technology and a durable battery.

The electrodes are replaceable. In chronic pain, it gives you permanent pain relief within 30 days. You can modify the intensities of its pain relief therapy from your smart device. Designed with an adjustable strap so everyone can use it to relieve pain.

What I Loved
  • Chronic pain relief within 30 days
  • Quell app with full control
  • Replaceable electrodes
  • Use safe electrical stimulation
  • Adjustable strap
  • FDA approved
  • Record data and its effects
  • Mild skin irritation on longtime use

3. High Tech Pain Relief Device: BioWaveGO Wearable Pain Management Devic

BioWaveGO Wearable Pain Management Devic

BioWaveGO relieves pain with high-tech non-opioid technology, which is completely safe. For chronic and acute pain, it provides very effective results. It blocks pain electrically, so there are no side effects like drugs. With its deep relief, you will feel relaxed all day long.

Everyone can use the device for instant pain relief because of its versatile patented technology. You can use the skin-friendly pads almost everywhere you feel pain. Within 30 minutes, it gives you comfort for up to 24 hours.

Its modern pain relief system targets the nerve’s pain signals and blocks them. You can control the intensity level using the +/- button. Its discreet size allows you to move with it in your pocket for relieving pain anywhere, anytime.

What I Loved
  • Non-opioid pain relief technology
  • 24 hours relief on 30 minutes use
  • Relieves chronic and acute pain
  • Block nerve pain signals
  • Perfectly fits in the pocket
  • Deep relief electrodes
  • Skin-friendly pads
What Could Be Better
  • Works as normal TENS

4. Best Electric Knee Massager: HailiCare Heat Therapy Massager

HailiCare Heat Therapy Massager

HailiCare Heat Therapy Massager is specially designed to relieve knee and joint pains. The knee brace provides vibration and heat on the knee joints and muscles. It reduces muscle stiffness and tensions by improving blood flow. In swelling joints, it gives effective results.

Its unisex and adjustable design fits younger to older men and women. The heated massage works on 3 different modes so you can control the heat level as you need. It has no reactions on the skin and body on prolonged use.

The control panel in the right massager allows you to control its overall operation. It is ergonomically made with PU leather and a strong Velcro strap for long-time use. The indicators present the level of heat and vibration for your better understanding.

What I Loved
  • Heat and vibration therapy
  • Customizable knee brace
  • Soft and durable PU leather
  • Different heat, time, and vibration modes
  • Relax the overall knee areas
  • Button control panel
What Could Be Better
  • Imbalanced vibration

5. Best for Light Therapy: DGXINJUN Infrared & Red Light Therapy

DGXINJUN Infrared & Red Light Therapy

DGXINJUN Infrared uses red light therapy to reduce elbow, knee, thigh, and calf pains. Its soft Velcro strap is adjustable so that you can wear it anywhere, anytime you feel pain. The infrared light has an 880nm wavelength which does not cause negative effects on the skin and body.

After 20 minutes of use, it automatically shuts down and you can customize the time. Its LED therapy heals muscle and joint pain quickly. The connector strips allow you to use the device securely indoors and outdoors.

Its IR light-based therapy promotes blood flow on affected areas and reduces major muscle pains with quick healing. The microfleece fibers’ neat stitching ensures its longevity and durability. Also, it can effectively relieve joint pains.

What I Loved
  • Medical grade safe IR light therapy
  • Comfortable and adjustable soft fiber construction
  • Relief knee and elbow pains
  • Effective result in 20 minutes
  • Automatic shutdown
What Could Be Better
  • Not for pregnant and pacemaker users

6. Best For Back Pain Relief: WiTouch Pro TENS

WiTouch Pro TENS

WiTouch Pro TENS is one of the best back pain relief devices. A smart and patented device to heal back pains. It is integrated with WiTouch Pro to personalize its performance based on your demands. The 15 levels of intensities and 4 programs ensure quick back pain relief.

Its TENs therapy blocks the pain signals using electrical impulses. The therapy provides quick pain relief and effects last for a long time. It is powered with AAA size batteries. Reusable gel pads ensure proper stimulation and skin-friendly prolonged use.

Flexible silicone contour covers a large area on the spine. The waveform technology is safe and pro-level strength. You can use it over and under clothes. Its setup is very simple, like other wearable gadgets. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can freely connect the device with the app.

What I Loved
  • Small and flexible design
  • App integration with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Safe and reusable gel pads
  • Patented waveform technology
  • 15 intensities and 4 therapy programs
  • Runs with AAA size batteries
  • Correct alignment with the spine
What Could Be Better
  • Pairing problem with iOS devices

7. Best Muscle Stimulator: iReliev Wireless TENS

iReliev Wireless TENS

iReliev has wireless 14 EMS and TENS units that stimulate the muscle and joint to reduce pain. The electrodes are easy and safe to use in the pained area. You will see its result in 5 to 60 minutes of use. All units are visible with backlit for quick operation at dark moments.

The stimulators are reused by recharging the li-ion battery. It does not cause reactions after prolonged use. You can control all units through a wireless remote controller. The portable therapy system has complete control over all chronic pain.

You can switch the range with 25 intensities. Its electrical stimulation prevents the pain signals that come from brains and spinal cords. The battery provides up to 1 and a half hours of non-stop performance on a full charge.

What I Loved
  • Provide deep stimulation for relieving muscle and joint pain
  • A back-lit display ensures clear visibility
  • Wireless EMS and TENS electrodes
  • Easy remote controller
  • Long-lasting battery backup
  • Increase blood flow and muscle strength
  • Slow menu navigation on the remote screen

8. Best Pulse Massager: AccuRelief Wireless Tens Unit

AccuRelief Wireless Tens Unit

AccuRelief is a smart pulse massager that is easy to control with the integrated app. It is included with EMS and TENS stimulators with adjustable 60 level intensities. You will get a quick recovery from muscle and joint pain with the wireless device.

It has 14 preset programs that suit your needs. Powered with AAA-li-ion batteries for prolonged use. The electrode pads fit on the skin with safe adhesives. You can easily control the functions with wireless controllers.

Get instant relief on muscle and joint pain using its TENS and massage therapy. All functions of the stimulator can be controlled from the AccuRelief app. It has a dual-channel system for relaxing muscle from severe contraction with relieving pain.

What I Loved
  • Dual electrical stimulation for pain and muscle contraction
  • Effective pulse massager
  • 60 intensities with 14 preset programs
  • Skin-friendly electrode adhesive pads
  • Works with li-ion and AAA batteries
  • Provide electrical massage
  • Remote and app control system
What Could Be Better
  • Sometimes it overheats

9. Best for Quick Pain Management: iTens Wearable Electrotherapy

iTens Wearable Electrotherapy

iTens Wearable Electrotherapy has two laser printed wings that stimulate nerves and quickly reduce muscle pain. The wings provide rotational flexibility to cover a large area. It is easy to activate from the integrated app. You can select from the preset or manual programs.

It allows you to set the intensity levels and frequency according to your comfort. The chart results help you to understand the pain relief percentage. Its slim and flexible design allows you to use it under dresses.

The sticky gel does not hurt your skin. A gel pad provides 10-15 times application. It works better for severe back pains, arthritis, and nerve-related pains using TENS therapy. Simply push the button to get instant pain relief. In full charge, it works all day long.

What I Loved
  • Present and manual programs
  • Flexible rotating wings
  • TENS therapy
  • Controlled from the app
  • Long-lasting gel pads
  • Pain scale chart
  • Pain management with electrotherapy
What Could Be Better
  • Not recommended for ICD and pacemaker patients

10. Best for Knee Pains: HailiCare Physiotherapy Massager

HailiCare Physiotherapy MassagerHailiCare Physiotherapy Massager uses vibration and heat therapy to heal knee pains. The knee support brace is designed with soft fleece and has a strong Velcro strap to fit everyone. Its anti-thermal module protects your knee from overheating.

The 3000mAh battery provides 2-3 hours of non-stop healing performance at the high-intensity level. Also, you can use the battery as a power bank. You can adjust the heat and vibration massage level from 3 different modes.

It heals stinging in bones, numbness in muscle, and swelling in joints. With the integrated buttons and indicators, you can apply pain management therapy correctly.  The heat and vibration massage modes can be applied separately.

What I Loved
  • 3 levels of heat and vibration massage therapy
  • Universal fit on the upper leg
  • Massive battery with reverse charging option
  • Prevent overheating with an anti-thermal module
  • LED indicator and buttons for easy control
What Could Be Better
  • Allergic reaction on injured knees

Things to Look for When Buying Wearable Pain Relief Device

Before buying the best wearable pain relief devices, you have to follow these criteria indicated below:

Things to Look for When Buying Wearable Pain Relief Device


Is the wearable pain relief device easy to handle? The design of a wearable pain relief device presents its quality. Also, check the build-quality and materials of the selected device. Good devices will perform longer so your investment will be worthy.


These outputs are related to the number of outputs the wearable pain relief device has to be able to use more or fewer electrodes. We want to apply different massages to different body parts at the same time. Go for the multiple output integrated device.

Type of massages:

All wearable pain relief devices are not the same. See what type of massaging your selected pain relief device is providing. The most used massage therapies are electric stimulation, TENS, heat and vibration massages.


The electrode’s quality and quantity should be considered. Multiple electrodes provide multiple pain relief at a time. Also, check the safety of the adhesives that are used to stick electrodes on the skin.


The number and type of preset programs of a wearable pain relief device are very important for its efficient use. You can use it for different purposes.

Final Verdict

Wearable pain relief devices help to relieve chronic pains from all parts of our body. They block the pain signals from the spinal cord and brain. Also, stimulate the muscle to ensure relaxation. The total pain relief happens without any side effects. Here, I have highlighted the best wearable pain relief devices and I would like to recommend the Kailo Pain Relief Patch.

The patch has nanotechnology-based capacitors that control the pain signals to alleviate pain naturally. You can use a patch for over 3 years by replacing the adhesive straps after 3 to 7 days. It relieves pain from most of the major muscles and joints.

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