Bytefence vs Avast – What is the Best Antivirus?

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bytefence vs avast

Choosing between Bytefence vs Avast, what is the best antivirus? Antivirus software will still be required in 2022 to protect against real-time threats, but choosing between Avast and ByteFence is different. Antivirus software and other security measures are your best first line of defense against viruses and other cyber threats on your PCs and even cellphones. Both offer free basic protection and more advanced subscription plans that do all the heavy lifting in the background to keep your devices safe from security threats. But which one should you choose?

Controversies Of Antivirus

The most basic form of cybersecurity is antivirus software. Unfortunately, flawless software that will safeguard your data from all risks does not exist. This is a substantial loss of customer trust, especially in the recent incident involving select antivirus vendors selling user data. Furthermore, a troubling trend has emerged of counterfeit antivirus software masquerading as authentic software. Hacks are designed to work around well-known applications.

Hackers test viruses on all important programs before spreading them. As a result of the abundance of possibilities, selecting an antivirus program can be tricky.

bytefence vs avast

Comparison of Bytefence vs Avast

Let’s go over the strong background and features these solutions offer.

Product Overview

Avast is a well-known antivirus software company. As part of its aim to construct a better digital environment that benefits everyone, Avast boasts 435 million monthly active users, 30 years of proud innovation, and 1.5 billion cyberattacks averted per month. Avast One is the rebranded consumer protection suite from Avast, which combines antivirus, VPN, privacy, and security solutions to keep you safe online.

Avast One now provides great all-around security, even in the free edition, thanks to various powerful capabilities. Without a doubt, the pricier versions offer more security. The free version will adequately protect most home users.

ByteFence is an antivirus program that finds and removes malware. Byte Technologies developed it in the United States. It offers a free and paid version and a team of developers who create malware protection solutions and technology. This app and other free apps downloaded from the Internet are installed by adware programs.

As a result, several users feel it is risky and untrue. Overall, it provides good protection against adware. It also integrates effectively with other antivirus software to give sufficient protection for everyday use and work. The company now has over 59 million users worldwide and has stopped over 66 million malware infections.

bytefence vs avast


Avast allows users to choose between two plans right away.

The Avast One Essential is a free edition that comes with all essential security measures. This antivirus protection will suffice if you don’t need anything more than a trial.

Avast One for $50.28 per year, you get everything from free and premium security memberships to SecureLine VPN and Cleanup Premium services.

For $69.48 per year, the Avast Premium Security can get real-time wifi security warnings, the Ransomware Shield, and camera protection, and also offers a free 60-day Premium trial.

Bytefence is also available in two options.

ByteFence is a free antivirus with real-time malware and crapware scanning that you may use.

ByteFence Pro provides basic antivirus protection and a few useful customizable options. It helps you save a lot of money. A three-year subscription will set you back $1.39 per month, a one-year license will set you back $2.08 per month, and a six-month license will set you back $3.33 per month.


Avast Features

The following are some of the features that come standard with Avast One.

Malware Search: Avast One is a comprehensive antivirus solution that does more than scan for viruses and malware. It also detects and filters malicious websites, reducing the risk of infection in the first place. Furthermore, it detects out-of-date software, malicious browser add-ons, network issues, and password-unprotected important documents. Even passwords that aren’t sufficiently secure. All of this is also available as part of the Free plan.

Real-time Protection: It also informs you if your network is under attack, so you’ll know when someone joins or tries to use your internet connection. It also protects your files and images from ransomware attacks.

Browser Protection: Avast’s safe browser is included with the company’s antivirus software’s free edition. It automatically removes advertising, making browsing the web feel cleaner and faster than with less secure browsers. It also hides your digital identity, making it impossible for websites to recognize you based on your browser profile.

bytefence vs avast

Bytefence Features

I’ve mentioned the features of the pro version below since it is Bytefence’s superior alternative to the free version.

Malware Search: A full scan or a quick scan, which takes less time, is also available. Run a custom scan if you suspect some of your hard drives are acting suspiciously. Furthermore, the tuneup tab claims to fix system issues by deleting junk files and other remaining data.

Note: The app could still be misrepresenting scan results and notifying about high-risk cyber threats that aren’t as deadly as other major threats.

Browser Protection: Protect your online identity, personal information, and financial activities. This program scans all of the components of the web browsers you have installed on your computer and alerts you to any potential threats, allowing you to resolve them safely.

Real-time Protection: Antivirus software runs real-time scanning. Even if you are not present, it ensures that your computer is secure. When you start your computer, it will look for any files functioning suspiciously.


Avast One’s user interface has been revamped to be more user-friendly. Lighter, more airy ones have replaced darker backdrops. When you can see everything in one place rather than browse through multiple tabs, it’s easier to understand what’s on offer. It’s basic for beginners, but it’s also simple to locate and use the suite’s more advanced features.

ByteFence Anti-malware offers a straightforward UI. Even if you are a novice, you can easily do any scan by browsing via its well-designed interface.

Customer Support

Avast offers basic customer service, including many useful FAQs to help customers solve their problems. An in-depth knowledge base page explains how and what antiviral programs should do. A 24-hour phone center is available for more pressing situations. They offer premium support for practically all non-Avast technical issues and their standard support channels. They charge $79 for a single call on one device or $199 for unlimited calls on three devices over a year.


ByteFence has a preliminary free version, but it also has a premium version that gives very little. Many reports claim it is deployed as part of a bundle with other freebies. It changes system settings like the default search engine in the browser and others. Malwarebytes also considers it to be a fake antivirus application.

On the other hand, Avast Free Antivirus offers antivirus protection that has obtained good ratings in multiple independent lab tests. It outperforms several commercially available things in terms of added functionality. The disadvantage is their recent scandal regarding selling user data to a third party for a profit. Both bytefence vs avast options are only recommended if they are your only option; other readily available applications offer substantially more security.

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