Bondic Review [2022] – Is it Really Better Then Glue!


I hear about Bondic all time and finally, I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? After about 4 repairs, I’m really getting it done. I used Bondic glue to solder plastic and repair broke electrical wire bonds instead of using the usual electrical tape. I also used it to reinforce my Bluetooth headset cable and the phone charger cable. The product is lightweight and easy to use.

Nowadays, it is normal to have many objects, accessories, and items made of different materials. Unfortunately, nothing lasts always and they are likely to break. This is a problem because when we want to fix them, the glue has no longer affects plastic items, jewelry, heels, belts, USB cables, etc. For this reason, I found a quick solution to these problems within just 4 seconds and it allows me to fix anything without a problem and it is the Bondic UV glue.

What is Bondic Glue?

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Bondic is the most efficient and innovative liquid plastic welding system that uses liquid plastic that solidifies in a few seconds when exposed to UV light. The idea of the device derives from the material that dental practitioners use. It is the first liquid plastic welder that can be used on almost all materials to create permanent bonds. It is a tool that allows the liquid plastic to solidify in 4 seconds. It can work where traditional glue does not work.

The Bondic glue looks like a pen, easy to handle and has an internal built-in small Ultraviolet light bulb powered by a battery that reinforces the liquid used to fix the parts of a broken object. At the other end, there is a small pump from which the liquid plastic for repairs of the objects you want to fix comes out. The nice thing that I noticed is that the liquid used to glue the parts you want does not harden until you use the UV light.

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Bondic Vs Glue: Which Is Better?

Bondic and regular tubes of glue is not the same things because Bondic works with special UV light and glue works with sticky materials. Also, there are several differences between them. Below, I will share the differences and solve the puzzle: which is better.

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Bondic glue can restore substances with reparation method and broken plastic objects set permanently. In this case, if you use glue, it will add the broken objects temporarily and anytime it could be broken again. The glue pen can adjust adhesive strength on various types of surfaces and joints the objectives by combining which the normal glue cannot perform but has adhesive strength on different surfaces. A regular glue is perfect for a simple use like joining a plastic bottle, toy, drinking glass, etc. and as opposed to Bondic can be used in milling, sanding, polishing and painting jobs.

A normal glue takes time to dry and we have to grab both broken parts altogether. On the other side, Bondic doesn’t need to dry so it can be used while the plastic bottle is wet. Also, the Bondic is a perfect solution for filling and sealing that a broken plastic object will look like new after using it. If you use glues, an uneven spot will be created, which will set forever. The joints done by Bondic glue can resist -40 degrees to 150 degrees Celsius, where a glue joint started to melt or broken at a high and low temperature so the connected parts will be separated again. After all, Bondic is better than glue. Because the Bondic glue makes a stronger bond than the regular one.

Top Class Features of Bondic

As I said before, it looks like the best ally when the glue fails. Here is the top class feature of the UV glue gun that I got by using Bondic glue:

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  1. Super resistance: Unlike glue, which is only a sticky and ineffective stain for fixing objects, liquid plastic allows you to obtain objects that are repaired and long-lasting. This liquid plastic welder sets objects with high durability. Unlike other glue blends that only produce sticky stains that peel off.
  2. Convenience: It is not sticky, it does not stick to your fingers and in just 4 seconds, you get the desired results.
  3. Savings: When we use glue or other home remedies to fix what has broken, it often happens that, not being effective, we have to buy them again. With this tool, we can effectively repair personal goods avoiding repurchasing them saving more money. But not only is it also very cheap and affordable.
  4. Easy to use: It is simple to use and does not require specific technical knowledge. Also, it safe for everyone because it has no toxic elements and doesn’t require heat that makes it more convenient.
  5. Never dry out: Most of us experienced that glue dries out in the tube even it was capped well. But, Bondic won’t dry out because it is not a regular glue so that you can use it for more than 1 year.

Bondic: Pros and Cons

Bondic immediately repairs cracks and fragmentations with a single application in the problem area, without having to incur the purchase of various products to weld plastic or repair the damaged item. Below, I will present the pros and cons of the bondic UV glue that I experienced. Have a look below:

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  • It provides solid and efficient attach within 4 seconds. After using it, the joints last forever. It works fine on wood, metal, plastic, ceramic etc. effectively. It will not make fingers sticky that glue does. 100% waterproof and safe to use. In cold or hot weather, it never dries out like glue.
  • Refills need to buy again.

How to Use Bondic? Step by Step Guide

Bondic is easy to use and completely risk-free because it has no harmful chemicals. Let’s now see together how to use the Bondic glue by following these simple steps:

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  1. Put the surface of the object or material you want to fix.
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  1. Apply the liquid plastic, making sure that everything can then be irradiated by UV.
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  1. Subsequently, it irradiates with UV light the liquid plastic, which will harden within 4 seconds. Also, you can apply additional liquid plastic if you deem it necessary. It is possible to apply several layers in case of need.
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  1. If you want, you can finish your work by re-sanding it or painting it (the material is transparent).
  2. Be careful not to use it in sunlight. Sunlight contains the same UV radiation that hardens liquid plastic.
  3. Once set, the material is transparent and resists temperatures ranging from -40 ° to + 150 °C.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Use Bondic?

Before using the Bondic, I recommend to read the instruction for a better service. They are mentioned below:

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  • Do not use this welding gun directly in sunlight.
  • Please note that as Bondic glue is hardened, its temperature resistance is down to -40 ° C and + 150 ° C.
  • The chemical components of the gun are compatible with a large number of original materials: wood, metallurgical, plastic, fabric and resin.
  • You can repair electronic accessories such as computers, televisions, mobile cables, fabrics, shoes, jewelry, handles, etc.

How to Quickly Remove Bondic?

While I was joining my phone’s USB charging cable, some spot of Bondic fall on my table, below, I will show how I remove Bondic quickly without doing any damage.

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At first, I took a sharp shove and started to dislodge for few seconds to remove adhesive properties. Make sure that the sharp shove should not be a blade. You can use a toothpick or plastic object instead of it if you are not skilled to use the sharp shove.

Gently, rub the sport and after a while, you will see that the Bondic glue spot is removed. Sometimes, I need to use a knife when the amount of spots was big. Everything is depending on your control and use.

What to Do if You Get Bondic on Your Skin?

Does bondic fall on your skin? Once the same thing happened with me and below, I share my tricks to remove bondic on your skin.

At first, place the skin under running water for a while and rub with soap gently. If you have not a faucet or run water near you, you can use liquid that can break the bondic bond easily. You can use low, warm water that can melt the adhesive and never apply boiling water. After rubbing with soap and water, it will remove without damaging your skin.

Is Bondic scam?

When I hear about the Bondic and I purchased it to test, is it a scam or real? After getting the Bondic glue, I applied to several items like a plastic jug, drinking glass, and USB charger cable. Its performance amazed me because it restores my things within a few seconds. At first, I thought it was a regular type of glue because it has adhesive liquid in the tube. But it is completely different from glue and works fine on all materials by making a durable bond. It looks like a magic item to me for its sealing, insulating, fixing, and restoring capacity without any damage. After all, I said that it is a real product and not a scam.

Where I Can Buy It?

If you decided to buy the Bondic glue, I would show you how I purchased it at an affordable price with quick delivery. If you search on google, you will see many pages and online platforms and prices are different from each other. So, I purchased the Bondic from their official website. They provide faster delivery and the duration will vary from your location and country. Also, you can get it from Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

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According to their official website, if you purchase 3 Bondic at a time, you will get 2 free. It means that you will get 5 bondic at the price of 3 items. But, I purchased 2 Bondic and they gift me 1 extra because I have to do several tasks. If you are a single user, you can buy a single package. In addition, you will be refunded within 30 days in case the product is faulty.

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Frequently Asked Question

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about Bondic glue.

Can you use Bondic on teeth?

Bondic was mainly used to bond teeth, fix teeth and fill cavities easily without pain. Now, we use it for joining material and still now doctors are using it for teeth repairing and fixing. So, you can use it on the teeth without any hesitation but beware of skin.

Is Bondic toxic?

Bondic is a UV light glue that contains adhesive materials that are not toxic. The adhesive dries when it comes to connection with UV light for 4 seconds and at that time, if it falls on your skin, it should be removed with soap and water.

Does Bondic work on wood?

It works fine on wood, but you should sand the wood before applying it. Otherwise, it cannot work correctly due to dust and other chemicals. Also, it can joint fabric and thin metal items quickly.

Can bondic be used for the dishwasher?

Bondic is water-resistant and heatproof, so you can quickly bond any materials and dishwashers regularly. Before fixing dishwasher joints, dry it properly or wipe out the water drop with a microfiber cloth.

Can bondic be used against or underwater?

Yes, it can be used underwater or against water because its 100% waterproof and after joining the broken parts, water cannot affect the joint anymore. Also, you will not face any difficulties while using the glue in water.

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Final Thought

How many times have you not seen yourself in this situation of buying something and it is damaged almost immediately? Hence, you end up repairing it temporarily with adhesive tape and glue? Have you not had to fix a bumper using red lead to avoid that comes off? Bondic glue is perfect for those who want to solve the joint immediately.

From the Bondic reviews, I can point out that it is the ideal solution to fix any object. Gluing and adjusting any type of material eliminates the use of sticky glue. I’ll list what I noticed: It works most effectively in layers and on clean and rough surfaces (sand before using it). Try to avoid the UV glue contact with the skin. Be careful not to swallow it and keep it away from children under 12 years. Make sure you take it all together, avoiding future mistakes.

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