Bondic vs Blufixx: In-Depth Comparison Guide 2021

, March 16, 2021

We have lots of favorite objects that we didn’t want to let go of easily. If those things get broken or required fixing, then we need some incredible tools to fix them. To make this purpose successful, we’re to start the debate between Bondic vs Blufixx welders.

However, both of them are liquid welders that can easily bond, repair, or fill many surfaces within a few moments. Bondic is capable of joining material within three seconds using the UV rays. On the contrary, Blufixx works the same as Bondic to fix different materials within a few seconds. But it supports fewer materials than Bondic.

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Comparison Chart:

Here, on-point comparison of Bondic and Blufixx repairing glue for any surface that you want to join.

Details of Product  Bondic Blufixx
UV light Yes Yes
Dry Time Only 3 Seconds A few Seconds
 Waterproof Yes No
Heat- resistance Yes Yes
Solvent Free Yes Yes
Resistance against chemicals Yes No
Resilient Yes No
Get Dry No Yes
Design and Structure Strong and Simple Simple
Where To Buy Bondic Blufixx

Bondic vs Blufixx: What is The Difference?

The Bondic and Blufixx are capable of joining materials that are impossible using ordinary super glue or any other repairing tools. These modern tools can work amazingly fast to repair your broken materials. Here are a few key differences of the Bondic vs Blufixx repair:

Bondic vs Blufixx: What is The Difference?

1. What Is It?


If you want to join broken materials within no time, you should go with this plastics adhesive tool, Bondic. The Bondic is capable of soldering iron using UV light. Most of the plastic liquid hardens or dries out over time, but Bondic always remains liquid and usable for a long time.

Unlike other glue materials, which are messy but Bondic is neat, and it provides a permanent solution to this kind of problem. Bondic UV light allows you to any broken materials of your objects. However, you can use this tool in every material like metal, PVC plastic, rubber, leather, wood, and much more. You can use this adhesive tool underwater, in sunlight, cold, and dishwasher.


Blufixx is a UV light pen that cures different broken materials to join them. Blufixx allows you to repair, fix, fill, and reconstruct any material. It works with a repair gel that cures any material rock-solid instantly by LED.

The gel remains liquid until it hits the UV light of the tool, which is harmless. It works within a few seconds of applying. You can use it for repairing your favorite objects that you do not want to let go of.

2. How to Use It?

How to Use It


Bondic is a fixing tool that is very easy to use and risk-free because it is a toxic chemical-free tool. Let’s see how to use it easily –

  • You have to put the surface of the broken material flat before you.
  • Properly apply the liquid plastic on the broken surface so that it can be perfectly irradiated by UV light.
  • After applying liquid plastic, you start to irradiate it with UV light, which will get hardened within a few seconds. Also, you can use additional liquid or layers of liquid plastics if it seems necessary.
  • You can re-sand or paint the broken materials to finish your job where the plastics liquid is transparent.
  • You cannot use it in sunlight because the sun has similar UV radiation that hardens the liquid.


You can use Blufixx very easily without any complications. If you follow some basic rules, you can use the Blufixx profoundly. Let’s see the steps –


  • To get started, you should clean the area properly to remove any kind of dirt from that surface.
  • Now, you have to apply the adhesive liquid on the broken surface of the materials. The adhesive’s color is light brown.
  • Turn around the pen and remove its safety ring.
  • To start using the tool, press the LED button.
  • After that, you have to shine the UV light over liquid adhesives for a few seconds.
  • The gel will turn into rock-solid repair.
  • Now you can transform the liquid into your liking by polishing and painting it.

3. Point of Benefits of Use This


Every product in the market comes up with some unique benefit. Here are some benefits of Bondic materials fixer.

  • A perfect bond between broken parts
  • Works on every kind of material
  • Heat, water, sunlight, and cold resistance.
  • Toxic-free liquid
  • Solvent Free
  • It does not make the finger sticky as glue does.
  • This plastic liquid does not get dried.


Blufixx is an amazing tool that can easily joint different materials within a few seconds, and it also has some benefits given below –

  • It fixes material with a rock-solid bond.
  • Solvent-free
  • Heat resistance
  • Works on different materials
  • The perfect placing of UV light in a pen.
  • Simple design and structure

4. Where to Buy?


If you already decided to buy the Bondic glue tool, I can show you a convenient place to buy it. If you search it on google, you will find lots of different online platforms where you can buy.


I will suggest you buy it from their official website at an affordable price and fast delivery. You will also get several discounts and offers from there.

Get Bondic Now


Blufixx can be bought from different places around online stores. If you decided to buy it because of its amazing features, I could give you a suggestion for that. Though there are lots of different online platforms to buy this product, the best choice would be their official website.

Bondic vs Blufixx: Which One is Better?

Both the tool Bondic and Blufixx will do a better job of repairing things than ordinary glues. These are amazing that help us to make our work easier. This tool does not create a mess during repair materials like standard glues. Bondic is an extraordinary repairing tool with waterproof, chemical-free plastic liquid and supports types of materials.  Bondic also works very much faster.

On the other hand, Blufixx is a repairing tool that works amazingly in joining broken materials. It has a few amazing features that are better than ordinary glues but a little less efficient and effective than Bondic.

Here, I will suggest that Bondic glue for you to repair your objects consists of different materials in Bondic vs Blufixx comparison. If you want to buy it, click the link to buy Bondic.

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