Bondic vs Lazer Bond – Which is best?

, December 5, 2020

The Bondic and Lazer bond is the liquid plastic welder that can bond, build, repair and fill many surfaces. But they have a difference in design, works and structure. Lazer bond can join a material within 3 seconds using the UV ray and you can paint over it without any problems.

On the other side, Bondic works the same as Lazer bond to fix any material and you can use it underwater, sunlight and dishwasher. In this article, we will discuss the comparison of the Bondic vs Lazer bond. Let’s discover which is better?

Bondic Vs Lazer Bond: Key Differences

The Bondic and Lazer bond join the unrepairable materials that are impossible with regular super glue. They have differences in use and work, so we only focus on the main key differences between Bondic vs Lazer bond. Let’s dive into it.

Bondic vs lazer bond: Key differences

1. What is it?


Bondic is a liquid plastic soldering iron that hardens under UV LED light. Liquid plastic is capable of gluing what a regular glue cannot. It can also be used to apply an extra layer of plastic for gadgets, cables or any other component that needs it. Its operation is quite simple. This glue pen allows us to extend the useful life of many of our devices, which will result in less waste and less pollution by not having to manufacture new ones.

Lazer bond

The Lazer Bond generates a liquid plastic solder compound that allows you to fix anything in seconds. It is not a glue or a standard adhesive, so it does not stick and does not stick. This pen-shaped tool has liquid plastic with powerful ultraviolet light to form a permanent bond. It can join fabric, plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood and more.

2. How Does It Work?


The Bondic looks like a regular pen shape that works on plastic liquid and ultra-violet light. After putting the liquid, lights up over the broken part to the joint immediately. The UV light helps to harden the liquid and the joint the broken part permanently. The UV light located at the end of the pen and the tube holds the plastic liquid. Within 4 seconds, it can join any material faster.

Lazer bond

The Lazer bond is constructed with a UV light at the end of the pen and resin in a pen-like tube. It creates a solid bond between the broken parts using the resin and ultraviolet light. The bond can withstand up to 350 to 400 pounds of weight. You can use it under sunlight, rain and wet places. Also, you can sand and paint over the bond because the bond is permanent and flexible.

3. What Is It Used For?


Bondic is the first liquid plastic welder that joins any materials where a superglue fails. Let’s see below the Bondic’s features:

3. What Is It Used For

  1. Dry time: After applying the plastic liquid on the broken surface, it takes almost 4 seconds to join the part using the UV lights. The joint becomes flexible and strong, so it is difficult to break the second time.
  2. Safety: It has no toxic chemical on the tube so that our skin will be safe. Also, its UV light completely dries all liquid and doesn’t leave any messes. So, you can say goodbye to sticky fingers.
  3. Design and structure: Bondic is made with a plastic tube that contains the plastic liquid and a UV light at the end of the pen. The liquid can be used 70 to 80 times without and you have to refill it again.
  4. Use: The glue pen can be used under the dishwasher, sunlight because it creates a strong bond between the cracked materials. You can hardly break the joint with hand pressure.

Lazer bond

Lazer bond is the resin-based UV welder that can join any materials by creating solid materials. Let’s see the features and use of the Lazer bond:

  1. Dry time: The Lazer bond takes only 3 seconds to dry the resin material on the cracked materials. It fixes the surface by filling, fastening and sealing. Also, the UV lights should be used over the resin.
  2. Safety: Its liquid resin is solvent-free, so you have no risk of damage if it sticks on your skin. If anyone accidentally swallows the resin material, it can be harmful.
  3. Use: Its liquid materials are resin, so you have to apply when the surface is dry. Also, it works on the wet and hot weather but sometimes fails to join the cracked part in those conditions.
  4. Design and structure: It has resin in the pen-shaped tube and has UV light at the end of the tube, which is different from the Bondic in design. The structure of the UV light is a little bit different from the Bondic and works well.

4. Working Material

Working material


Bondic works on dry, wet, hot, cold and all types of surfaces. You can fox glass, plastic, fabric, PVC, leather, ceramic and metal materials. It creates a long-lasting bond between the broken parts, so it provides a strong bond forever.

Lazer bond

Lazer bond has a non-sticky and solvent-free resin that provides waterproof and heatproof protection. You can fix metal, plastic, wood, leather, fabric and more within seconds.

5. Pros & Cons

Bondic and Lazer bond has pros and cons like other products and nothing is 100% perfect.


  • A strong and solid bond
  • No chemical and toxic elements
  • Mess-free
  • Works on all materials
  • Heat and water-resistant
  • Long-lasting holds
  • Buy new plastic liquid refills

Lazer bond

  • Fix all cracked materials
  • Solvent-free
  • Water and heat resistant
  • No-sticky resin
  • Fast-acting
  • Need to replace liquid resin and it is costly

6. Price


We always suggest everyone buy Bondic from their official website that we have already noted here. It’s the official and the regular price is 27 dollars. You can get extra discount offers on multiple purchases at a time.

Lazer bond

The Lazer bond’s price is about 12 to 17 dollars. It can be changed on different occasions because the manufacturer offers a discount. You can purchase it from Amazon, eBay and other trusted platforms.

Bondic Vs Lazer Bond – Which Is Best?

In this Bondic vs lazer bond comparison, we recommend the Bondic as the best plastic liquid welder. Bondic’s design, structure and quality are one step ahead than the Lazer bond. In the Lazer bond, the liquid resin is weaker than the plastic liquid. The plastic liquid creates a solid and strong bond that is difficult to break.Bondic vs lazer bond - Which is best

Both work fine with all types of surfaces and materials. You will not face sticky messes while using them to fix broken items. The bondic liquid tube can perform 70 to 80 times and Lazer Bond performs up to 50 times with the full tube liquid resin. After all, Bondic is the best UV welder to fix any materials.

Final Thought

We have presented the complete comparison of Bondic vs lazer bond. Both work to fix broken materials within seconds. They are mess-free, so your skin will be saved while applying the solution to join things.

You can fix all types of materials and surfaces with a solid and strong bond. At the end of the comparison, the Bondic is better than the Lazer bond. However, they work in the same way, but Bondic is one step ahead in structure and performance.

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