Bit Watch Review [2022] – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/scam?


Smartwatches become a very useful and trendy device nowadays because of their outstanding features and benefits. With the right smartwatch, your lifestyle becomes so easier and organized. It works like a digital personal assistant and helps to complete half of the work of your everyday life. As the market is full of smartwatches finding the right one is a little bit tricky.

Just 7 months ago, I was searching for an affordable, multi-functional, and high-quality smartwatch for me. During my research, I saw that some of the smartwatches are overpriced and some are less functional except I found this “Bit Watch”. With all the latest features and functionality this smartwatch is an absolute choice for everyone.

Tracking your workout, monitoring your health, controlling your smartphone, everything you can do with this outstanding masterpiece. After using this BiT Watch these days, I have become a big fan of it. This is the reason, I’m writing this BiT Watch Review to share my experience with you. So that you get a complete idea about this gem!

What Is Bit Watch

Bit Watch is one of the latest and highly functional smartwatches that ruling the market with its outstanding features and very fashionable design. It is a dual timekeeping hybrid watch that is combined with analog and digital features. The watch is very much lightweight and it perfectly fits everyone’s wrist. Along with all the latest smartwatch features, it comes with health and sports functions. With health function, you can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and the level of oxygen in the blood.

What Is Bit Watch

It also assists you to track the quality of your sleep. Its sports function allows you to track the progress of your workout. You can count your steps, measures the calories you burn, and the kilometers you walk or run. Besides, the watch is IP67 waterproof certified that protects your watch from sweat and water splashes. Moreover, like other smartwatches, you can get all the notifications of your phone through this watch.

As a result, you don’t need to glue your face on the screen of your phone.  To alert you about the notification, it uses a vibration system so you don’t have to check your watch again and again to get the update of any notifications. With a single charge, it lasts for 15  days long and you’ll get a dedicated fast charger to recharge it. To ensure your comfort and help you to wear the watch for a long period of time, the steps of this watch are made with silica gel materials.

What Makes Bit Watch so Special

The outstanding features and the fashionable design is the main attraction of this smartwatch. Right down this BiT Watch Review section, I’m going to add some of the exclusive features of this watch that I’ve enjoyed these days.

What Makes Bit Watch so Special

Health Function:

The health function of this smartwatch works like your digital health assistant. It comes with advanced heart rate sensors to monitor your heart rate. You can check your blood pressure and the level of oxygen in the blood. It also helps you to track the time of your sleep to measure the quality of your sleep.

Sports Function:

This function is designed to track the progress of your workout. With the help of this watch pedometer, you can count your steps, measure the distance you walk/run, etc. Besides that, you can also check the calories you burned during any workout session.


The BiT Watch comes with IP67 water-resistant certified. That means it is protected from dust, sweat, and any kind of water splashes. As a result, wearing this watch during your workout, sweat won’t make any damage as well as you can walk in the rain without any worries.

Design and Comfort:

Design and comfort are the trump card of this smartwatch. It is basically a hybrid design smartwatch that comes with a combination of analog and digital features. This actually boosts up the elegance of this watch and blows everyone’s mind. Besides that, the silica gel staps of this watch ensure your comfort and allow you to wear it for a long period of time.

Battery and Powered:

BiT Watch comes with a good power backup system. It has a 90mah battery that will provide you long 15-days standby power backup. With continuous and extreme use, I got 6-7days of power back up with a single charge. Moreover, you will get a fast charger with the watch through that you can recharge the watch within half hours.

Display and Brightness:

The smartwatch is featured with 0.96 inches IPS touch-sensitive display. Through that, you can control your phone, get all the notifications and health and fitness measurement data. Because of its punchy screen, you can operate the watch comfortably in daylight and nighttime.

Why Do You Really Need The BiT Watch?

If you’re looking for a smartwatch to control your phone remotely and track your health and fitness data. Then the BiT Watch is the perfect choice for you. The smartwatch comes with so many outstanding features to assist in your daily life activities. It is your personal health and fitness assistant that helps you to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality, tacking your steps,  calories, etc.

Why Do You Really Need The BiT Watch

Simply by using this watch, you can easily achieve your fitness target. Besides that, you will get all the notifications of your smartphone in real-time through it a vibration alert system. The watch is IP67 water-resistant certified so you don’t need to worry about dust, sweat, and water splashes. It perfectly works with the Android & IOS operating systems.

Moreover, this smartwatch provides you a long 15-days standby power backup with a single charge. If you continuously use it then you’ll get 6-7 days of nonstop power backup. To get all the above features and advantages in a smartwatch, you definitely have to go for this BiT Watch.

How Does BiT Watch Work?

BiT Watch comes with all the latest technology and advanced functionality that you could expect from a smartwatch. It’s equipped with powerful sensors and a 3D acceleration system to provide you all of your fitness parameters accurately. The 0.96 inches IPS touch-sensitive display of the smartwatch assists you to control your phone, get all the notification and measurement data.

How Does BiT Watch Work

It connects with your phone with a 4.0 Bluetooth connection. By using the JYOU Pro app, you can observe all of your fitness and health measurement data. The watch has a 90mah battery that provides you 15 days standby and 6-7 days continuous use power backup with a single charge.

How Can I Use  BiT Watch?

Well, this is a very generic question if you’re going to use a smartwatch for the 1st time. Don’t worry, right down this segment, I’m going to show you the easiest process that I follow to use this BiT Watch.

How Can I Use BiT Watch

Step-1: First, I open the strap of the BiT Watch and wear it on my left hand.

Step-2: After that, I turn on the watch by pressing the power switch.

Step-3: Then, I install the JYOU Pro app on my smartphone and pair the BiT Watch with my phone through its Bluetooth connection.

Step-4: After completing all these steps, I adjust the time of the watch based on my local time. Impressively the watch has a dual time zone which is very useful while you’re roaming other countries.

Once the setup is complete, I can use the watch during my workout time, track my physical condition, getting notifications. And,  of course, for controlling my phone remotely.

  • The watch has advanced sensors and a 3D acceleration system to measure your fitness and health-related data.
  • It offers a dual time zone to help you to accomplish multipurpose activities.
  • Vibration alert system for notification.
  • Features a 0.96 inches touch-sensitive IPS display for controlling and tracking.
  • IP67 water-resistant to protect your phone from dust and water.
  • Staps are made with silica gel to ensure your comfort.
  • 6-7 days continuous power backup along with 15-days standby power backup.
  • Easy-to-use UI design.
  • Limited stocks.
  • Can only purchase from its manufacturer website.

What Are Bit Watch Customers Saying?

Surprisingly, all the customers are very much positive about this watch like me. Most of them are saying that it is the best smartwatch within this budget and it offers all the latest features. I’ve studied almost 450+ real customer reviews and all of them have a positive vibe about this watch.

What are BiT Watch customers saying

People love its user-friendly design and its fashionable look. They said it works as a personal doctor, a physical trainer as it provides them, health and fitness-relevant data in real-time. Actually, people are loving the fact that they are getting all the latest smartwatch features within an affordable price range.

Is BiT Watch Scam?

Undoubtedly, the BiT Watch is not a scam. It’s a completely real smartwatch that comes with all the features as it promised. But the question that arises in your mind: is this watch scam or real is a very common thing if you heard about it for the 1st time.

Is BiT Watch scam

This watch has a dual-time facility, heart sensor monitor, sedentary reminder, pedometer, and what not? You get every single thing that you could expect from a premium smartwatch.  It has an IP67 water-resistant certification also. I personally experienced all the features mention above so if you want to get this watch, go for it without any doubt.

Where Can I Purchase The BiT Watch?

To get this BiT Watch, you have to visit its manufacturer’s website. Because the producer of this sports smartwatch only sells its watch on its official website. Even, I’ve got mine from their official site and the watch works absolutely fine.

Moreover, by purchasing the watch from their website you may get some promo discounts which are currently going on. If you purchase the watch during the promo period, you will get a huge 50% discount on your purchase. To help you in quick access right below this segment, I’m adding their official site link.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that will arise in your mind while reading this BiT Watch Review. Right below this section, I’m giving some answers to those questions that people frequently asked about this watch.

Does a smartwatch work without a telephone?

Yes, you can use a smartwatch without a telephone and enjoy time and other physical parameters. But to get the statistics and other tracking data you might need a smartphone.

Can Bit watch track sleep precisely?

No doubt that the BiT Watch can perfectly track your sleeping time and provide you a statistical data by measuring your sleeping quality.

Is Bit watch suitable for swimming?

Well, BiT Watch is IP67 water-resistant certified. So, you can swim with this watch without any worries. But don’t spend a long time under the water by wearing this watch.

What if customers are displeased with BiT Watch?

In such a case, BiT Watch provides a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, if any customer is unhappy with the watch they can return it within 30-days from purchasing and get back their money.

How long will it take to receive BiT Watch?

Actually, the time length varies on your location. If you’re from the USA, it takes only 48-72 hours. Outside of the USA take a maximum of 7 days to receive the watch.

Final Thought

If you’re here at the conclusion section of the BiT Watch Review, I believe now you have a complete idea about this watch. BiT Watch is a perfect choice for people who are looking for a smartwatch with health and fitness parameters.

With this multipurpose sports smartwatch, you can control your smartphone remotely and achieve your fitness goal. With continuous use, the watch lasts 6-7 days on a single charge. As it is IP67 water-resistant you can confidently wear it in all weather conditions.

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